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  • Russia is currently involved in a conflict with Ukraine. The US is accusing both of them

  • of breaking arms treaties, AND, theyre being sanctioned by the international community.

  • If this were 50 years ago, we’d be talking about clashing super powers and the potential

  • for a world ending war. But it’s not 50 years ago, there is no iron curtain, and Russia

  • isn’t the Soviet Union anymore. Is Russia still even a Superpower? Well, let’s start

  • with the big guns.

  • Russia still has a huge nuclear arsenal of around 8,500 warheads, 1,800 of which are

  • operational - meaning theyre ready to fire at any moment. That is a lot of firepower,

  • but it’s also firepower that works only as a deterrent. Firing their warheads at the

  • US or anywhere else would bring the same amount of destruction back their way. It’d be an

  • act of mutual destruction, so in a sense - their warheads are operational, not actionable.

  • And as a result, they don’t carry much sway.

  • Russia has an estimated 845,000 active-duty troops, and as many as 2.5 million troops,

  • currently in reserves. That’s closer in size to the South Korean Army than it is to

  • the US Army. And their high number of troops is actually one of their stronger points.

  • When you look at where those troops are stationed, and what resources they have access to, that’s

  • where you find Russia’s true weaknesses.

  • Outside of their own borders, Russia only has a handful of active military bases - somewhere

  • between 10 and 18, including their base in Cuba, which was recently described asmore

  • of a weigh station than a base.” By comparison, the US has 598 military facilities outside

  • of their borders. France has 11. Meaning Russian military reach is actually closer to that

  • of France, than to the US.

  • The Russian army isn’t particularly well funded or well armed, either. The US spent

  • more than $600 billion on defense last year, while Russia spent less than $100 billion.

  • Plus, most of Russia’s equipment and military vehicles are holdovers from the Soviet era.

  • They do, however, have more tanks and corvettes than the US. Some reports say the Russian

  • Army has 74 corvettes - but others point out that only 10% of the Russian army is even

  • equipped with modern weapons. And that may not change soon. Russia’s military industrial

  • complex completely collapsed after the fall of the Soviet Union. Putin is trying to build

  • it back up, but things are moving slowly. A 20+ year lull in production is hard to make

  • up for, and in the field of advanced weapons technology - it may be impossible.

  • Russia is, as President Obama indicated this past March, “a regional power” - not a

  • super one.

  • To find out more about Russia and their involvement in Ukraine, click now to see our video on

  • the crash of flight MH17, and how Russia may have to pay for their involvement in it. Or

  • click the other box to see how much power the President actually has. New videos five

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Russia is currently involved in a conflict with Ukraine. The US is accusing both of them


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俄羅斯有多強大? (How Powerful Is Russia?)

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