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  • What's this? Car vocabulary. Little pink car there, picture of a car, and camera. I guess

  • I'm teaching you guys car vocabulary today. I actually know this car, this is my daughter's

  • car. I don't know what it's doing here, but it could be used to teach you guys some English

  • today. So, that's what we're going to do. All right, let's do this. There's even a marker.

  • So, hi. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on car vocabulary.

  • Now, today, we're just going to look at the different parts of a car and their names in

  • English. And when you're done, you can actually go, do the quiz, test your understanding of

  • this material.

  • So, I'm going to look at this car. We'll start from the front. Okay? Here we have these two

  • lights. Now, these aren't just called "lights" in English. You could say, you know: "My lights

  • are broken." Or: "The lights are too bright." Specifically, because they're at the front

  • or at the head of the car, these are called "headlights". Okay? So I'm just going to write

  • that here, "headlights". Okay. I'm sorry for the writing there.

  • Now, specifically, you know, when your lights are normal, we call them, you know, your headlights.

  • When you are driving on a dark country road and you need your headlights to be very bright,

  • and you need to, you know, click them one further so it's very bright and you can see

  • further, those are actually called your "high beams". So you can turn your high beams on

  • or off. So, we have headlights and we also have high beams. So, you know, if you're driving

  • with a friend and they say: "It's too dark. Turn on the high beams." And if you see another

  • car coming, you might say: "Whoa, whoa. Turn off the high beams", because you don't want

  • to blind the other person coming towards you.

  • Okay, let's turn around. Okay, we have, yeah, we're still going to look at the front. The

  • front part of your car, and also the back part of your car that protects it from accidents

  • as much as it can, this is called your "bumper". So it could be your front or your rear bumper.

  • And we call this one the rear. You can also call it the back, the back bumper or your

  • front bumper.

  • All right, here, this big window that we see through, this is called your "windshield"

  • because it is like a shield from the wind. Right? Okay. So this is the windshield. And

  • when it rains, you use your "whish, whish, whish, whish". These are called "windshield

  • wipers", because they wipe. So I'm just going to put in parenthesis here "wipers". So your

  • windshield and you also have windshield "whish, whish, whish", wipers. All right?

  • Let's look, hmm, okay. We'll look at the back of the car a little bit. This, here... Now,

  • again, this is a Volkswagen Beetle so it pops up a little bit. This is called a "hatch".

  • But, you know, in a normal car, a car like this, where you can place things in the back,

  • it's called your... I got this. Really, I do. Really. Yeah, that's better. Okay. This

  • is called your "trunk". The trunk of the car.

  • Okay?

  • Now, let's go inside a little bit. If we go inside the car, you have the mirror to see

  • behind you. And that's here in this car. Probably can't see it on the camera. But this is called

  • your "rearview mirror". If there are any Pearl Jam fans, of the rock band Pearl Jam, they

  • have a song called "Rearview Mirror". So you can YouTube "Rearview Mirror" to see a song

  • by this name.

  • And then you have the other mirrors that are on the sides. So, because they're on the sides,

  • you can call them your "side mirrors" or your "sideview mirrors" because they show you the

  • sides. So, I'm just going to do an arrow here like this. And this is the sideview mirror.

  • Now, again, if you're in the driver's seat, if you are the driver, you can call it your

  • "driver side mirror", or if you're a passenger, you can also call it the "passenger side mirror".

  • All right?

  • Now, let's look. What are we missing? Hmm. Okay, we got these things here. Generally,

  • they're black. Right? These are called your "tires". So you can get a flat tire. So, if

  • your tire blows out on the highway, this would be called a flat tire. A flat tire. You can

  • also just say: "I got a flat." Or: "I got a flat tire." All right? And the whole thing,

  • you know, not just the tire but everything inside is called the "wheel". The wheel. So

  • these are your wheels. "I need to change my wheels or rotate my wheels at the mechanics."

  • And speaking of wheels, there's one more very important wheel, and that one is inside the

  • car, the one you use to control it. All right? And in English, we use the verb, "steer".

  • S-t-e-e-r to control. Okay? And this is why this is actually called not just the wheel

  • or the controlling wheel, but the "steering wheel". All right? So I'm going to draw a

  • steering wheel in purple and draw a big arrow over here for the steering wheel.

  • And one more thing we'll mention is the top of the car, like the roof, is not called a

  • roof like a roof on your house, but it's actually called the "hood". All right? The hood of

  • the car. So, lots of arrows. All right.

  • And you can actually call the front the "hood" as well. So this part here where you open

  • to see the engine, you can open the hood or you say: "Pop the hood." You can say: "Pop

  • the hood", for the slang expression to open it.

  • Okay. Am I missing anything? We got windshield wipers, we have the windshield, and... Oh,

  • I guess if we're talking about windshield wipers, you have like the liquid that comes

  • to clean the car. And this isn't just called like, you know, windshield cleaner or something

  • like this. The actual name if you go to a store, it will say: "windshield washer fluid".

  • So you have windshield, and I'm going to put another parenthesis here, windshield washer fluid.

  • You have many types of fluid for a car, too. You have transmission fluid or brake fluid

  • as well. Okay. I think that's it. Yup. Yeah, I think we're pretty much done.

  • So, if you want to test your understanding of this car vocabulary, you can check out

  • the quiz on And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. And I'm

  • going to go return this to my daughter because I have no idea how this got here. So, here

  • we go. Just going to turn the key and see you next time. Ahh.

What's this? Car vocabulary. Little pink car there, picture of a car, and camera. I guess


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