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  • Today, we ask the question,


  • (Rhett & Link) "Will it cereal?"


  • Let's find out about that.


  • ♪ (theme music) ♪

    ♪ (主題音樂)♪

  • - Good Mythical Morning! - I am fond of cereal.

    (Rhett) 早安神秘早晨!(Link) 我喜歡麥片。

  • This has been established. I eat it multiple times a day,

    (Link) 這已經是我的習慣了。我一天吃好幾次,

  • even when no one offers it. I seek it out. Maybe...


  • That's not unusual, by the way. You're an adult man,

    (Rhett) 話說回來,那根本不正常。你是個成年人,

  • getting the cereal on your own, just so you know.


  • Just because your mom doesn't ask you if you want any more,


  • - that's not an unusual thing. - That's not what I meant.

    (Rhett) 那不是個不正常的事。 (Link) 那不是我的意思。

  • I don't know what I meant, but that wasn't it.


  • I seek it out! I love it so much.

    (Rhett) 我追求它!我太愛它了。

  • But what we don't know, though, is all the things


  • that you typically like to eat are things that are typically sold as cereals.


  • - (Rhett) When you open up your cabinet, - (Link) Right, in boxes.

    (Rhett) 當你打開你的櫥櫃時。 (Link) 沒錯,從盒子裡。

  • - it says cereal on it. - Right.

    -(Rhett) 這上面寫著麥片。 -(Link) 沒錯。

  • But there are so many things out there that seem to be so close

    (Rhett) 但許多東西都有可能

  • to being cereal that it just begs the question,


  • "Will it cereal?"


  • So today we not only ask the question, but we answer the question definitively.

    (Link) 所以今天我們不僅提出質疑,我們也將會提供答案。

  • We do this so you won't have to,


  • unless you want to, after seeing what happens when we do.


  • Let's get started with

    (Rhett) 讓我們開始進行

  • (Rhett & Link) Will it cereal?

    (Rhett和Link) 這是麥片嗎?

  • My kids love Goldfish. I've never been a huge fan, but I've never added milk.

    (Link) 我的孩子喜歡小魚餅乾。我不是它的粉絲,不過我也沒把它加到牛奶裡就是了。

  • (Rhett & Link) Goldfish! Will It cereal?

    (Rhett和Link) 小魚餅乾!它是麥片嗎?

  • This is waiting to be cereal.

    (Rhett) 這東西正等著變身成麥片。

  • - They're Goldfish. They need to swim... - Cerealized.

    -(Rhett) 它們是小魚餅乾。它們需要游泳... -(Link) 麥片化。

  • ..and they're crackly and crunchy like cereal should be.


  • They respond well to the milk...


  • - ...I kind of see that happening. - Well, they're fish!

    -(Rhett)... 我也大概猜到會這樣。 -(Link) 這個嘛,它們是魚嘛!

  • - They should be swimming. - I already said that.

    -(Link) 它們應該要在水中優游。 -(Rhett) 這我說過了。

  • - Is that what you said earlier? - Yeah, I did.

    -(Link) 你剛剛有這麼說嗎? -(Rhett) 沒錯。

  • - I said they should be swimming, but... - You know what I was doing

    -(Rhett) 我剛說他們應該在水中優游。但... -(Link) 你知道我剛剛

  • - when I wasn't listening to you? - You were thinking about,

    - (Link) 在你說話時我在做什麼嗎? -(Rhett) 你正在想,

  • - "I gotta open this milk." - I was thinking about

    -(Rhett) 「我得要打開這瓶牛奶。」 -(Link) 我正在想

  • - how good this was gonna be. - "I don't wanna lose my grip on this milk."

    -(Link) 這會有多棒。 -(Rhett)「我可不想讓這瓶牛奶從我手上滑掉。」

  • - Cheesy, milky. - Join me!

    -(Link) 又有奶油,又有牛奶。 -(Rhett) 跟我一起!

  • (crunching)


  • It's not immediately awesome.

    (Rhett) 它一開始嘗起來沒那麼好吃。

  • It's a little cheesier than cereal typically is.


  • Boy, this is right down the middle for me.


  • Yeah, it's difficult to decide, really.

    (Link) 的確,這真的有點難以抉擇。

  • I think because of the way that it looks, and the fact that they look like

    (Rhett) 我想根據它的長相,及事實上它們

  • they're at home in the water or the milk, I'm gonna say...


  • - Yes, it cereals. - Yeah, I feel like yes, it does cereal.

    -(Rhett) 沒錯,這是麥片。 -(Link) 沒錯,我覺得這的確是麥片。

  • (approved ding)


  • Here's another one: Skittles!

    (Link) 這裡有另一個:彩虹糖!

  • (Rhett & Link) Skittles! Will it cereal?

    (Rhett和Link) 彩虹糖!這是麥片嗎?

  • Now, again, Skittles. They're waiting to be spooned.

    (Link) 現在同樣的,彩虹糖。它們正等著被舀起來吃。

  • (both laughing)


  • (Rhett) "Skittles: Waiting to Be Spooned."

    (Rhett) 「彩虹糖。等你來吃它。」

  • - I think that was their working-- - Will you volunteer?

    - (Link) 我想那是他們在做的。 -(Rhett) 你要參加嗎?

  • That was their slogan for a while.

    (Link) 那句話有一陣子是他們的標語。

  • So lots of cereals are fruit-flavored, but they stop short

    (Rhett) 有很多的麥片都有水果口味,但味道不會太重

  • because they stay crispy. Why can't they just be chewy candy?


  • (Skittles rattling as they're stirred)


  • - (Rhett) It's pretty... - (Link) I'm not tasting the rainbow yet,

    -(Rhett) 看起來很漂亮。 -(Link) 我還沒嘗到彩虹。

  • - but I'm seeing it float. - Yeah, it's changing.

    -(Link) 但我看到它浮起來了。 -(Rhett) 沒錯,它正在改變。

  • - (Link) Look at that right there. - (Rhett) It's leaking.

    -(Link) 看看這裡。 -(Rhett) 它漏出來了。

  • The rainbow is leaking.

    (Rhett) 彩虹漏出來了。

  • - I'm leaking rainbow. - (Rhett) Here we go.

    -(Link) 我正在把彩虹漏出來。 -(Rhett) 讓我們來嘗嘗看。

  • - (crunching) Oh! - (Link) Whoo!

    -(Rhett) (咬碎的聲音)哦! -(Link) 呼!

  • (Rhett) When you bite into cereal, you expect to break through,

    (Rhett) 當你咬下麥片時,你會預期能咬碎它,

  • but you don't with Skittles.


  • - Yeah, you really gotta... - Especially when they've been

    -(Link) 沒錯,你必須要... -(Rhett) 尤其它們

  • chilled in cold milk.

    (Rhett) 還被泡在冰牛奶裡。

  •'ve gotta bear down on them Skittles.

    (Link) ...你必須要狠狠地咬下彩虹糖。

  • The only way we can test if this cereals is we have to drink the Skittle milk.

    (Rhett) 我們要測試這是否是麥片的唯一方法,就是喝喝看彩虹牛奶。

  • - Skilk... Skittle milk. - I'm all about that.

    -(Rhett) 彩...彩虹牛奶。 -(Link) 我想也是。

  • (slurping)


  • - Guys... - Oh! Whoa!

    -(Link) 各位... -(Rhett) 喔!哇!

  • It'll cereal!

    (Link) 這充滿了麥片的味道!

  • Skittle milk! Forget Skittle cereal.

    (Rhett) 彩虹牛奶!別管什麼彩虹麥片。

  • (Rhett & Link) Skittle milk!

    (Rhett和Link) 彩虹牛奶才是王道!

  • Call someone right now!

    (Rhett) 快去告訴你的親朋好友!

  • (approved ding)


  • I have milk every morning with my cereal, but I have milk in my coffee,

    (Link) 每天早上我會拿牛奶配麥片,我也拿牛奶配咖啡,

  • but I don't have my coffee in my cereal, until today.


  • (Rhett & Link) Coffee beans! Will it cereal?

    (Rhett和Link) 咖啡豆!這是麥片嗎?

  • These are roasted coffee beans, Fair Trade, of course.

    (Link) 這些是烘焙咖啡豆。當然是合法買進來的。

  • Oh, it looks so good.


  • I think this is gonna make good coffee milk, too.

    (Rhett) 我想這配成咖啡牛奶也不錯。

  • (crunching) Oh yeah.

    (Link) (喀喀聲)沒錯。

  • I think this might milk, but I don't know if it will cereal.


  • Okay, so here we go.


  • -It's like I need to go easy with a spoonful.

    (Rhett) 我想我吃一匙要注意一點。

  • (crunching) Oh!

    (Rhett) (東西咬碎的聲音) 喔!

  • (crunching)


  • I haven't had anything this crunchy since the scorpion.

    (Link) 自從上次我吃過蠍子後,我就沒吃過什麼東西像這樣有嚼勁的。

  • - (Link whining) - (Rhett) Don't play around, man.

    -(Link在哀號) -(Rhett) 別再鬧了。

  • (Rhett) Just (grunts) eat it! Eat that scorpion!

    (Rhett) 吃就對了!吃下那隻蠍子!

  • (crunching)


  • Oh, it's bitter. Oh my.

    (Rhett) 喔,這有點苦。喔天啊。

  • That is a strong cup of coffee.

    (Link) 這是杯頗濃的咖啡

  • Boy.

    (Rhett) 天啊。

  • (Link) I would recommend adding

    (Link) 我建議加

  • a handful or less of coffee beans to any cereal you want...


  • Guh!

    (Rhett) 噁!

  • ...but I would not recommend trying to down a whole bowl of this.

    (Link) ...但我不建議加一整碗咖啡豆進去。

  • I can't swallow these, man. I gotta spit 'em.

    (Rhett) 我無法吞下去,我得要吐出來。

  • (spitting)


  • Will it cereal?

    (Link) 這是麥片嗎?

  • - (rejected buzzer) - (Rhett & Link) No.

    (Rhett和Link) (拒絕的聲音) 不是。

  • Okay, lots of cereals are made from corn.

    (Rhett) 好吧,大多數的麥片都是由玉米做成的。

  • You've got Corn Flakes, you've got Corn Pops.


  • Why do you gotta process the corn?


  • Why can't you just make it straight-up corn?


  • (Rhett & Link) Corn! Will it cereal?

    (Rhett和Link) 玉米!這是麥片嗎?

  • - Cut out the middleman! - Whole kernel corn.

    -(Link) 直接用最源頭的東西做! -(Rhett) 完整的玉米。

  • Just gimme... get my corn on!


  • Just let me get my corn on.

    (Rhett) 讓我在更「玉米」一點。

  • (Link) Corn and milk. It's like I'm in the...

    (Link) 玉米配牛奶,這就像我在...

  • it's like I'm in the breadbasket of America.


  • (Rhett) Mm. Mm! Oh my goodness, that is good!

    (Rhett) 嗯...嗯!我的天啊,這還真是不錯!

  • - What? - I like creamed corn though.

    -(Link) 什麼? -(Rhett) 我喜歡奶油玉米。

  • I'm American.

    (Rhett) 我是個標準的美國人。

  • "I'm American. I like creamed corn."

    (Link) 「我是個美國人,所以我喜歡奶油玉米。」

  • It's not sitting right in my brain.


  • You don't like creamed corn though, right?

    (Rhett) 你不喜歡奶油玉米,沒錯吧?

  • (Link) Corn: good. Milk: good. As cereal: not good to me.

    (Link) 玉米:合格。牛奶:合格。但當成麥片:我不喜歡。

  • And I gotta say, I would recommend it as a hot dish...

    (Rhett) 而且我必須承認,這最好是熱的...

  • So you just go with creamed corn. You know what, don't even do this.


  • I'm gonna say, will it cereal?


  • (rejected buzzer) (Rhett & Link) No.

    (否定的聲音)(Rhett和Link) 不是。

  • I mean, we gotta get into some meat.


  • And what's the first thing you think of when you think of meat?


  • - (Rhett in a manly voice) Bacon. - (Link) If you're smart? Bacon.

    -(Rhett用很man的聲音說) 培根。 -(Link) 如果你夠聰明的話?應該是想到培根。

  • (Rhett & Link) Bacon bits! Will it cereal?

    (Rhett和Link) 碎培根!這是麥片嗎?

  • I will say, you used to come to my house as a child

    (Rhett) 我必須要說,你小時候曾經來我家

  • and the first thing you would do


  • is go to my cabinet and grab my bacon bits.


  • And it was as if you were from some place where they didn't have bacon bits.


  • I've never had this until right now.

    (Link) 在這之前我從沒這樣試過。

  • - (Rhett) Mm. - Got a little dribble-dribble.

    -(Rhett) 嗯。 -(Link) 有點流口水了。

  • Mm. Very strong bacon flavor.

    (Rhett) 嗯。很重的梅根味。

  • - (Link) It's like a pig... - (Rhett) A cow and a pig together.

    -(Link) 這就像一隻豬... -(Rhett) 一隻牛跟一隻豬一起。

  •'s like a pig dove into a swimming pool

    (Link) ...這就像一隻豬跳進了一座

  • full of dairy product.


  • When you eat a number of bacon bits, the bit part really kind of loses

    (Rhett) 當你吃下很多的碎培根時,「碎」的部分就已經失去

  • all meaning and it just becomes bacon again.


  • Mm-hmm.

    (Link) 嗯哼。

  • A spoonful of bacon bits is just a spoonful of bacon.

    (Rhett) 一匙的碎培根等於一匙的培根。

  • Will it cereal?

    (Link) 這是麥片嗎?

  • - Yes. - Yes, definitely.

    -(Rhett) 它是。 -(Link) 沒錯,它當然是。

  • (approved ding)


  • All right, when you eat something that's high in cholesterol,

    (Rhett) 好吧,當你吃了一堆高膽固醇的食物時,

  • you wanna follow it up with something healthy, like salad.


  • (Rhett & Link) Salad! Will it cereal?

    (Rhett和Link) 沙拉!這是麥片嗎?

  • And you know what? It's hard to get the kids to eat salad these days,

    (Rhett) 你知道嗎?要叫現在的小孩子吃沙拉是很困難的一件事,

  • but what if you made it salad cereal?


  • Or just hide it under milk.

    (Link) 或乾脆把它藏在牛奶下。

  • Bobby, it's not salad. It's cereal! (nasally voice) Okay, mom!

    (Rhett) Bobby,這不是沙拉。這是麥片!(鼻音) 好的,媽咪!

  • Sa... I'm trying to combine the words "salad" and "cereal"...

    (Link) 沙...我嘗試把「沙拉」和「麥片」兩個字合在一起。

  • (silly voice) Salay-alay-arul-ed.

    (Rhett) (怪怪的聲音) 沙拉拉拉片。

  • (gibberish sounding like "salad" and "cereal")


  • Salareal. Salareal.

    (Rhett) 沙拉麥片。(Link) 沙拉麥片。

  • Salareal, with your favorite baseball player on the package!

    (Rhett) 沙拉麥片,包裝上還有你最愛的棒球選手喔!

  • - (Rhett) Ugh. - (squishing)

    (Rhett) 噁。 (咬蔬菜的聲音)

  • That does not meet any expectation of goodness.

    (Link) 這完全跟我期待的那種好吃不一樣。

  • I like milk a lot though.

    (Rhett) 我蠻喜歡牛奶的。

  • Once the milk goes away, and you're left with salad,

    (Link) 當你喝掉牛奶後,就只剩沙拉。

  • things get back to normal.


  • This is like a really creamy ranch.

    (Rhett) 這就像一座很油的牧場。

  • It's just like somebody watered down the ranch.


  • - They're stretchin' the ranch tonight. - (both laughing)


  • Stretchin' the ranch!

    (Link) 在牧場裡做工!

  • (Rhett) I gotta say. I think it does cereal.

    (Rhett) 我必須要說,我想這的確是麥片。

  • It does not cereal. Will it cereal?

    (Link) 這絕不是麥片。這是麥片嗎?

  • - Yes! - No.

    -(Rhett)它是!- (Link) 它不是。

  • - (approved ding) - (rejected buzzer)

    -(Rhett)(贊同的聲音) -(Link)(反對的聲音)

  • Okay, back to beef. Or back to meat.


  • In loaf form.


  • (Rhett & Link) Meatloaf! Will it cereal?

    (Rhett和Link) 肉餅!這是麥片嗎?

  • So we've taken some meatloaf...

    (Link) 所以我們拿了些肉餅...

  • - Well, some people are intimidated... - (Link) ...and we've nuggeted it.

    -(Rhett) 呃,有些人生氣... -(Link) ...然後我們把它切丁了。

  • ...some people are intimidated by "loafs."

    (Rhett) ...有些人會因「loaf」這字而生氣。(註:loaf有遊手好閒的意思)

  • I know that my wife, for instance, does not like anything in a loaf pattern.


  • Except bread.


  • Now... I'm not... hungry for this.

    (Link) 現在...我其實...沒有很餓。

  • "Now, lemme tell ya, I'm not hungry for this."

    (Rhett) 「現在,讓我來告訴你一件事:我沒有很餓。」

  • (Rhett) So if it hits the spot, then it says a lot.


  • (Link) If it hits the spot, it says a lot.

    (Link) 如果說到某個點的話,這將代表很多事情。

  • - (Rhett) Guh! - (Link) Ugh.

    -(Rhett) 呃! -(Link) 噁。

  • (through laughter) I can't get it down.

    (Rhett) (一邊笑一邊說) 這我吞不下去。

  • It is so bad.

    (Link) 這真是有夠難吃。

  • Hold on, hold on. Hey, think about it.

    (Rhett) 等等,等一下。嘿,你想。

  • It's two parts cow.


  • Two parts cow, no part anything else.

    (Link) 兩部份都是牛,沒有其他的味道了。

  • Yeah! This is all cow!

    (Rhett) 沒錯!這全都是牛!

  • All cow, all the time. - (both laughing)

    (Link) 全部都是牛的味道。 (兩人大笑)

  • Will it cereal?

    (Link) 這是麥片嗎?

  • - Yeah! - No! What?

    -(Rhett) 當然! -(Link) 不是!什麼?

  • - (approved ding) - (rejected buzzer)

    -(Rhett)(贊同的聲音) -(Link)(否定的聲音)

  • If you're a college student,

    (Rhett) 如果你是位大學生,

  • you probably have spent a lot of time eating this.


  • This is ramen.


  • (Rhett & Link) Ramen! Will it cereal?

    (Rhett和Link) 拉麵!這是麥片嗎?

  • You wanna put the beef flavor in so when you put milk...

    (Rhett) 你會想把牛肉調理包加進去,這樣子當你加牛奶時...

  • Ooh, no.

    (Link) 唔,我不要。

  • Oh yes!

    (Rhett) 唔,當然要!

  • Look at that. It's brown powder, and it's got...

    (Link) 你看看。這是棕色的調理包,而且這是...

  • - It's beef! - Beef FLAVOR.

    -(Rhett) 這是牛肉! -(Link) 牛肉「味」。

  • (Rhett) And more beef. Well, beef liquid.

    (Rhett) 然後加入更多的牛。嗯,牛汁。

  • (laughing) Liquid of the beef.

    (Link)(大笑) 牛的汁液。

  • - (Rhett laughing) - (Link) Powdered essence of cow

    -(Rhett大笑) -(Link) 牛粉的精隨,

  • and liquid essence of cow, mixing on hardened essence of noodle.


  • I think this is gonna be difficult.

    (Rhett) 我想這將難以食用。

  • - (scraping) - (Rhett) It's still pretty powdery...

    -(刮麵的聲音) -(Rhett) 這仍然很粉...

  • Now, I think this is like a "Frosted Maxi-Wheat."

    (Link) 現在我覺得這是一綑「冷凍的乾草堆」。

  • (both laughing)


  • (Rhett) Oh, gosh. Here we go.

    (Rhett) 喔,天啊。我們來嘗嘗看。

  • (crunching)


  • Did you just fall out of your chair?

    (Link) 你剛剛是不是跌下了椅子?

  • (muffled) Salty.

    (Rhett) (含糊的聲音)鹹鹹的。

  • Very salty.

    (Link) 很鹹。

  • Do I have ramen in my hair or something?


  • Mm. Take yourself back to college for a second.

    (Rhett) 嗯。稍微回到一下大學時代。

  • It's really not bad.

    (Link) 這其實沒那麼遭。

  • We found something that you like and I don't like.

    (Rhett) 我們終於找到了一樣你喜歡而我不喜歡的東西。

  • I've been making this stuff with milk my whole life.

    (Link) 我常常把拉麵混著牛奶吃。

  • ...What?


  • You don't boil ramen in milk? (laughing)

    (Link) 你不用牛奶煮泡麵?(大笑)

  • No, I do what the package says.

    (Rhett) 沒有。我照著包裝上的指示煮的。

  • - I could be wrong, but... - "I could be wrong."

    -(Link) 我做的可能是錯的,但... -(Rhett)「我做的可能是錯的。」

  • I like it. Will it cereal?

    (Link) 我還蠻喜歡的。這是麥片嗎?

  • - No! - Yes! A little bit.

    -(Rhett) 不是! -(Link) 是!一點點。

  • - (rejected buzzer)- (approved ding)

    -(Rhett)(否定的聲音) -(Link)(贊同的聲音)

  • All right, guys. Now it's time to take it up a notch.

    (Link) 好吧,各位,現在是時候來稍微提升一個層次。

  • We're going to a place that I can pretty much guarantee is not...


  • You've still got ramen in your hair. It's kinda...

    (Rhett) 你頭髮上還有一些拉麵。這有點...

  • Well, just get it out.


  • (flicking noise)


  • I'll eat that later. We're going to a place...

    (Link) 我等等會吃了它。我們已經嘗試許多...

  • I almost did it with the spoon side, so I'm sorry.

    (Rhett) 我差點用我吃過的那一面來弄,不好意思...

  • That's fine. We're going to a place that we pretty much know

    (Link) 沒關係。我們已經嘗試了許多其實我們早就知道

  • isn't gonna cereal, but we have to go too far


  • to know when we need to back up a little bit.


  • Unless you're a dog, and then you're probably in a good place.


  • (Rhett & Link) Dog food! Will it cereal?

    (Rhett和Link) 狗食!這是麥片嗎?

  • This isn't any dog food.

    (Rhett) 這不是狗食。

  • Kibbles 'n Bits looks like children's cereal.

    Kibbles 'n Bits(狗食品牌) 看起來就像是給小孩吃的麥片。

  • But it smells like (sniffs) dog food.

    (Link) 但這聞起來像...(聞的聲音) 狗食。

  • (offscreen laughter)


  • - It's got... - Maybe we can cover up

    -(Link) 這有點像... (Rhett) 我許我們可以用

  • that dog food smell with milk.