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  • If youre a gamer, you know the feeling.

  • Anyone who’s ever had a favorite series or character has felt it...a disappointment

  • so massive and so complete, your only instinct is disbelief. There’s no way this franchise,

  • my franchise, could have its name on something so incomprehensibly terrible.

  • Something like Resident Evil 2 for the

  • Sent to us by our good friend Chip from Alabama, this version of Resident Evil 2—yes, the

  • Resident Evil 2—was released in 1998 and universally considered a failure. But the

  • truth is, I mean, it kind of does what it can. The had some strengths, but

  • its screen was not one of them. Releasing a game this visually demanding for a system

  • with a screen that fits somewhere between the Game Boy and a calculator...

  • Not exactly an optimal situation for success.

  • Nonetheless, Resident Evil 2 feels at least vaguely familiar on the This version

  • is based on Leon’s quest from the original game and, again, loosely follows Resident

  • Evil 2’s structure and storyline. The game doesn’t look terrible either, with decent

  • sprites that are alright can see them...and it’s nice to see little touches

  • like the door animations were also included.

  • So this game feels about as authentic as it possibly can, given the limitations of its

  • platform. But otherwise, everything goes wrong. The controls are almost unplayably bad, first

  • and foremost. There’s a strange delay between virtually every action Leon performs and the

  • button press that commands him to do it, which in and of itself is enough to make this game

  • too frustrating to play.

  • But what’s interesting is the weird dynamic between those clunky controls and the game’s

  • use of touch. Moving Leon and shooting zombies is a wreck, but when you pause the action

  • and start using your inventory, the game suddenly feels...modern. Tapping items and navigating

  • menus with a stylus works really well, almost like a prophetic look into gaming’s future.

  • In fact, Tiger’s had a list of features that were a decade ahead of their

  • time...but when you play a game like this, you understand why it didn’t last. In some

  • ways, this is a lot like the Resident Evil 2 you remember. But in most ways, this is

  • a Resident Evil 2 youll want to forget.

If youre a gamer, you know the feeling.


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