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  • ls that what it was?

  • Was that it, Peyt?

  • God, l love you, darling!

  • Oh, it's good to be back.

  • Come on, Julie Hastings,

  • l'm going to win for you the biggest,

  • fuzziest, pinkest doll on that rack.

  • Yes.

  • Then l got to run.

  • You always have to run.

  • Why is it always so dramatic?

  • l have my hospital sessions.

  • l'm not 100o% cured yet,

  • but l soon will be.

  • Where is this place exactly?

  • l want to be involved somehow.

  • Can l take you there?

  • No. Please, Julie,

  • l don't want you to see me there.

  • l don't want you to think of me as an invalid

  • or some kind of a freak.

  • Uh, the pink elephant, please.

  • lt don't count unless you're behind the line.

  • l was behind the line.

  • Not hardly.

  • l was standing right here with my girlfriend.

  • Now, the pink elephant, if you please.

  • No way.

  • lt doesn't matter, Peyton.

  • lt matters.

  • l won a pink elephant for my girlfriend.

  • Why don't you just, uh...

  • get lost, pal?

  • The elephant.

  • Quickly.

  • Didn't you hear me...

  • weirdo?

  • Scram.

  • Aah!

  • Take it! Take it!

  • Take the fucking elephant!

  • Please, no!

  • Forgive me.

  • Peyton, wait!

  • [Barker] Half man and a freak.

  • He's a freak, ladies and gentlemen,

  • he's a freak.

ls that what it was?


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Darkman (7/11) Movie CLIP - The Pink Elephant (1990) HD (Darkman (7/11) Movie CLIP - The Pink Elephant (1990) HD)

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