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Hello, welcome to Weird, Gross, and Beautiful,
a casual discussion about animals that I think
are weird, gross, beautiful or all three.
Today we're talking about wolves.
[HOWLING] is how the wolf goes.
Sometimes a lone wolf will make that noise-- you know, howling, right?
In order to get his pack's attention.
So basically, he's just, like, hey guys, where are you?
I'm lost.
Come find me.
Or he'll be, like, come over here.
I found something.
Communal packs will howl together
to maybe communicate something to a different pack.
And kind of like when a dog barks,
sometimes other wolves will start
howling just because another wolf started.
So they're kind of, like-- they're all
very susceptible to peer pressure is what it seems like.
There's a bunch of mama wolves going around being,
like, you stop that.
Stop howling just because he was howling.
He's, like, but Jimmy started howling.
And she's like, if Jimmy bit off the head of a reindeer,
would you do the same thing?
And he's, like, yeah, in order to survive.
The packs that they have usually consist
of about six to ten wolves.
There's the Alpha wolf, and he's the most dominant male leader.
And his position of status is followed very closely by his mate.
And typically they are the only two wolves in the whole pack to produce babies.
But the whole pack together will look after the babies,
and make sure that they're safe, and watch them
while other people go hunt.
Only two of them get to produce babies,
but everyone is, like, in it together
to make sure that the babies live and they're OK.
Packs can roam large distances, like maybe 12 miles or more in a day.
And they will hunt, obviously cooperatively,
together to take down large prey.
And if they're successful, they are not
watching their girlish figure at all.
They can eat up to 20 pounds in a day.
So 20 pounds of meat is kind of a lot,
considering that the average wolf weighs anywhere
from, like, 80 to 100 pounds.
That's a lot of meat.
And where do they get these 20 pounds of meat,
from should they be successful in taking down their prey?
From, like, deer, elk, and moose-- but that's
just their preferred prey.
Like, that's what they want to eat.
They can eat birds and lizards and a whole bunch of smaller
mammals-- rabbits, whatever.
Contrary to what Liam Neeson would have you believe,
wolves very rarely attack humans.
They are considered one of the most aggressive and fearsome villains of the animal kingdom.
Like most animals, they'll leave you alone
if you leave them alone.
So don't bother them.
Don't go getting all up in their grille,
and maybe they won't attack you-- Neeson.
But still, don't go try to pet them or nothing.
Don't [BLEEP] with them.
They will destroy you.
Thank you so much for watching Weird, Gross and Beautiful.
My name is Catie Wayne, and if you'd like to,
you can follow me on Twitter @catiewayne,
and ask me to cover an animal.
This week's animal was suggested by Xavi Castro.
Thank you so much, my love.
And if you much feel like it, please go
check out this Weird, Gross and Beautiful about geckos.
It's one of my favorites.
They keep clean by licking.
They use their long-ass tongue and keep it clean.
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I love you all so, so much.
And I will see you next time.


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