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  • Hello. How are you? I'm very, very well. Thank you. My name is Ronnie. I'm going to teach

  • you something very easy but a little bit confusing and difficult even if you have studied English

  • or grammar for a while. I hear people make this mistake every day. Again, so this is

  • what we're doing: when you should use "she" or "he" or "his" -- sorry -- "her" or "his".

  • These are two words that a lot of people get confused.

  • First of all, the thing -- or a mistake that a lot of people make is "she" and "he" -- which

  • one's the girl? Which one's the boy? Most of you know that "she" is the girl, but when

  • you speak, you mix it up, and you say, "My mom went to the store. He bought -- " what?

  • He what? Your mom is a "he" now? What happened on the way to the store? Did something happen

  • to your mom that changed it into a "he"? So be careful. "She" is a girl; "he" is a boy.

  • Now, this is the trick. You will remember this forever if you get this. "She" or "he"

  • going to be followed by a verb, okay? So subject + verb. "She" or "he". So "she likes", "he

  • hates", and then, if you want to, you're going to write a noun, or you're going to say a

  • noun. For example, "She likes chickens." "He hates apricots. He doesn't like them at all."

  • So when you use "she" or "he", it's always going to be followed by a verb.

  • When we use "her" or "his", it's going to be followed by a noun because it is a possessive

  • pronoun. So I can say, "her dog" because "dog" is a noun. Or I can say "his chicken". Then,

  • usually, I would use a verb. For example, "Her dog is cute", or "his chicken -- let's

  • say we put an S -- his chickens are -- these are your verbs. Uh-oh -- sexy!" Sexy chicken

  • time! So if you need to remember, "Oh, my God. Do

  • I say -- do I say 'her' or 'his' or 'she' or 'he'?" Just remember: "she" or "he" plus

  • the verb -- any verb you want, and "her" or "his" plus a noun. If you can remember these

  • two very simple things for English grammar, you're going to be, "Hallelujah, Ronnie. You

  • saved my life." You're welcome. Stay tuned. Go to for a quiz

  • on "she", "he", "his", and "her". 'Till then.

Hello. How are you? I'm very, very well. Thank you. My name is Ronnie. I'm going to teach


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A2 初級 美國腔

基礎文法你會了嗎?代名詞介紹 (Basic English Grammar: Pronouns - SHE, HER, HE, HIS)

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