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  • Hey! The big M! How's it hangin', McFly?

  • - Hey, Needles. - Needles?

  • Did you take a look at that little business proposal of mine?

  • I don't know, Needles. What are you afraid of? If this thing works,

  • It'll solve all your financial problems.

  • And if it doesn't work, Needles, I could get fired.

  • It's Illegal. I mean, what if theJits is monitoring, huh?

  • TheJits will never find out. Oh. Uh-huh.

  • Come on. Stick your card in the slot...

  • and I'll handle it, unless you want everyone in the division...

  • to think you're... chicken.

  • Nobody calls me chicken, Needles. Nobody!

  • All right. Prove it.

  • All right.

  • All right, Needles.

  • Ha! Here's my card.

  • Scan it. I'm in.

  • Thanks, McFly. I'll see you at the plant tomorrow.

  • McFly!

  • Fujitsu-san! Konnichiwa.

  • McFly. I was monitoring that scan you just interfaced.

  • - You are terminated! - Terminated? No! No! It wasn't my fault, sir.

  • It was Needles. Needles was behind the whole thing.

  • - And you cooperated. - No, I didn't sir. It was a sting operation.

  • It was illegal, and you knew, McFly. Read my fax.

  • No! Please, no! I cannot be fired.

  • I'm fired. Ahh!

  • Oh, this is heavy.

  • What am I gonna tell Jennifer?

Hey! The big M! How's it hangin', McFly?


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回到未來 第二輯(Back to the Future Part 2 (6/12) Movie CLIP - Future Marty Is Terminated (1989) HD)

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