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  • Hey, everyone. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on talking about


  • fear. So today, we're going to look at different ways you can talk about being scared. You


  • can use this to talk about scary movies, scary books, scary experiences you've had in your


  • life, or things that just make you feel uncomfortable or really shocked and afraid.


  • So No. 1, I have a lot of different synonyms for the word "scared". So you could say, "I'm

    第一,我有不同的同義字來形容驚恐。 你可說

  • scared" or, "I'm afraid"; "I'm frightened"; "I am terrified"; "I am horrified." And just


  • make sure you use the most common preposition for these words, and that is "of". So, "You


  • are scared of spiders", for example, or "scared of heights", which are high places.

    "你很害怕蜘蛛" 例如,"怕高"當在高的地方

  • And here, the second one we have is, "He is scared to death of flying." So this is a complete

    這裡,第二,"他怕飛行怕死了" 所以這是完整的

  • expression, "to be scared to death of something". And again, you need the verb "to be" in this

    表達。"對於某事怕死了" 再一次,在這裡需要動詞

  • as well. So, "He is scared to death"; "I am scared to death"; "she is scared to death";

    比較好, 所以,"他怕死了" "我怕死了""她怕死了"

  • "they are scared to death." So they are scared so much that they want to die in the presence

    "他們怕死了" 他們非常害怕現在

  • of this thing or whatever it is. So, "He's scared to death of flying", he is incredibly


  • afraid, very afraid.


  • Next, "He gives me the creeps." Now, before I explain this, you will notice that No. 3,


  • No. 4, and No. 5 all have similar words. And we have "creeps", "creeping", "creepy", this


  • whole family of words. So I'm going to go with "creepy" first. So, "That's really creepy."


  • If something is "creepy", it makes you feel uncomfortable, like, uncomfortable in your


  • skin. It sends shivers down your spine. And I'll explain that in a little bit. So if you


  • feel uncomfortable, that means that something is "creepy". Okay?


  • So, "He gives me the creeps." So someone can "give you the creeps", meaning they can make

    所以,"他給我感覺毛骨悚然" 某些人可以"讓你毛骨悚然",意思是他可以使

  • you feel a little uncomfortable, unsure of that person. And, "Stop it! You're creeping


  • me out." So if someone is "creeping you out" -- to "creep someone out" means to make someone


  • feel uncomfortable and scared or frightened, but more of an uncomfortable fear. Okay? So


  • think of, like, people making you uncomfortable and scaring you in a creepy, unsettling kind


  • of way. So a person can "give you the creeps". A person can "creep you out". Or a person


  • can just "be creepy", and this is an adjective, so you have to use the verb "to be". "That

    可以只是"毛骨悚然的",這是形容詞,所以你必須使用動詞"to be","那

  • is really creepy"; "he is really creepy"; "they are creepy", etc.


  • And the next two, you'll notice -- "freaky" and "freaked me out". They have a similar

    接下來兩個,你必須注意,"freaky"和"freaked me out",他們蠻相近

  • -- what's the word I'm looking for? -- connection with "creepy". But instead of meaning something


  • makes you uncomfortable, if something "freaks you out" or if some "is freaky", it's scary


  • in a shocking way. So if I say, "Whoa, that's freaky", that's really frightening and scary,


  • not in, like, an uncomfortable way, but in a shocking kind of way. Okay? So think of


  • "creepy" as uncomfortable. Think of "freaky" as, "Whoa. Shock." So that's "freaky". Or,


  • "The movie freaked me out", like, shocked me, made me scared. Okay?


  • Now, what you'll notice is we can say, "He gives me the creeps", but you cannot say,

    現在,你有注意我們可以怎麼說? "他讓你毛骨悚然",但是你不能說

  • "He gives me the freaks", or, "That gives me the freaks." So "gives me the creeps" is


  • the only expression you can use. Otherwise, you can say, "freaky" or "freak me out".


  • And finally, "It sent shivers down my spine." So your spine is, you know, the part of your


  • back that runs up and down to your brain. And if something sends "shivers" -- like a


  • cold feeling, like your body shakes -- it makes you uncomfortable. Again, so if something


  • "sends shivers down your spine", it makes you afraid or scared.


  • All right. So to review, you can be scared of something, afraid of something, frightened


  • of something, horrified of something, terrified of something. You can be scared to death of


  • something. Someone or something can give you the creeps. They can creep you out, be creepy,


  • be freaky, freak you out, or send shivers down your spine.


  • Now, if you want to test your understanding of this material, as always, you can check


  • out the quiz on And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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  • Thanks, everyone. I'll see you next time.


Hey, everyone. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on talking about



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