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Hello Chris Hemsworth! I feel like I talk to you all the time.
Good. Good to see you. Good to talk to you.
First of all, what are you most looking forward to the fans seeing this time around?
I think it's... The feedback we've been given is that it's funnier than what we've seen
before from a Marvel film or from the Thor film, and the humour was essential to all
of us. We had to tie in this fantastical world with... With humour, it allows the audience
to have a good time, you know, and buy into it all. And the action's ramped up. The drama,
it's kind of... No stops here. It's all yeah...
And obviously these big films come with massive fan attention. Have you learned how to cope
with it all yet?
Yeah, it's always a little daunting to step out of car and onto a carpet like this. It
just reminds me how lucky we are to have fans like this that have such an affection for
the film.
Your lives are just a series of women stroking you in the street.
No, not a lot. My wife, maybe, but... She won't let anyone else.
You're a London boy now. Can you do us a bit of a British accent? That'd be delightful.
You can go and watch Rush. I did a British accent in there.
I need to warm up into it though. I'll pull a muscle.
One last question. Working with Tom again. What is it like getting back together with him?
It's great. Tom's the greatest. We started this journey together with these characters,
and three years later to be here and for it to have worked out and be on the train and
being successful is really, really special.
Fantastic. Have a good night.


Chris Hemsworth 訪問:雷神2 均比Marvel 電影有趣 (Chris Hemsworth interview: Thor 2 funnier than average Marvel movie)

1875 分類 收藏
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