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  • [Breathing distorted by suit]

  • [Sucking]

  • It's safe now. Everything's lead-lined.

  • [Suspenseful instrumental music]

  • DOC: Don't lose those tapes now.

  • I need that as a record.

  • Let's put this back here. There we go.

  • Almost forgot my luggage.

  • Who knows if they got cotton underwear in the future.

  • - I'm allergic to all synthetics. - The future.

  • - That's where you're going. - Right.

  • 25 years. I've always dreamed of seeing the future, looking beyond my years...

  • ...seeing the progress of mankind.

  • MARTY: Why not?

  • I'll also be able to see who wins the next 25 World Series.

  • MARTY: Doc.

  • Look me up when you get there.

  • Indeed I will. Roll 'em.

  • [Doc clearing throat]

  • I, Dr. Emmett Brown...

  • about to embark on an historic journey.

  • What am I thinking of?

  • I almost forgot to bring extra plutonium.

  • How do I expect to get back? One pellet, one trip.

  • I must be out of my mind.

  • [Einstein barking]

  • What is it?

  • [Ominous instrumental music]

  • My God.

  • They found me. I don't know how, but they found me.

  • DOC: Run for it, Marty! MARTY: Who?

  • Who do you think? The Libyans!

  • [Man shouting in Arabic]

  • Holy shit!

  • [Gunshots firing]

  • I'll draw their fire!

  • Doc, wait!

  • [Doc screaming]

  • No!

  • Bastards!

  • [Shouting in Arabic]

[Breathing distorted by suit]


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回到未來(Back to the Future (2/10) Movie CLIP - The Libyans Find Doc Brown (1985) HD)

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