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  • In this American English pronunciation video, I'm going to complain about how hot it is

  • in New York.

  • Summer in New York is great for things like grilling. But it's also known for being hot,

  • hot, hot. Sometimes entirely too hot. We've had lots of days this month, July, that were

  • very hot. Over ninety. Not surprising. So, I'm going to teach you some idioms and some

  • creative ways to say "it's really hot!!"

  • Hot as Hades, or hot as hell. Now, be careful when using hell, it is a mild cuss word, but

  • it is considered a cuss word. So you don't want to say it in front of people that might

  • be offended. The T in 'hot' comes between two vowels here when we connect it to the

  • next word. So, that's going to be a flap T. Hot as, hot as. You'll notice I'm not saying

  • 'as'. I'm reducing the AA vowel to the schwa. -duz, -duz, -duz, hot as, hot as. Hades begins

  • with the H consonant, has the 'ay' as in 'say' diphthong, Ha-, Ha-, then the D consonant,

  • ee vowel, Z sound. Hades, Hades. Stress on the first syllable, so that should have more

  • shape, whereas -des, -des, -des should be flatter and lower in pitch. Hot as Hades.

  • Or, hot as hell. Hell with the H consonant, the EH vowel, and the dark L. Hell, hell.

  • Now, being a stressed word, this syllable, this word should have some shape.

  • Hell, hell, hell. Hot as hell.

  • One phrase my Mom likes to use is 'hotter than blazes'. Hotter than blazes. So, the

  • word 'than' here is being reduced just to the N consonant sound: hottern, hottern, hottern.

  • Now the T in 'hot', turned into a flap T, or a D sound, because it's coming between

  • two vowels: hotter, hottern, hottern, hotter than blazes. Blazes with the BL consonant

  • cluster, the 'ay' as in 'say' diphthong, and the Z, I, Z: -zes, -zes, -zes. Hotter than blazes.

  • You can also say "it's a scorcher." Scorcher: with the SK consonant cluster, sk, sk. The

  • 'aw' as in 'law' vowel followed by the R consonant, scor-, scor-, and the second, unstressed syllable,

  • the ch CH sound, schwa, R sound: -cher, -cher, -cher. Scorcher.

  • You can also say "it's so hot, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk." Should I try it?

  • I don't think I will. Just seems like it might be kind of messy.

  • There are also words you can use to show quantity. It's not just hot, it's really hot. Or you

  • can, it's ridiculously hot. Or, it's super hot. Or, in Boston / New England, you might

  • hear: it's wicked hot.

  • So, when it's the middle of July, and the end of summer seems very far away, and you're

  • already tired of the heat, you're lucky that you have these phrases that you can use that

  • are much more colorful than simply "it's hot" to express your frustration. It's hot as hell.

  • It's hotter than blazes. That's it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

  • It's hot as hell. It's hotter than blazes. Sirens are always ruining my take.

  • Don't stop there. Have fun with my real-life English videos. Or get more comfortable with

  • the IPA in this play list. Learn about the online courses I offer, or check out my latest

  • video.

In this American English pronunciation video, I'm going to complain about how hot it is


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好熱啊 成語和表達方式 -- 美式英語發音 (It's Hot! Idioms and Expressions -- American English Pronunciation)

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