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You lost a lot of weight for that film, right?
Yeah, I lost , like 25 or 30 pounds, yeah.
And why? You just thought he should look
Why not, you know?
No, because the character, I feel like, was kind of like a coyote, you know?
He’s in southern California, and there are all these coyotes all over the place.
And I just thought of him like that.
And I talked to the director, and there’s a big part of the movie that is Los Angeles, you know?
It’s a huge character in the film.
And I just thought of him as, like, this hungry, scavenging, kind of animal.
And then I thought he needed to look like that.
It worked. You looked very hungry.
I was.
I bet you were.
And I wonder how you’re starving yourself, and working, and expending that energy, and not being exhausted.
How did you have energy to work if you were that hungry?
I feel…I want to ask you the same thing.
You work so hard. How are you…
I eat a lot.
No, I mean, when you’re driven, and you have an idea, and you’re inspired by something.
You know, a lot of times you’ll drive though it. That’s sort of the character, and that’s the mind set I was in.
But I also found myself with a lot of energy, you know, weirdly.
It’s like you kind of work overtime.
And then you get more energy cause you’re more tired.
And that’s what happened. And it was all in the character, you know?
It’s all in the movie. That’s fantastic.


【艾倫秀】傑克·葛倫霍談談減肥是怎麼一回事呢 (Jake Gyllenhaal on His Weight Loss)

8586 分類 收藏
朱朱 發佈於 2014 年 11 月 3 日    朱朱 翻譯    Gisele Sung 審核
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