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Hello, Andrea from ITN. Lovely to meet you.
You too. Beautiful dress!
-Oh same for you. It's gorgeous. -Thank you.
Now wow, what an incredible cast to work with.
Unbelievable, unbelievable.
When you found out you got the role, what was your reaction?
I actually cried. I was just... I knew I wanted it so much. I was a huge fan of Russell's,
of Jennifer's, of Anthony Hopkins, massive fan of Darren's. It was a really big moment
for me, yeah.
And lots of girls very jealous. You got to snog Douglas Booth.
I know, I know. You know, I've actually done incredibly well. I got to snog Logan in The
Perks of Being a Wallflower, and now I've kissed Douglas, So I've been very lucky, very lucky.
And during filming, what was the highlight for you? Was there one scene in particular?
Was it when you first saw the arc?
Actually, it was. I remember, you know, driving. We built the arc to scale in Long Island,
just outside of New York and seeing it to scale for the first time just really gave
me a sense of how big what I was apart of and the potential impact that this movie could
have. It was just incredible. Really, really amazing.
And the first day you met Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Winstone, were you nervous?
I was incredibly nervous. I was very shaky on my feet. You know, Russell is an incredible
actor. The body of his work is unbelievable. Anthony Hopkins is a living legend. Jennifer
Connelly is basically the most beautiful woman that's ever walked the Earth. I mean, it was.
Yeah, it was unbelievable.
And fans want to know, are you going to be the Little Mermaid?
Oh. Well, you know. I know Sofia's been cast to direct that, and I think it'll be an amazing
project. I haven't actually seen or heard anything about it yet, but I'd be really intrigued
to read a script.
And I heard you did once dress as Ariel for a birthday party.
I did. My fifth birthday party, and my dad dressed up as King Titan.
-See? It's meant to be. -Maybe.


艾瑪華森 : 是否會出演小美人魚 (Emma Watson Interview: Will Emma play the Little Mermaid?)

2430 分類 收藏
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