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  • People are dying down here.

  • That can’t be ignored.

  • Youre a very good soldier, Ben,

  • but there’s something you lack.

  • You can’t see where the line is

  • Were killers, Ben.

  • It’s what were best at.

  • I’m here to see Dr. Cardoza.

  • How do you know my name?

  • A mutual friend sent me.

  • Access granted.

  • Stand by, Grey,

  • were coming to you.

  • Isolate and neutralise the target.

  • Please, I beg of you, do not kill me.

  • This man is not a criminal

  • you cannot judge him.

  • I won’t kill you

  • but youre coming with me

  • and you are going to tell me everything.

  • Do you know what you are doing, mercenary?

  • Do you know what master you serve?

  • The clock is ticking, Ben.

  • You know they are out there looking for us.

  • The only way to stop them

  • is to wipe them out

People are dying down here.


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B1 中級 美國腔

《駭客入侵:殞落》E3預告片 中英字幕對照 (《駭客入侵:殞落》E3預告片 中英字幕對照)

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