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  • Get your damn hands off her. Doc, damn it, come in!

  • Marty, what's up? Doc, I'm in trouble. I blew it.

  • Where's the book? Biff must still have it with him.

  • All I've got is the damn cover. And where's Biff?

  • You're asking for it. I don't know.

  • Don't you have any idea? No! He could be anywhere by now.

  • Marty, the entire future depends on you finding Biff and getting that book!

  • I know! I just don't know where... [Lorraine] Stop it!

  • Stop it, Biff. You'll break his arm. Stop it!

  • Of course! I gotta go.

  • I got one chance! My old man's about to deck Biff!

  • Yes!

  • Talk about dĂŠjĹ• vu.

  • Are you okay?

  • Okay, everybody, let's back up now, huh?

  • Let's back up. Everybody just back up.

  • We'll give him a little bit of room, a little bit of air.

  • It's okay. I know C.P.R. I know C.P.R.

  • - What's C.P. R? - You!

  • He's fine. Hey, did you just take his wallet?

  • He took that guy's wallet.

  • Doc, success. I got it.

  • Thank goodness.

  • Great, Marty.

  • As soon as I reload the fusion generator,

  • I'll meet you on the roof of the high school gym.

Get your damn hands off her. Doc, damn it, come in!


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回到未來第2部(11/12)電影剪輯--馬蒂給Biff心肺復甦(1989)HD (Back to the Future Part 2 (11/12) Movie CLIP - Marty Gives Biff CPR (1989) HD)

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