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  • Did she show up to A.P. English?

  • Was she even here today?

  • I think we would know if Spencer was here.

  • People would be running for cover.

  • Is that your mom?

  • No, it's Ezra's.

  • Oh, my God, why is she calling me? We're not friends.

  • Hello?

  • Oh, hi!

  • No, I don't know. I haven't been in Ezra's apartment.

  • Yeah, well, I doubt that Wes has been hiding out there.

  • If I see him, I'll let...

  • Why does she think little Fitz

  • is hiding out at big Fitz's? - 'Cause he is.

  • Hey.

  • Busy?

  • Yeah. I was just about to put out a new doormat that said "go away".

  • War's a game that has to be played with a smile.

  • - Stop quoting Mona! - That's Winston Churchill.

  • Well, he sounds a lot like Mona.

  • New rules.

  • For every question that I get wrong,

  • I will take off a piece of clothing.

  • Same thing goes for you.

  • And the match isn't over until one of us is butt naked.

  • You're out of control.

  • Not yet.

  • This bloody conflict between the spartans and athenians

  • lasted for nearly three decades... - The trojan war.

  • Wrong. Peloponnesian.

  • Is that?... Holy crap, it's Emily Fields.

  • Relax. You're not her type.

  • Hi.

  • Should I have brought more cupcakes?

  • No, thanks. I'm leaving.

  • Hi, Emily.

  • What? Just trying to get my spot on the team back.

  • By doing what?

  • Well, I was about to show Andrew my cupcakes.

  • She called me today. She was looking for you.

  • Oh, she found me. At 7 A.M.

  • Paid the super for a spare key and woke me up.

  • Wait. If she knew you were here this morning,

  • why would she call me this afternoon?

  • To test you. Trap you.

  • Prove to Ezra that you're a liar.

  • God, she is so hateful.

  • Did I just say that out loud?

  • I was really hoping for some shock therapy,

  • but maybe you could just wire me to a toaster

  • and press "top brown only".

  • Spencer, save it. I've seen this sort of unraveling before and...

  • And I'm what? What is the crisis, really?

  • That I took my bra off at four in the afternoon?

  • Please tell Emily that I don't need supervision.

  • I never spoke to Emily and I didn't hear anything about a bra.

  • They give you a discount on used cake?

  • It was ours. We had to eat something to soak up all this tea.

  • Right.

  • I'd get you a fresh piece but if I stand up again, it's to pee.

  • And I would rather do that in my pants than leave you two alone.

  • Classy girl.

  • I'm so proud.

  • - Hello. - Hi!

  • What are you doing here?

  • Oh, Andrew, I didn't recognize you in clothes.

  • I'm going to have a hard time taking money from Cece.

  • I mean, how much do you think a rug like that costs?

  • More than she's paying us.

  • Look, don't worry about it.

  • I'm guessing that Cece's made a few stains herself.

  • Okay, that came out all wrong.

Did she show up to A.P. English?


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