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  • Let's now get a check on the weather conditions with our Kelly Park standing by· Hello Kelly!

  • Hello and good afternoon guys . Today is Arbor Day, which used to be a national holiday in

  • Korea, but not anymore. But even if we don﹑t get the day off, we can still get out and

  • appreciate the greenery or even find a way to contribute by planting a tree.

  • Yes, the weather looks great for either of those activities. and if I can't go and plant

  • a tree, maybe I'll go buy a little plant.

  • That sounds like a great idea. I have to say I'm a little worried about the heavy rains

  • and high winds that are in the forecast for tomorrow. I hope that doesn't damage the trees.

  • Yes indeed. The weekend storm will bring not only heavy rain but also heavy snow , so just

  • make sure you plant your tree somewhere safe and if you have any plans for weekend you'll

  • want to be sure to check the forecast for your area and bring your rain gear.

  • But today, we're seeing a lingering haze and a very high level of dust particles in the

  • air here in SeoulIt may also feel a bit hotter than usual as we go into the afternoon.

  • Now, as we mentioned, the weekend will be a whole different story.

  • Be prepared for lots of rain, accompanied by strong, gusty winds across the entire nation

  • through Sunday It may even feel as strong as a typhoon in some areas.

  • Rain is likely to change into snow in the central region and around the mountains in

  • Gangwon Province, so take good care if you're out and about.

  • Moving over to our satellite map.

  • The ridge of the high pressure system will bring increasing clouds.

  • And a pocket of cool air will blow into the east coast, which may cause temperatures there

  • to drop.

  • And finally, checking on today﹑s readings

  • Seoul will get up to 21 in the afternoon.

  • Daegu and Gwangju will both peak at 23, while Busan stays in the double digits with a high

  • if 19.

  • On Jeju Island, rain is in the forecast for this evening.

  • Daejeon hits 24, and Mount Geumgang tops out at 10.

  • That﹑s all I have for Korea. Here﹑s the international weather for viewers around the

  • world.

Let's now get a check on the weather conditions with our Kelly Park standing by· Hello Kelly!


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週五溫暖多雲,本週末大雨 날씨 (Warm and hazy Friday, Heavy rain this weekend 날씨)

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