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  • There comes a point in time when you have to say enough is enough

  • we have to use our brains,

  • we have to use our brains because I feel like

  • we as Americans are losing that,

  • we are losing that to technology.

  • I do not use a smartphone.

  • I am disgusted with cellphones.

  • Everywhere you go someone is on their cell phone. To be honest,

  • I never respond to texts. People text me but it just goes by the waist side. Why? Because I am busy

  • interacting with people.

  • Society is taking turn for the worse. Formalities that people have

  • put in place

  • place for long periods of time are just going by the waist side and not even recognized anymore.

  • The formalities of getting to know the culture... all of that goes by the waist side because

  • we just essentially just give in to technology

  • it''s...

  • an abomination.

  • I can't find a job

  • because I can't let

  • the employer know

  • how care attic out it it

  • how charismatic and amazing and intelligent I am

  • because they are just receiving an online resume

  • It's ridiculous.

  • It's demeaning and it is taking away

  • of not only their education but from their well roundedness, from the skills that they could potentially have. But instead they choose to rely on technology.

  • Society is

  • by far

  • taking a turn for the worse.

There comes a point in time when you have to say enough is enough


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技術上癮。被小玩意迷惑 (Technology addiction: Losing ourselves to gadgets)

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