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  • Fun fact: When the original N64 Paper Mario was in development, it had a completely different


  • - and more fitting - name: Super Mario RPG 2. Which I suppose would make Thousand Year

    - 更合適的--名字:超級馬里奧RPG 2。 我想這將使千禧年

  • Door Super Mario RPG 3. So what was Super Paper Mario? Popular opinion seems to lean

    門超級馬里奧RPG 3。那麼《超級紙牌馬里奧》是什麼呢?大眾的觀點似乎傾向於

  • toward “A misstep,” a valiant effort at playing around with the established mechanics

    向著 "誤打誤撞 "的方向發展,在玩弄既定機制方面做出了勇敢的努力。

  • of the 2D platformer, but ultimately a much shallower experience than expected. It wasn’t


  • RPG enough. A trend had been established, after all. Paper Mario: Sticker Star goes


  • back over that divide between platformer and RPG, trying to smooth out the lumps and kinks


  • like a... man, there’s a perfect analogy here somewhere, but heck if I can think of

    就像一個... 男人,有一個完美的比喻 這裡的某個地方,但赫克 如果我能想到的

  • it right now.


  • In another example ofWe need to instigate events in a Mario game, make up a Mushroom


  • Kingdom holiday,” there’s a massive festival planned for the arrival of the wish-granting


  • Sticker Comet, which distributes adhesives all across the land and can grant wishes.


  • (Stick with me, it gets better). Bowser, troublesome bastard that he is, crashes the party and


  • pokes the comet, which is apparently something you just DON’T DO, gets a crown stuck to

    戳彗星,這顯然是什麼 你只是不這樣做,得到一個冠卡住了。

  • his head and goes all holo-foil like some sweet Pokemon card. (Though full-arts are


  • still at least 58% spiffier.) Despite Mario’s intervention, the city of Decalburg is trashed,


  • and as the sentient sticker Kirsti informs us the only way to restore peace and order

    就像有情貼紙Kirsti告訴我們的那樣 恢復和平與秩序的唯一方法是:

  • is by retrieving the five Royal Stickers (which seems like two too few) that have been scattered


  • to the ends of the local geographical area. Thus begins our adventure, powered by... stickers.

    到當地地理區域的盡頭。我們的冒險之旅就這樣開始了,由... 貼紙驅動。

  • Yes, as youve probably read, stickers are EVERYTHING in this game. Every attack costs


  • a sticker, be it a jump, hammer swing, POW block, fire flower, what have you. Battles


  • play out in the turn-based format familiar to fans of the series, though the increased


  • emphasis on resource management means that skirmishes play out a little differently.


  • Efficiency is tested, and the question of the day becomesCan I get away with using

    檢驗效率,今天的問題就變成了 "我能否擺脫使用。

  • a cheaper sticker and simply nail the timing, as opposed to using up a more valuable attack?”


  • And that’s awesome. Adding to the formula (and the abject absurdity of it all) are a


  • number ofThing Stickers,” available by taking seemingly out-of-place 3D objects

    數量的 "事物貼紙",可以通過將看似不合時宜的3D對象進行

  • to a kiosk in town and chucking them against a wall. These can be deployed to manipulate


  • reality, or used in battle for huge, high-damage attacks akin to Final Fantasy’s summon spells


  • (though Ramuh and Alexander got nothing on GOAT).


  • The design of the game takes a much more modular, level-based format, with discrete stages accessed


  • via a Super Mario World-style map. And while there are only six areas, each level is a


  • mission unto itself, be it an investigation of a giant Yoshi Sphinx (interrupted by a


  • throwdown with a Shyguy mariachi band) or the exorcism of a haunted mansion. Frequently

    與Shyguy mariachi樂隊的對決)或驅魔的鬼宅。經常

  • youll find weird rips in the fabr... in the paper of reality, requiring you to track


  • down the dislocated object and replace it via Kirsti’s Paperization power. It’s


  • more involved than it appears at first glance, and is sure to appeal to folks who may have


  • felt Super Paper Mario was a bit too two-dimensional. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring something


  • up that really blew me away like... something. (Man, I’m having a bad analogy day today.)

    了,真的讓我大吃一驚,就像... ... 東西。(男人,我有一個糟糕的類比今天。)

  • The soundtrack to this game is one of the best I’ve heard in years, meriting the occasional


  • stop down just to sit and listen for a minute. It’s like an attempt to compensate for the


  • viral proliferation of steel drums that has been festering since Super Mario World by


  • bringing in a small jazz combo and tellingem to just go nuts. There’s lots of trumpet

    帶來了一個小的爵士組合 並告訴他們只是去瘋狂。有很多小號

  • and a healthy dose of sax wherever you go, whether youre combing the desert or rooting


  • through a trash heap in a jungle temple. (Wherein I found some of Birdo’s poetry, a piece


  • of a recipe for something, and Goombella’s term paper.) Sticker Star is what Super Paper


  • Mario wanted to be but wasn’t: A reality-manipulating good time that stays true to its RPG roots


  • while diversifying into more platformy gameplay. It succeeds in this attempt, while also modularizing


  • the content to better fit a portable system. This game deserves a gold star... but since

    的內容,以更好地適應便攜式系統。這款遊戲應該得到一顆金星... 但由於... ...

  • gold starisn’t an actual attack, were going to settle for a giant cat statue

    "金星 "不是真正的攻擊,我們要解決的是一個巨大的貓咪雕像。

  • of massive annihilation.


Fun fact: When the original N64 Paper Mario was in development, it had a completely different


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