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  • Hello everybody and welcome to learning English TV 18

  • my name is Steve Ford and today we are going to learn a ton of vocabulary related to the words LAUGH and CRY

  • so let's go!

  • Ah, it seems just like yesterday! Yeah, I had just turned 18 and I went to the Dentist

  • I’m good hahaahhaha

  • Pulled out?

  • For crying out loud!

  • For crying out loud is an expression indignation!

  • So a week later I arrived for my wisdom teeth extraction

  • While I was going to be sitting in the dentist’s chair for the next two hours,

  • my dentist would be laughing all the way to the bank

  • So I went into a small white room with a dental assistant all dressed in white, my face turning white

  • with every question she asked I tried to laugh off the tension

  • yeah, I’m a hockey player. I’m no stranger to pain

  • No, not me!

  • So the assistant proceeded to inject a mix of valium and other drugs directly into my arm

  • then the assistant left the room and came back with something called: laughing gas!

  • yes gas, you inhale to not cry out in pain when the dentist is pulling out your teeth

  • No!

  • no, I need more......

  • at that moment the dental surgeon enters the room

  • he seemed so serious, you know

  • I was laughing my frigginhead off as he was about to pull 4 of my teeth out

  • Sorry Doctor, I’m not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you

  • So I sat down in that dentist chair and I swear to God that they turned on some soft music

  • you know like that corny elevator music ?

  • and I felt like a rocket

  • meanwhile the dentist did his drilling and extracting

  • and I could just remember trying to sing

  • suddenly me, a rocket that was somewhere far out in space, touched down to the earth

  • the surgery was over

  • My face was frozen and felt like someone had been digging in it for gold

  • I felt embarrassed, but there was no sense/use crying over spilt milk, regretting things that I had already done

  • No problem, I felt like a new man, thanked the dentist, his assistant and went home.

  • 4 hours later, the drugs wore off and I cried out in pain

  • Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed my true story about when I had my wisdom teeth out

  • Going to the dentist for many is no laughing matter

  • I know! Hopefully my little story helped you laugh off any anxiety you might be feeling

  • After all as a great American Poet once wrote, “laugh and the world laughs with you, weep(cry) and you weep(cry) alone

  • Oh God! Where’s that laughing gas?

  • Bye for now!

Hello everybody and welcome to learning English TV 18


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說英語短語動詞--Steve Ford的英語學習電視18期節目 (Speak English phrasal verbs - Learning English TV 18 with Steve Ford)

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