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  • >>JAMES: The Honda Fit may be a sub-compact car on the outside, but inside, there's nothing

  • sub- or even regular compact about it. If you want to get the most space and versatility

  • out of an economical and efficient car, this is it.

  • >>JAMES: Just like the past two generations, the secret to this all-new Honda Fit' s versatility

  • is its so-called Magic Seat. It folds completely flat into the floor, creating a total capacity

  • of 52.7 cubic feet. That's nearly as much as some compact SUVs and for comparison, a

  • Ford Fiesta has only about 25.

  • >>JAMES: But that's only part of the "magic." You can flip up the back seat bottoms to provide

  • a place for a big screen TV box, a bicycle or perhaps a 65-pound hunting dog.

  • >>JAMES: For people, the back seat now has more legroom, making it the most spacious

  • in the segment -- by far. But the front seat doesn't move far back enough if you're tall,

  • like me.

  • >>JAMES: More notably, though, the Fit's cabin is now up to par for the segment, with better

  • materials, more sound deadening and available niceties like heated leather seats.

  • >>JAMES: We're less enamored with the EX trim's new touchscreen interface. There are too many

  • steps required to go between menus and the touch-operated volume control is annoying.

  • On the upside, this interface gets you access to a low-cost navigation system and other

  • apps that stream from an iPhone5.

  • >>JAMES: Power for the new Fit comes from a new 1.5-liter four-cylinder that's matched

  • to either a six-speed manual or a continuously variable automatic. With the CVT, fuel economy

  • ranks at the top of the segment, but when pushed, it does make the engine sound like

  • a blender.

  • >>JAMES: The Fit feels more composed and substantial at highway speeds than the old one, and also

  • more confident when going around turns.

  • >>JAMES: Although we'd recommend checking out the Ford Fiesta and Hyundai Accent -- especially

  • if you'd prefer a sedan -- the 2015 Fit's improved interior and driving experience make

  • it more appealing for anyone -- not just those looking for SUV space in a subcompact body.

>>JAMES: The Honda Fit may be a sub-compact car on the outside, but inside, there's nothing


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2015款本田飛度評測 (2015 Honda Fit Review)

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