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News flash! Kissing is dirty and disgusting
and also kinda great for your health. Take that daggers.
Hey guys, TARA here for Dnews and everybody loves kissing right?
That's a thing. Well, according to a new study it's actually a very disgusting thing that also really great for health.
A paper published this week in the journal microbiota can tell where I'm going with this
so that just a ten-second French kiss can spreadup to eighty million bacteria between mouth.
This is a study conducted on 21 couples who agreed to have their tongues swapped before and after a ten-second long French kiss.
Based on that experiments scientists discovered that people who are in committed relationships tend to harbor similar collections of bacteria on their tongues.
And more often they kiss, the more bacteria they seem to share.
To find out exactly how similar those bacteria were,
researchers repeated the experiment but this time they instructed one of the partners in each relationship to partake in a probiotic yogurt drink.
And then wait a little bit before making out with their significant other.
Sure enough the probiotic bacteria which are normally found in a person's mouth transferred over to their partner along with eighty million other bacteria.
It sounds kinda gross!
But keep in mind that as long as you're not transferring any infectious pathogens,
increasing the diversity of the bacteria in your body is actually a very good thing.
According to Remco Courts, the author of the study,
kissing is essentially a former immunization enabling you to build up a resistance by exposing yourself to more indifferent kinds of microorganisms.
So next time you find yourself at a club flirting with an attractive lady,
just try using this pick up line! ''Hey baby, wanna diversify your microbiome?''
Works every time. What you guys think about this?
Any thoughts, any amazing pick up lines you'd like to share with the class
Feel free to leave them in comments down below
Otherwise, thanks for watching! And happy kissing.



沒想到親親會帶來一堆細菌,但卻有額外的好處 Why Kissing Is Disgusting

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