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- Hello Keira. - Hello.
- Lovely to meet you. - And you.
- So, I saw this film yesterday. - Yes.
Can I say, there was a lot of people in the room and, when you're about to sing-
I could feel that my face might have been like-
Oh, this is going to be awful.
- It's Keira Knightley... - Thanks.
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
- And then. - Yes?
- There's this 'What!' - Well that's good.
There's a collective moment where people were like, well we didn't know that.
Wow. Well that's good! That's good. Thanks.
And it is you, isn't it?
It is me. Yeah, it's me. Singing. Yes.
Without training or?
I did about three lessons with somebody who was really nice and gave me lots of scales
to do. Told me to get in the shower and do scales. So I sang in the shower a lot,
doing scales.
What scales? Like, finding the notes?
Yeah. Like the-
-Reporter tries singing a scale-
Yeah. Nice. That was lovely. Yes, so I did a lot of that but they hadn't actually written
sort of the top lines of the lyrics until about two days before we were actually due
to record it, so I still had know idea what we were doing until really we got into the
studio and played around. And something came out and it seems to work, so that's good.
And it felt authentic, which is what you want.
It was definitely authentic, yeah. It was.
In fact, we're of a similar age and you reminded me a bit of the girl from Sleeper. Do you
remember Sleeper? They were an indie band fronted by a woman sort of around the
Elastica time.
I know nothing about music. Were they cool?
Yes they were.
And was she cool?
She was really cool.
Okay, excellent. I'll take that, thanks.
Yes, so you're singing in this and I felt like- Is this the closest we've got to the you
in a movie? You know, because she's kind of bohemian, she lives in a city, she goes out
with a rock star, I wondered whether-
- Yeah, I mean- - There are parallels.
There are parallels, definitely. I don't live in New York. New York's a great city. Yeah,
there are parallels. I think a lot of it's improvised so a lot of it's that very
sort of spontaneous feel. So, yes, I think probably it is somewhere near me. I mean, it's easier
to see it because I'm not in a corset or some sort of very stylised-
Or on a Pirate ship.
Or whatever. So, yes, I think it probably is. Quite close.
I mean, I was thinking maybe there could be whole future for you singing in movies.
I don't think so.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Musical.
Oh, that would be good. I mean it's kind of Pirates of Penzance, really. It's already
been done.
Damn it, I didn't realise that.
Oh no, but good idea.
And you got spend a summer hanging out with Mark Ruffalo which just looks like- And James
Corden. But, you and Mark have a very easy way with each other.
Yeah, he's sensational. I mean, I think Mark is very definitely one of the actors' actors.
I mean, you're not gonna meet anybody that doesn't think he's totally brilliant. And
just the opportunity to watch how he works. And he's such a lovely man and funny and intelligent
and I can't say enough good things about him, so it was a very lovely summer siting on various
doorsteps, occasionally trying to shoot some scenes, but laughing a lot.
Well, there's lots of bits of you and him just dancing, walking around,
listening to music.
Are you actually listening to music or are you having to-
No, we are actually listening to music, so we did actually have- I think all of the music
that's been used, we had. And I think that was some of the funnest stuff to shoot because
we were on night shoots so we'd be in a kind of van an just try to jump out and dance around
a bit and hope nobody noticed and jump back in the van and find a different location.
Are people wandering past going 'That's Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo shaking their shoulders'?
You see, the thing about New York is that everybody's very cool so nobody's very impressed
and so many things get shot there that all they want is for you to get out of the way.
So I think we got shouted at quite a lot. And really the whole kind of game of the film
was to try and get the scene done before we actually got shouted at. So, yes, I think
it will be maybe slightly different in England. I think actually we'd be politer. We'd just
be a but like: 'Oh, sorry, you're shooting? Okay, I'll get u the way.' Where as they were
like: 'Get off the sidewalk!'
Or people would say 'Can I join in?'
Exactly which might've been actually quite fun.
I though Keira, as well, because you're so good at singing in that movie, how about a duet
with Lana Del Rey?
I think both your faces together on screen would look-
Would be good? Okay. Yeah, no, that would be great. I mean, I don't really want to sing
again, but that would be great anyway.
Okay. And James Corden-
Is gonna sing with us?
Yes. With One Direction. What do you think?
Okay. No, I think that would be great.
You, Harry Styles and James.
Up for it?
Yeah, sure. Are you gonna sort it out?
Well, you're the first part of the pitch, so.
I think you should, yeah. I think he'll be over the moon.
- Cool, very nice to meet you. - Thank you very much.


綺拉奈特莉 (Keira Knightley interview: Actress on her secret singing talent and collaborating with One Direction)

1125 分類 收藏
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