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  • Welcome to EnglishClass101.comEnglish in Three Minutes”.


  • The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn English. Hi, how’s it going? I'm Alisha. Nice to meet you!


  • In this series, were going to learn some easy ways to ask and answer common questions in English.


  • It’s really useful,


  • and it only takes three minutes! In this lesson, youre going to learn new,


  • more common ways to ask and answer the question: “How are you?” in English.


  • Youve probably learnedHow are you?” and “I’m finein textbooks before,


  • but in the United States, people will usually ask this question and answer it in a different way.


  • First, let’s review. If someone says:


  • How are you?” You can say:

    “How are you?”「你好嗎」你可以說

  • “I’m fine.”

    “I’m fine.”「我很好」

  • Here are some other ways to answer: “Pretty good.”

    這裡有其他的方法可以回答 “Pretty good.”「很好」

  • This means about the same thing as “I’m fine”. Pretty good.

    這和“I’m fine”「我很好」的意思是一樣的

  • We also have: “Not bad.”

    還有“Not bad.”「不錯」

  • You can use this if you are feeling just okay, or so-so. Not bad.

    你可以在你覺得還可以的時候使用“Not bad.”「不錯」

  • Let’s look at our question again: How are you?

    再看一次我們的問題How are you?「你好嗎」

  • This is the most well-known way of asking how someone is.

    「你好嗎」最眾所皆知的問法就是How are you了

  • You could use it when you want to be polite. But now,


  • let’s look at some different ways to ask how someone is. These ways are more casual, and much more common.


  • First: Hey, how’s it going?


  • You can answer this in many ways. If youre feeling good, you can say: “Good.” “Pretty good.” “Not bad.”

    你可以用很多種方法來回答這個。如果你覺很很好,你可以回答 “Good.”「好」“Pretty good.” 「非常棒」 “Not bad.”「不錯」

  • Once more:“Good.” “Pretty good.” “Not bad.

    再一次“Good.”「好」“Pretty good.” 「非常棒」 “Not bad.”「不錯」

  • Here’s a tip! Even though these answers


  • mean the same thing as “I’m fine”, you can’t answerHow’s it going?” with “I’m fine.”

    都跟「我很好」是一樣的意思,但你不可以用“I’m fine.”「我很好」來回答“How’s it going?”「你好嗎」

  • It will sound a bit strange. If youre ''not'' feeling good, you can say:


  • Not so good” “Not greator, “Not so well”.

    “Not so good”「不是很好」 “Not great”「不好」 或“Not so well”「不是很好」

  • Be careful: If you say one of these, the other person will usually ask,


  • Why, what’s wrong?” to be polite.


  • Then, you will have to explain! Another casual, but very common version ofHow are you?” isWhat’s up?”

    然後,你就會需要解釋為什麼。另一個也是非正式、常見的「你好嗎」是“What’s up?”

  • To reply, use a cheerful voice as you say:


  • Not much!” orNothing much!''

    “Not much!” 「好」或 “Nothing much!''「好」

  • This means youre free and able to chat.


  • SinceWhat’s upis just another way of sayingHello”,

    因為“What’s up”是另一個“Hello”的說法

  • you can also reply with: “Hey!” orHi!”

    你也可以用 “Hey!” 或 “Hi!” 來回答

  • Now it’s time for Alisha’s Advice!


  • A lot of the time, when we ask questions that meanhow are you?” in English,

    很多時候,當我們問和“how are you?”「你好嗎」相同意思的問題時

  • were not ''actually'' asking about the other person’s health - were only asking to be polite!


  • You should think of these questions as another way of sayingHello


  • a way for the conversation to get started - instead of actual literal questions.


  • In fact, when someone asks youwhat’s up?” you don’t even have to answer!

    事實上,當有人問你“what’s up?”「你好嗎」時,你甚至可以不用回答

  • Just sayWhat’s up?” in reply. Now, do you know the difference between

    只要回覆“what’s up?”「你好嗎」就可以了。你知道

  • What do you do?” andWhat are you doing?” It’s a little tricky,

    “What do you do?” 「你好嗎」和 “What are you doing?”「你好嗎」的不同嗎?這是有點小技巧的

  • but well explain it simply in the next English in 3 Minutes lesson! See you next time!


Welcome to EnglishClass101.comEnglish in Three Minutes”.


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