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There's some British food with some really weird names.
And we're gonna eat some of it.
(Barry and Jamie) Let's talk about that!
♪ (theme music) ♪ (Good Mythical Morning)
Good Mythical Morning.
Welcome to a very special episode of the show
with special guest, Barry and Jamie from Sorted Food!
- So special. - Thank you very much.
Thanks for coming, guys.
If you are human and you like food,
you should subscribe to their channel.
(Jamie) It's a great thing. Everybody has to eat.
But you don't have to be British.
But you guys have special knowledge.
- Do we?
Well, we think you have special knowledge
- just because of your accents. - Yeah, it helps.
It does make you sound cleverer if you are British, instantly.
But I don't think you can say that. No, we can say that.
Oh no, we can, 'cause we're British.
- Oh, right. - (Jamie laughs)
You may be complete idiots,
but we all think that you're geniuses,
and you should roll with that.
- Well, I know that you guys are-- - What do you mean by "think"?
You guys are good with food. We do know that.
- Yes. - You're food geniuses, at least.
- Uh-huh. - And I'm good at tasting food.
What we've heard is that there's a lot of British foods
- with weird names. - There are.
So what we've asked them to do is to bring some of these foods
- and teach us what they actually are. - But the game is,
you guys are gonna tell us about a food.
You're gonna just say what it is and describe it,
and then we have to guess if it's real or fake.
- Okay. - Easy.
My understanding is that you have
both the real and the fake versions for us to taste and see.
That's we do.
I think it's gonna be a little bit tricky. Should we get started?
Well, we should. But first, let's say what's at stake,
- because the loser-- - We're going against each other.
It's Rhett versus Link, and the loser has to eat
- an entire spoonful of Marmite. - (man gags)
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to play...
(Rhett) Is That Really a British Food?
Or Did Some British Dudes Just Make It Up? Game!
- Food one!
- Let's start, okay.
This one's-- I think this is really obvious.
It is quite an obvious one.
It's bubble and squeak.
- Have you heard of bubble and squeak? - Bubble and squeak.
Bubble and squeak-- that's what they called us in high school.
- (Barry and Jamie laugh) - This is just simply, it's a--
I'm trying to figure out which one I would want to be.
- (laughter) - I'm very hard-pressed.
- Am I bubble or squeak? - I don't know.
This is something you usually have on a Monday,
purely because over the weekend you've had your roast dinner.
- That sounds fake. - (Barry laughs)
You've had your roast dinner,
and you've had your full English breakfast.
And you basically take all the leftovers from those two,
merge them in one, and you create bubble and squeak.
So bubble and squeak is basically mashed potato,
cabbage or Brussels sprouts,
some bacons, some onions, and some garlic,
mashed together into a little kind of patties.
A leftover loaf.
Where's the bubble and the squeak come at?
- Well... -Well, we'll tell you that
- once you work it out. - Nowhere, if they made it up.
- So we'll give our answers in unison? - Okay. We're good to go?
Okay. Is it real or is it fake? In three, two, one.
(Rhett and Link) Real.
Oh, we agreed.
So only thing that's up for grabs is learning something.
- Okay. - You still think it's real?
Well, it definitely looks like what you described.
- (Jamie laughs) Leftovers. - That...
- is real! - Yeah, it's real! Yeah, it's real!
It's basically like a baked potato in the shape of a burger.
I made it this morning, and I'm not gonna lie.
I'm a bit proud of these.
- Well, you've said that-- - Boy, that tastes good.
- Bubble and squeak. - They're done really well.
But it's not bubbling or squeaking.
No, so the bubble and squeak is basically--
it's apparently the noise the cabbage makes
while it's in the pan. It squeaks.
- You wash your cooking there. - I wasn't there for that.
And the noise you make a couple hours later?
-Mm-hmm. -Okay.
(Rhett) Okay, that's real.
Second up. Now, I'm pretty sure
you've actually heard of this one, because it is so popular.
- Toad in the hole. - (Rhett chuckles) That's tricky.
- (Rhett laughs) - I see what's happening.
Okay. Toad in the hole.
So this is a dish which we have in England
where we take sausages and we put them in a pudding.
But that pudding has to come from Yorkshire, okay?
Like chocolate pudding?
It's a pudding, and it has to come from Yorkshire.
- So it has to be a Yorkshire pudding. - That's a place.
And we put the sausages within the pudding.
And then we usually serve that with maybe some mashed potatoes,
some gravy, and some veg.
I see the theme here-- mashed potatoes.
So the toad is the sausage, and it makes a hole in the pudding?
- It's a toad in the hole. - Okay.
Is it real? In three, two, one...
- (Rhett) Real. - (Link) Yes.
- Okay. - Okay.
So we've made some here for you. This is what they look like.
- These are little miniature ones. - Oh, so it's like a...
It's basically a pancake batter.
- You made this. - This is real?
- We made this. - That is real.
This is real, yeah!
(Rhett) You know why we're so good at this?
Because we share a lineage. My people are from where you're from.
I also got it right.
- I said we're so good at it. - Oh yeah.
Who are your people? Do we know them?
- It's a small country. - The Scottish?
- (Barry laughs) - Dude, that's my water.
- They are still our people. -Just.
- Just. (laughs) - Only just.
- They don't want to be, really. - So we're two for two.
- Two for two. - We're blindly guessing,
but we're doing a good job at it and we're tied.
- Okay. - That, too, tasted very good.
- Yeah. - Oh, good.
- I like how you guys think- - I made that one.
- Thinking about moving. - Mm-hmm.
Okay, so this one is a bat on a sticky wicket.
(Rhett and crew laughing)
- Yeah, right. - (laughter)
Oh, come on. This one, we a nice--
It's kind of a street food in the UK.
- Mm-hmm. - We're not very well known...
- Sure it is. - ...for our street food.
But we're big fans of cricket, hence the "sticky wicket."
- Oh yeah. - Yep. You know cricket?
No. Well, I know that it's a sport,
but I don't know what a wicket is.
It's basically as boring as baseball.
- Right. - Got it.
They don't have gloves, though. That makes it more interesting.
Their bat is called a wicket?
No, the wicket is what you have to hit with the ball.
- That's behind the bat. - Behind the bat.
- Huh? - Basically, a bat on a sticky wicket--
Okay, so you made this one up. Even the word "wicket" is made up.
- (Barry and Jamie laugh) - No, I've heard that before.
So it's basically a chicken on a stick
with this really kind of coat curry glaze on it.
Obviously, the UK is well-known for its curries as well.
- Yep. - So it's a combination of those two.
But it's not a bat.
It's not a bat, as you all know.
- But... - It's on a stick.
It looks like a bat from wicket.
- Oh. - All right, let's guess.
I thought the meat was supposed to be like a bat meat.
- No. - Let's guess.
- Okay. - That'd be silly.
In three, two, one...
I was gonna say "fake," but then I heard you say it, so...
- Oh, okay. - I'm going with real.
-Oh. Split. -So we've made some for you here.
- What do you think? - There we go.
Oh, is this real?
This is something you got from Target or something.
- This is fake. - No, it's fake. It's definitely fake.
- (laughter) - It's really definitely fake.
It does look like a bat on a stick, though.
- It's barbecue on some chicken tenders. - Yeah.
- (crew laughing) - Don't...
- Why are you laughing? - (crew member) You can eat it.
- How did you prepare this? - (crew member) It's okay.
- Badly. - Oh.
- We didn't make it at all. - (Jamie laughs)
You got them to throw together this nastiness.
I put that in my mouth, and the look of the crew was like, "No!"
But I do feel like I need to clear something up,
because cricket is real and wickets are real.
And sticky wicket is when you're in a difficult circumstance.
- You're stuck on a wicket. - Yeah, you're on a sticky wicket.
In a sticky wicket.
Well, Link's in a sticky wicket, 'cause he's down one.
- (others) Ooh. - Ha!
- Bring it on, boys. - Okay, so number four:
- squidgy fiddlesticks. Okay? - Oh, mmm.
So this is one of my nan's favorites,
'cause it originated in World War II.
You know, there was rationing. It was hard times.
So people were trying to club together
and find the kind of foods that they could make for themselves.
And so it's made up of chips--
or, you'd probably call them French fries.
- Yeah, we would. - You would.
So it's made up of chips covered in a mincemeat.
You can use different meats, I suppose.
- You can choose other meats. - Yep, and then a brown--
-Which was hard to get back then, as well.
Brown sauce. So it's just using very few ingredients
because of the rationing and because of trying to find--
Quite a backstory to this one.
Seems like you're compensating for something.
- Squidgy fiddlesticks. - Squidgy fiddlesticks.
- All right. I'm ready. - So is it real or fake?
In three, two, one.
- (Rhett) Fake. - (Link) Real.
Ooh, time for me to tie it up.
- Okay. - And here it is.
- That looks good, guys. - Squidgy fiddlesticks.
- Is that dogfood in the middle? - (Barry snickers)
You didn't make this, did you? You got these hacks to make it.
- This is not real. - This is fake.
- Yeah-ha! - (Barry and Jamie laugh)
The bloodlines, man! This is about the bloodlines.
You must not be from the islands.
Come here. I don't know if you call them the islands.
I think you call them the isles.
Don't be giving him high-fives. You're supposed to be impartial.
- Oh, we are completely impartial. - Yeah, completely.
- I hope that you like marmites. - They can't eat that, can they?
(crew member) Oh, sure. Take a big bite.
Take a giant bite of that.
- Did you say you put cat food in it? - No.
- (crew member) It might be cat food. - That's cat food.
- That's cat food. - (slight laughter)
You'll eat that in Good Mythical More.
- (Jamie laughs) - Gotta get those views. Guys, sorted it up.
- So you'll take it really badly. - (Rhett laughs) Yeah.
Come on, you can turn this around.
Just in case you didn't want to know. Thanks, Dan.
- Thanks for the reminder. - I've gotten them all right.
So the next one-- now, I'm gonna be honest--
I hadn't heard of this before.
This is a singing hinny.
- Okay? - Mm-hmm. Yeah. Sure.
Which is-- (laughs with Jamie)
It comes from the north of England, so you would call it a...
From the homeland.
Yeah, in your best and Northern Scottish accent.
- Northern Scottish? - You know...
(with accent) Singin' hinnies?
(all using accents) Singin' hinnies.
- It's a singin' hinny. - Singin' hinny.
- It's a singin' hinny. - Hinny. It's a singin' hinny.
- I sound like a... - Wow.
...New Yorker that's been in an accident.
(exaggerated accent) It's a singin' hinny!
It's like, what's wrong with your diaphragm?
Okay, so what I can make out-- this is kind of--
it's like a scone. It has raisins in it.
- But it's been fried in lard and fat. - Ooh.
- We have raisins in it as well. - A deep-fried scone.
- Not deep-fried. - Not deep-fried,
but just fried in animal fats.
- Pan-fried, and then in the oven. - Pan-fried.
So the question is, is it real or is it fake?
Three, two, one.
(Rhett and Link) Real.
Okay. Right.
I know what's from my home country and what's not, guys.
Okay, so these are our singing hinnies.
- And they are real. - Yeah!
- And I'm being honest. - But you didn't know about it.
I had no idea of them originally.
We've not got any idea what these are like.
- So we want to apologize in advance. - Oh, my goodness.
- I made them this morning. - That's some dry stuff.
That is good. See, man?
- Is it good? I made it this morning. - (Rhett) Yeah.
- Okay, here we go. - Okay, so to finish us off,
we have Jammie Dodgers.
- Hmm. - Okay, so these are--
- Baseball team. - They're a very-- Well, they're close.
They're a very popular British biscuit.
Okay, so we've put a bit of jam in between two biscuits.
- Don't wink at me. - And sometimes you also get--
- Period. - (Jamie laughs)
Sometimes you also get a little heart cut out,
so you can see the jam through the top.
- It was also Jamie's nickname at school. - Yeah.
- It really was. - Jamie sounds like Jammie.
- It's just got an extra M. - Yeah, Jammie Dodger.
- Yeah. - Did you wear your PJs to school?
No, I was the Artful Dodger in a production of Oliver
- when I was 12 years old. - Okay. I like this story a lot.
'Cause we call PJs jammies. I'm ready to answer.
- I know I've already lost, so whatever. - In three, two, one...
- (Link) Yes. - (Rhett) Real.
I've heard of this.
- Okay. - Yeah.
- Yeah, they're very real. - They came in a packet.
- Wow, did you make the packet? - (Barry) They are delicious.
Oh, man. I am so excited about those.
All right, so break out the Marmite.
You guys can dig into the goodness. Now, you like this, so...
I like it. You don't.
- Of course I do. - They scrape this off of the...
Get a spoonful, now. A spoonful.
- No, a spoonful. - That's a half. That's a half spoonful.
- Okay, that's three quarters. - Usually, we put this on toast.
Never go for a full spoonful, but you know.
It smells really sweet but musty or something.
That's quite a good description.
You get it in there and see what you think about it.
It sticks to the spoon quite a lot.
- Oh. - (Jamie laughs)
While you're trying to get that down, I'll remind people
that they can support the show by checking out lynda.com,
where you can find thousands of online video tutorials.
You can learn about video editing,
all kinds of different softwares.
You won't learn how to make a face like Link is making right now.
That's all his. That's all original.
But you'll learn lots of things.
And you can get a free trial at lynda.com/rhettandlink.
(mouth partially full) You know what time it is.
- Hey, guys. I'm Lucy. - I'm Oliver.
- And I'm Emily! - And we're from...
(all) Britain!
It's time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality!
Make sure you check out Jamie and Barry's channel, Sorted Food on YouTube.
It's amazing. And you know what?
Some people you might know are gonna be making an appearance
- on their channel a little bit later. - Ugh!
Also, click through to Good Mythical More.
- They got two more things for us to try. - (Jamie chuckles)
- I can't wait for that. - (Barry and Jamie laugh)
"Old Lady Knitting Competition." That's all four of us, boys.
- Okay. - Okay.
(wretched elderly voice) Three, two, one.
(frantic knitting sounds)
- (high-pitched voice) I'm gonna get you. - (yipping sounds)
- I'm gonna-- I'm gon' knit. - (Jamie snoring)
- She's out. - All right.
- Gertrude. Gertrude, wake up. Wake up! - Look at that.
- We're losing. - (startled yelp)
It's a giraffe. I'm done. I win.
- Smell my breath. (blowing) - Whoa.
[Captioned by Sebastian: GMM Captioning Team]



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