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  • Most people think that death is the end,

  • but for me,

  • it was only the beginning.

  • I'd have thought when you get to the other side,

  • you'd finally be given all the answers.

  • But hunting my killer,

  • all I'm finding, are more questions.

  • You imagine when you're dead,

  • there's nothing to be afraid of anymore.

  • But here,

  • there are things far worse than death.

  • The Killer didn't bring a weapon,

  • so he used mine.

  • Hey, hey, come back.

  • Seven to the chest,

  • point blank.

  • The killer came here for a reason.

  • yep! I saw it

  • the man in the hood

  • There was a witness.

Most people think that death is the end,


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A2 初級 美國腔

死案︰靈魂緝凶 "目擊者" Gamescom預告片 中英字幕對照 (死案︰靈魂緝兇 "目擊者" Gamescom預告片 中英字幕對照)

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