A2 初級 美國腔 5153 分類 收藏
You Jake Scully?
I'd like to talk to you about a fresh start on a new world
you'll be making a difference.
I became a marine for the hardship, told myself I can pass any test a man can pass
all I ever wanted was a single thing worth fighting for
Ladies and gentleman,
you are not in Kansas anymore,
you are on Pandora.
You should see your faces.
We have an indigenous population called the Navi
they are very hard to kill.
This is why we are here, because this little grey rock sells for twenty million a kilo
Their village happens to be resting on the richest deposit and they need to relocate
those savages are threatening our whole operation
we're on the brink of war and you're suppose to be finding a diplomatic solution.
The concept is to drive these remotely controlled bodies called Avatars
they grow them from human DNA mixed with DNA of the natives.
Marine in an Avatar body, that's a potent mix.
You get me what I need I'll see to it you get your legs back, your real legs
Hell yeah sir
Looks like you, this is your Avatar.
Just relax and let your mind go blank, that shouldn't be hard for you.
Jake it's real simple,
I want you to learn from the inside, I want you to gain their trust.
You should not be here,
go back.
All this is your fault.
I need your help.
Haven't got lost in the woods have you,
did you forget what team you're playing for.
The strong prey on the weak and nobody does a thing.
You've got one hour.
You knew this would happen?
Everything changed.
Jake it's crazy here, the forest is rolling and there's no stopping him.
We're going up against gunships with bows and arrows.
Then I guess we better start then.
They've sent us a message that they can take whatever they want,
but we will send them a message
That this, this is our land.


<阿凡達>與<風中奇緣>對比 (Avatar and Pocahontas Side-by-Side)

5153 分類 收藏
cinderella 發佈於 2014 年 10 月 22 日    張景惠 翻譯    朱朱 審核
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