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  • Hi again. Welcome back to I'm Adam. Today's lesson is, again, one of

    你好 歡迎再次回到 我是亞當。今天的課是,一樣

  • your favourites, phrasal verbs; everybody's favourites because they're so much fun and


  • easy to understand. Today we're going to look at phrasal verbs with "hold". Okay? We have

    又容易理解。今天要來討論的片語跟「hold」有關 。好的,我們總共有

  • 10 of them. And again, what is a phrasal verb? Just to review. It is a verb, in this case:


  • "hold", plus a preposition, when put together, have completely different meanings than the

    「hold」 加上一個介係詞,就會產生跟原本兩個單字分開時

  • two words by themselves. So, let's start.


  • We have: "hold on". Now, many of you might hear this one when you call somebody on the

    先看「hold on」。現在你們可能聽到這個片語的情況是打電話給某人時

  • phone and you say: -"Hi, may I speak with Joe?" -"Oh, yeah, I'll get him. Hold on."

    你說:「嗨,請問Joe在嗎?」 「哦,好的,我叫他來聽。『Hold on』。」

  • What does "hold on" mean? Means wait. "Hold on" also means grab. So if you're on the bus

    這裡的「hold on」是什麼意思呢?意思是等一下。「Hold on」也解釋成抓。假設你在公車上

  • and you see like it's a bit shaky, you hold on to the bar so you don't fall. "Hold on",

    覺得公車有點搖晃,你抓住拉環以免跌倒。「Hold on」

  • wait; "hold on", grab.

    等一下; 「hold on 」抓

  • Next, we have: "hold off". Now, "hold off" can also mean wait. But whereas "hold on"

    接下來來看「hold off」。它也可以解釋為等一下。但「hold on」的意思是

  • means I'm telling you to wait, usually "hold off" means you're waiting for something else

    我叫你等一下,通常「hold off」指的是你在等某件事

  • to finish. Right? So I will hold off giving you the quiz until I finish explaining everything.

    結束。 例如:等我解釋完所有的意思後,我會給你們做個小測驗。

  • It's a little bit like postpone as well. It can also means... It could also mean - sorry


  • - delay. So, we will hold off the election until everybody has a chance to find out who


  • the candidates are. Okay? So we will hold off, we will postpone it or delay it.

    所有候選人。還可以嗎?所以我們會「hold off」,我們會延後或是延遲

  • "Hold up". "Hold up" also means delay, to delay something. So the party was held up

    「Hold up」。「Hold up」也有延期的意思,某事延期了。例如:派對要延期舉行

  • because not enough people came because of the bad weather. Okay? Or the concert was


  • held up because the singer was a little bit sick, couldn't make it on to the stage for


  • whatever reason. A completely different meaning of "hold up" is: "Stick 'em up. This is a

    任何其他原因。另一個完全跟「hold up」 不一樣的意思是「Stick 'em up(搶劫時叫你把雙手舉起) 這也是

  • hold up." A robbery. Okay? But what you have to remember is this could also be a noun,

    「hold up」 。一個搶匪。但你需要記得的是,這兩個字連在一起也可以當作名詞,

  • a one-word noun. In that case, it's a robbery. The bank robbers walked into the bank and


  • heldup the tellers to get their money.


  • "Hold out". "Hold out" also means wait, but in a very different context. If you're holding

    「Hold out」。「Hold out」也是等一下,但是從上下文來看會有很大的不同。如果你在「holding out」

  • out for something better, it means you're waiting for a better offer, or a better situation,


  • or anything better to come along. So, for example: in sports, you will hear this word


  • often. A professional hockey player is coming to the end of his... coming to the end of


  • his contract. The team wants to sign him to a new contract, but he's not. He's not signing.


  • Why? He wants more money. They say: "Okay. We're not going to give you more money". He'll


  • say: "Okay, I'll wait". So he is holding out for a better offer. This could also be a noun,


  • a "holdout". We would say the person is a holdout for a better contract.


  • "Hold over". "Hold over" also means to delay. The exhibition was held over until next week

    「Hold over」。「Hold over」也代表延後。展覽要延到下禮拜

  • because of technical difficulties. The lights weren't working or there was a problem with


  • the electricity, so the exhibition was held over to the next week.


  • "Hold against". Also, two meanings. I can hold the pen against my chest. I could hold

    「Hold against」。這詞有兩個意思。例如,我把筆靠近我的胸口。我把

  • the baby against my heart, for example. But "hold against" - completely different meaning

    寶寶抱在懷裡。但是,「hold against」卻有完全不同的解釋

  • - means to have a grudge. Now, I'm not sure if you guys know what "grudge" means. A grudge


  • means when you... When somebody did something bad to you and you just can't forgive them.


  • You will always remember that bad thing they did and you will always hold it against them.


  • Every time they want to speak to you, you're... In the back of your mind is that bad thing


  • they did. You're always remembering; you're never forgetting, you're never forgiving.


  • So you hold it against them all the time. They want to help you, you don't trust them.


  • You hold it against them that they did something bad to you in the past.


  • "Hold onto", again two meanings. Similar to "hold on", hold on to something, "hold onto"

    「Hold onto」。兩個意思。跟「hold on」有點類似,抓緊某物。「hold onto」

  • your seats, we're going to go very fast. So when you go to a movie, for example, say:


  • "Hold onto your seats, this is going to be an exciting ride", or an exciting movie, or


  • whatever. "Hold onto" also means keep. Hold onto your job, basically. Don't lose your

    任何事情。「Hold onto」也可以解釋成保有。最普遍的,守住你的工作。不要丟了

  • job; hold onto it. Hold onto your friends. Never lose your friends; not a good idea.


  • "Hold back". "Hold back" is to restrain someone. It means keep them back from going forward

    「Hold back」 。「Hold back」意思是去約束某人。阻止某人更進一步

  • or to hold back somebody who's very angry, for example. Somebody made me very angry,


  • I want to go fight... I'm not a very violent person, but, you know, it happens. I'm about


  • to go fight, but then all my friends hold me back and don't let me go forward to do


  • anything. "Hold back" is... Another way to think of it is in school. If a... If a child

    任何事情。「Hold back」 就像...例如在學校,假設有個小孩

  • or a student does very badly, the school will hold him or her back for a year; they will


  • have to do the year over again. They've been held back.


  • "Hold down". "Hold down" is like, for... Like, for example, physically hold something down.

    「Hold down」。「Hold down」就像是,例如:肢體上的壓制

  • Like if I want to fight and I'm on the ground, my friends will hold me down; they won't let


  • me stand back up to fight. "Hold down" also, when you're talking about food. Okay? So,

    站起來再去打架。「Hold down」 也可以是,跟食物有關聯的。例如

  • I ate a lot of pizza and then got on a rollercoaster, like going up and down, and I just couldn't


  • hold down my food; it all came up and out. I couldn't hold it down. We also say "hold

    所以我把它們全吐出來了,我忍不住。我們可以把「hold down」

  • down" about a job. A person who can hold down a job will have a successful life because


  • he or she has money. So hold down a job means keep a job, be able to keep a job.

    他能有足夠的錢。所以hold down一份工作,代表守住工作,有能力保住工作。

  • And last one: "hold to". Now, this is a little bit particular situations. Right? I'm going

    最後一個,「hold to」。這可以用在特殊的情況下。我要

  • to hold you to your promise, means I'm going to make you keep your promise. So, you say:


  • "Okay, I can't talk to you right now, but let's meet next week for a coffee". Say: "Okay,


  • I'm going to hold you to that". It means: next week I'm going to call you and you're


  • going to meet me for a coffee. Okay?


  • So there you go again. "Hold" with 10 different prepositions. Lots of different meanings and


  • uses. But again, you need to practice this. Go to There's a quiz there


  • you can practice these phrasal verbs with. And come visit us again soon. Bye.


Hi again. Welcome back to I'm Adam. Today's lesson is, again, one of

你好 歡迎再次回到 我是亞當。今天的課是,一樣

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