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  • This next question is literally a hot potato. One of our viewers wants to know what my impression

  • is of GMOs. GMOs stands for genetically modified organisms and if you listen to the media,

  • you would think that anything involved with GMOs is creating frankenfoods so it's kind

  • of scary. Proposition 37 popularized it recently and what they were aiming to do was for full

  • transparency so that if whatever you are purchasing was made with seeds that were genetically

  • modified that it be listed. So I certainly see no objection to full transparency, but

  • I think there's a misunderstanding about of the wrongfulness, with the dangers associated

  • with GMOs. GMOs are not all bad. We wouldn't have broccoli or pink grapefruit or navel

  • oranges if we didn't have cross breeding. So essential what happens is is we through

  • thousands of, over thousands of years in agriculture we have been crossbreeding. I think the concern

  • is when there's manipulations of the gene combinations and it's from different species.

  • So surely there's concern, but if you go to any nursery and you see anything that says

  • hybrid that means it's taken the best of two mother plants and bred them together. So there's

  • certainly benefits. We have benefitted from years and years of this cross breeding, we

  • wouldn't have whole grains without it either. So I don't think there's reason to be concerned,

  • I think it's progress. I think it certainly makes good sense to have that information

  • available to consumers so that you make your own personal choice. But you really need to

  • be educated and you need to understand we can't feed the world without this kind of

  • technology because what GMOs have enabled us to do is increase crop yield. So that it

  • increases the yield, reduces the use of chemical pesticides, it can lower costs. It can foster

  • tolerance for things like drought, heat or frost so there certainly are positive sides

  • to it. I'msure that the concerns are there as well and for consumers, the more we know,

  • then the better the decision we can make that's good for us.

This next question is literally a hot potato. One of our viewers wants to know what my impression


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轉基因生物。轉基因食品的利與弊 -- -- Kathleen Zelman -- -- UHC電視臺。 (Genetically Modified Organisms: The Pros and Cons of GMO Foods -- Kathleen Zelman -- UHC TV)

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