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Yeah! At TJ Maxx. Yeah! I know. I'm obsessed.
Oh hey! You look like you love commitment.
Whoo boy! Hey what you got under that shirt, sweetie. Bet it's a good heart.
Bet those arms could put together my IKEA furniture.
Come talk to me, sweetie! You want a family?
Aye bay-bay! Aye bay-bay! I'd bet you'd let me choose what to do with my own body.
Your ass would look so good on my couch. Do you watch reality TV? How are you at foot rubs?
I bet you can handle a girl with all kinds of emotions.
Hey baby! You hear me? You hear me? Yeah, 'cause you're a good listener.
Mmm, boy. I bet your bathroom is so clean.
Ooo! Ooo! You look so emotionally stable.
Those arms look like they could carry some babies.
You look like a real mess. Let me fix you.
Ooo! Damn, baby! I bet you have a job with health insurance.
I bet you would treat me with respect.
Is that bulge real?
Ooo! Darlin! You look monogamous.
Hey! Nice shoes. Wanna spoon?
Screw you!
Ooo! You talk to your mama with that mouth? Or at all? 'Cause a good relationship with your mother is important to me.
Does the beard match the carpet?
Damn, you're cute! Hey, you wanna go back to my place? We can eat pizza. We can hold each other all night!
You're hot!



角色對調!如果女生在街上調戲男生......?If women catcalled men.

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