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  • What can l do for you, Mr. Ames?

  • You sure are lucky a driver like me

  • iust happened to turn up in your prison when l did.

  • Oh, l'm more than lucky.

  • l'm blessed.

  • Sometimes it's like the right hand of God

  • is sitting on my shoulder.

  • l'm not racing tomorrow.

  • Go fuck yourself.

  • Wait.

  • Take his shackles off.

  • Please excuse us, Mr. Ulrich.

  • And take Mr. James with you.

  • Do you recognize these people?

  • Because your daughter will.

  • They're her new parents.

  • What's her name?

  • Piper.

  • That's the man she'll grow up calling Daddy.

  • Unless you do something about it.

  • Where is she now?

  • Oh, l'm sure l have her address around here somewhere.

  • You're a smart man, Mr. Ames.

  • Play my game, we both go home happy.

  • The man who killed my wife is in this prison.

  • l wonder what he'll say when l ask him why he did it.

  • Why don't you look in a mirror? Ask him.

  • Poor Piper. It must be hard growing up with that knowledge.

  • That your father killed your mother.

  • You wanted a monster.

  • Well, you've got one.

What can l do for you, Mr. Ames?


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死亡飛車 (5/11) 電影剪輯 - 你想要一個怪物 (2008) HD (Death Race (5/11) Movie CLIP - You Wanted a Monster (2008) HD)

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