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  • According to Einstein You

  • are a GENIUS And him

  • And her And, well, all of them

  • Einstein saidEveryone is a Genius

  • But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree

  • Itll go through its whole life believing that it is stupid

  • Were all born GREAT at something

  • But as we grow up we find out

  • all the things were not so good at

  • So we spend our life Feeling bad about those things

  • Working on our weaknesses While we take our strengths for granted

  • But wait How about him?

  • And her? And them?

  • They focused at the one thing

  • They were GREAT at They went from ordinary

  • To extraordinary You can too

  • Did you know There are four types of genius

  • You are one of them There’s dynamo geniuses who love to create

  • Blaze geniuses who love to connect Tempo geniuses who love to serve, and

  • Steel geniuses who love the details

  • Each has a different energy That link to the four seasons

  • And four elements Great minds from Confucius & Plato to Isaac

  • Newton & Carl Jung studied these fourtypes’.

  • Each has a different natural path Different passions

  • Different strengths and weaknesses

  • Your winning formula Is someone else’s losing formula

  • You have a natural way to learn, to lead, to live, to love

  • You have a natural strategy that suits you in relationships, in your work, in Business,

  • in Social Media Even in the way you design your day

  • In fact, if you do anything that feels like hard work

  • Youre already doing the wrong thing

  • When you know your GENIUS You can get in your flow

  • When you know the genius of your friends, your workmates,

  • You boss, children and family You can appreciate them for what they are

  • best at And that brings out the best in them

  • As for the things you are not so great at There’s a genius in your network waiting

  • to do those things for you With half the time and double the happiness

  • Take the genius test Discover your GENIUS

  • Then find the Genuis of your friends And grow your social genius

  • It will help you live the life you love And love the life you live

  • The Genius test It’s free

  • And it will set YOU free

According to Einstein You


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你是個天才- 我的天才測試,羅傑-漢密爾頓 (You are a Genius! - My Genius Test by Roger Hamilton)

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