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  • The question is asked, how to play baseball? Well that's a very wide question, and we could

  • talk for days on how to play baseball because there's some intricacies of the game itself.

  • But in short let's explain it this way. There are nine players, nine on defense, nine on

  • offense. On offense the nine players must bat in the same batting order each and every

  • time. So if you occupy the first place in the batting order, each time you come to bat

  • you would bat after the ninth place hitter. On defense we have nine players. On the pitcher's

  • mound, directly behind me, we have the pitcher. The pitcher's the guy that puts the ball in

  • play by throwing the ball to the catcher. The catcher is placed behind home plate and

  • is the only person that plays in foul territory. He's usually in the squatting position to

  • receive the ball into the strike zone which we'll talk about in a moment. The other players

  • are located two on the right side of the infield or the dirt area, one at first, one at second,

  • they're called the first basemen and second basemen respectively. And two more players

  • on the left side of the infield, a shortstop which plays near second base, and the third

  • basemen who plays near third base. The other three players are the left fielder, the center

  • fielder, and the right fielder. All of these players play on defense until three outs are

  • recorded. Outs are recorded, in this fashion. The pitcher throws the ball to the catcher.

  • The strike zone is an imaginary zone that's a rectangle. The outside part of the rectangle

  • is the outside part of the plate, the inside part is the inside part of the plate which

  • is basically eighteen inches wide. The top of the strike zone is basically the chest

  • of the batter, and the lower part of the zone is basically the knees batter, so everything

  • that passes in this rectangle would be recorded as the strike if the umpire deems it to be

  • in that zone. Each batter gets three strikes and then if he doesn't put the ball in play,

  • he's declared out, whether he takes the ball or whether he swings at the ball. An out is

  • recorded, you get three swings per batter, there's also something called a ball. If the

  • pitcher fails to throw the ball in that strike zone rectangle it's recorded as a ball and

  • that's at the umpire's discretion. Once four balls are recorded, the batter is awarded

  • first base on a base on balls, so he goes unimpeded and unchallenged to first base.

  • Each offensive team gets three outs, outs can be recorded by strike outs as we've described,

  • or by balls that caught in the air by a defensive player, or if a defensive player catches a

  • ball that has struck the ground, if he throws it to the base, the guy is going to, and it's

  • a force play where the guy has to run to that base, and the first case here being first,

  • then that is an out. If the ball beats the runner to the base, and the first basement

  • is in contact with the base when he catches the ball, then that's recorded as an out.

  • Each offensive team gets three outs before they are - they're half of the inning over.

  • Once three outs are recorded the defensive team now becomes the offensive team and the

  • offensive team takes the field, and that's called an inning. Each team - or each game

  • is nine innings, and as long as the score is not tied, the team with the most runs at

  • the end of nine innings is declared the winner of the game. Should the game be tied, then

  • they play extra innings until one team is one run in front of the other team and therefore

  • is rewarded the game as the winning team. And basically and in short, that's how you

  • play the game of baseball.

The question is asked, how to play baseball? Well that's a very wide question, and we could


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棒球技巧與訣竅:如何打棒球? (Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Play Baseball)

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