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  • FEMALE SPEAKER: Good advertising to me is one where

  • there's humor.

  • I think we all like to laugh.

  • FEMALE SPEAKER: It's a commercial that you remember

  • and you want to tell your friends about it.

  • FEMALE SPEAKER: Good advertising for me would have

  • an ethical component to it.

  • So I would be able to believe in the product and trust the

  • advertisement.

  • I guess there's the trust element there.

  • MALE SPEAKER: Companies showing proof that they maybe

  • give back to a community or, I don't know, participate in

  • some service that would be beneficial to somebody.

  • MALE SPEAKER: --thing that I do find interesting now is the

  • new Gap campaign.

  • The new campaign makes you want to go buy a new pair of

  • jeans every time I see the new models they have out.

  • MALE SPEAKER: I always think of great advertising as things

  • like Apple's doing where I'm really looking forward to

  • seeing the next ad.

  • And I'll actually watch them on TV. But I'll actually look

  • for them on the internet.

  • FEMALE SPEAKER: Apple, of course, is the quintessential

  • good advertising that harnessed an entire

  • generation.

  • There's a sexiness to it, a fun-ness, that sort of thing

  • that they really tapped into.

  • MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, a good form of advertising was last

  • year with The Dark Knight.

  • They set up a whole bunch of different websites kind of

  • mimicking what was going in Gotham City.

  • And they had tours going on for different states where you

  • could vote for Harvey Dent or be against him, which I

  • thought was pretty cool.

  • FEMALE SPEAKER: My friend played for me "This Bud's for

  • You," a song, on his cell phone.

  • And he's a computer guy.

  • And it played the song about this Bud's for you, the

  • computer guy, and you take care of our hard drives.

  • And it had all this innuendos.

  • It was very clever.

  • And it was a good song.

  • And so I paid attention to that.

  • I thought that was really clever.

  • And apparently they did they did a whole series.

  • MALE SPEAKER: With the Budweiser frogs, people

  • remembered it.

  • I would imitate it.

  • I was like a little child.

  • Anything that you get people to kind of recite--

  • FEMALE SPEAKER: The Geico guy, I actually like him because

  • just think of a gecko speaking, talking, it's

  • interesting.

  • I love the way he speaks.

  • I love the way--

  • He grabs me.

  • FEMALE SPEAKER: Smart advertising is something that

  • figures out sort of what you want and subtlety

  • gives that to you.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Good advertising to me is one where


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你如何形容好的廣告? (How would you describe good advertising?)

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