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Hello. Have you ever had to write a letter?
Do you remember that? Long long time ago, before e-mail
Before text messaging and before the internet.
People used to correspond or speak to each other, communicate through mail and letters.
When I was a child, that had a couple of pen pals in Scotland.
And they write me letters. Oh so exciting.
Now, we don't have to be bother with that because we have email and internet.
But if you have to send someone a letter or package,
the addresses and the way we write addresses in Canada and in the United States
Are probably very different from how they written in your country.
So this lesson is …dah dah dah dah…
how to write an address. How to mail a letter.
So there are two differences between American and Canadian addresses which we will go through in the video.
But they are really similar. So it shouldn't be a problem.
The very first thing you need is a name.
Do you know your name? perfect.
You need to put a person's name that you're sending it to very very formally,
cause I told you this is an old fashion kind of thing.
You had to have the title of the person.
The title means either mr., mrs., ms., or miss.
Mister is always going to be for a man.
It doesn't matter if the man is married, not married,
if it's a five year-old man or if it's a five thousand year-old man.
Shouldn't be writing him a letter.
You are going to put in mister.
For the ladies, it gets a little bit more complicated.
If the woman that you are sending the letter or package to is married,
you're going to have to put mistress. M-R-S.
So this is for married lady.
If the person is single or very young,
like a young girl or child, a girl-child?
You are going to have to put miss.
So this is for single or we last.
And then we have ms.
The pronunciation is like mizz.
And ms. Maybe you don't know this person, maybe you haven't met the person.
You don't know if they're married or not. You don't know how old they are.
So you're just going to put ms.
The all. And all of everything.
So man is mr. and then you have the three choices for the ladys.
Ms. Being the most safe, the safest for your bet.
Okay. So then what you're going to do is you need to know where the people live.
Where do you live? What's your address? You need to get the person's address.
So in Canada, we always write the person's house number, the building number.
For example, 42.
Then we have the name of the street that they live on.
For example, Queef.
Sometime, we have avenue which is shorten to ave.
Sometime, we call a street a drive which is shorten to dr.
St. is the short form for actually street.
And then, we have this blud. Boulevard. Which is another word for street.
So in north America, all of these symbols which represent for street. Okay.
Maybe your person that you're sending to lives in apartment
or they do not live in an individual house.
No problem. What you're gonna do is you're gonna put the apartment number.
So 42 is the number of the building or the house.
The street is Queef Dr.
And this person lives in unit 2A.
or sometime it's call apartment.
Some houses is separated to upper and lower apartment.
Or, sometime, people like to be fancy and call it a suite.
But basically, these all means the same. They just tell you the number that the person lives in.
No problems. So up until this point this is gonna be the same with Canadian and American addresses.
Now, this is how it differs. In Canada, we always have the cities that you're going to.
We do not have states in Canada. We have a province. And then you're gonna put the country.
In the United States of the America, we're gonna put the city and the state.
Basically, the city and the state. Sorry the province and the state are the same thing.
Except, in Canada, we used the word province for territory.
And in United States of America, they use states.
Then after you're gonna put the country.
So I have, for example, city is Toronto.
The province in Canada is Ontario.
And the country is Canada.
If it was an American address, for example, you'll have Elizabeth would be the name of the city.
NJ. Stands for the state of New Jersey.
And then we have USA. The United States of America. Got it?
And then we have in Canada. What we called the postal code. The postal code will always have
One, two, three, four, five, six. Six character.
It will be always letter, number, letter number, letter, number. This does not change.
This is once again, in Canada called postal code.
In USA, it's different. They call it zip code. A zip code. I don't know why.
The zip code has one, two, three, four, five. Only five numbers.
So, very famous television show 90210 is actually the zip code. Isn't that cool?
Do you watch 90210? It's a zip code.
So differences between sending letter to or an address in America and differences between Canada.
Two. Canada, we use provinces. United States, they use a state.
Canada, we use a postal code. And then, United States they use a zip code.
So let's go to a little example of an envelope. Exciting.
You gonna go to the post office.
And you're gonna have to buy stamp.
You buy lick it, stick it, Done.
So this is an example of a Canadian address.
We have our name Mr. Phil McKracken. We have his address.
42, Queef Dr. apartment 2, Toronto, Ont
We like to shorten all of our provinces. To say, ont.
Then have the country of Canada. Then I have my postal code. Okay.
The magic thing about the postal code or the zip code is this tells people exactly where's it going.
Because sometime people have the really bad hand writing. And this might all be a blur.
But as long as you have the code or the number.
It will be really really easy to get to the location.
As long as you buy stamp.
As the example for the American letter,
again, we have the name ,the address with the street. Apartment number.
We have this city, the state, and then we have the country.
And of course, we have the five digi zip code.
One more really important thing on your letter.
Is you're going to want to put a return address.
The return address means your address.
Just in case, the letter doesn't make it.
All of our postal system in Canada is terrible, it's awful.
It can take five days for me to send a letter in the same city.
They lose mail. They forget to mail it. It's horrible.
I recommend driving somewhere instead of sending a post in Canada.
But if it must be done, you're gonna put your return address on the top left corner.
Of the envelope. The stamp should be actually right here.
Your return address should be here.
And you can write this in whatever the style you want. Whatever you're from.
Make sure you put on your secret number.
And then, the recipient address is here.
If you want to send me a letter, do you want to send me a letter?
It will take too long. How about you write me a comment.
Go to engvid.com. take the quiz.
We'll see you soon.


想寄信到國外?英文信件寫法大不同!How to send a letter in English

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