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  • Here are some things men may not know about their clothes.


  • The Boat Shoe was invented by Paul Sperry.

    帆船鞋是由 Paul Sperry發明的

  • The sole of the shoe was modeled after his dog's paw;


  • the dog has no memory of this.


  • Men who wear Bow Ties are seen as older, smarter, brainier, and Republicaner.

    男生打領結看起來老了點 聰明了點 更像共和黨人一點

  • This button was inspired by polo players who'd put buttons on their collars to keep them from flying up while playing.

    這鈕扣的靈感來自於馬球選手 他們會將鈕扣放在衣領上 讓他們的衣領可以不會在打球時飛起來

  • While we're on the subject of polo, Polo Shirts were created for tennis, not polo.

    討論到馬球 馬球衫的發明一開始是為了網球選手 而不是馬球選手

  • But, back to buttons on collars.


  • Shirts with button-down collars are called button-down shirts,

    如果衣服的領間有鈕扣 那就稱為 button-down shirts

  • but shirts that button in the front and don't have button-down collars are called button-front shirts, not button-downs.

    但如果衣服的鈕扣是扣在衣服上 且領間沒有鈕扣 這種衣服稱為男用襯衫

  • The triangle on the front of some sweatshirts, was originally put there as extra fabric to absorb sweat.

    長袖運動衫前的三角形 一開始是為了讓衣服有多餘的布料能吸汗而設計

  • The YKK that is on all of your zippers stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha.

    拉鍊上的YKK標誌 是出自於Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha(日本吉田拉鍊公司)

  • And women shirts button on the opposite side as men's,


  • because women used to be dressed by servants, and this way the button would be in the servants right hand, as it is for men dressing themselves.

    因為以前的女性是由僕人著裝 因此鈕扣的設計讓僕人用右手扣上鈕扣

  • One in eight men surveyed confessed to wearing their underwear two to three times between washes,

    接受調查的八個男人中 會有一個人承認 內褲穿了兩三次才會拿去洗

  • and three of three people we just surveyed said, "Eww," after hearing that.

    而我們調查的三個人中 他們聽到這件事情都會覺得蠻噁的

Here are some things men may not know about their clothes.


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男生們!與你們衣服相關的11件事! 11 Things Men Don't Know About Their Clothes

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