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  • new york has just added passed a bill that would fine taxi drivers ten

  • thousand dollars if they're caught trafficking or i should say transporting

  • prostitutes right so if they are driving a prostitute around and they're

  • knowingly doing so it will be fined ten thousand dollars and they can also lose

  • lose their license

  • now what's interesting about this story is that mayor bloomberg uh... is the

  • person who signed this legislation answer days before he signed it he went

  • on a radio program the john gambling show

  • and he said that he had issues with it because how do you identify a prostitute

  • like yet how does a prostitute dress right he's like what about party-goers

  • or clubbers or whatever people who go out dancing partying at night and

  • they're looking for a ride our taxi drivers just gonna leave them on the

  • side of the road because they're too afraid to pick them up yet nobody's

  • going to pick up on halloween erasures on purpose unit

  • celso what's gonna happen but what's interesting is

  • he sided anyway two days later after making these points on the rage isn't

  • that what they related uh... unfit

  • but today

  • now look there might be other reasons for tomorrow before trading at centrist

  • news i'm sure there's no i said but overall

  • i do know that it's a bad idea beaches wanted to say

  • the solution in search of a problem

  • is there a cooking going on in your city i'm sure they're straight

  • aryan assaulted by

  • punishment i'm trying to do what they have to do it with them

  • i think it's not like that you know the booking in new york is like some sort of

  • academic and the only way to get a big control bid is

  • punishing cab drivers if they pick apart here's a great

  • solution to of the hooker problem in new york

  • legalize prostitution right and regulate the hell out of it

  • how about how about that

  • now is it

  • so you're right the taxi drivers like that

  • doing their jobs

  • noah and i think it sets up a conflict between the cab driver and his customers

  • that goes on an on

  • estimates of so many flights

  • there's evidence that good cab drivers or like i don't get caught up on east

  • slavery t_n_t_'s one minute set up

  • and it's gonna be a mess it's such a

  • terrible idea and it is even a problem like any more so than any other city in

  • the country

  • it so it's absurd and works sometimes

  • i wear my short shorts

  • and they might confuse me for a jekyll

  • you know and i don't want to suffer that kind of discrimination you don't

  • and i don't think that

  • exact new jews were short rates juneau do that

  • at

  • standard that they really do like mine

  • can you imagine the gigolo chose a makes unlike some goofy seventies short shorts

  • and there

  • yeah mcm i don't think that's a really

  • p army article usually

  • for female clientele at a

  • one i'm not familiar with the gigolo market

  • okay

  • further too if i had to guess it's terribly produ add right i just don't

  • see women looking for male prostitutes

  • that they it happens very early this one ranch that we covered on the show some

  • point in the live on a somewhere yes and then they went but i think they might

  • have gone bankrupt

  • without that there was this one uh... bunny ranch that actually had one male

  • prostitute but he ended up quitting because he didn't get any clients like

  • nobody wanted here because women don't go out looking

  • it you know i don't where women can get sex

  • if if you don't you think bowl not pay someone for it

new york has just added passed a bill that would fine taxi drivers ten


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看起來像妓女?紐約的計程車司機載妓女要罰10K(Look Like a Prostitute? )NYC Taxi Drivers Could Be Fined 10k)

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