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  • Alright Fitlifers, it's another Mindset Monday and today we're talking about Peer Pressure.


  • What is Peer pressure? Peer pressure is when you go out to the kitchen and get your veggiesout of the fridge.


  • All of a sudden you're going to make that green juice and somebody


  • comes up to you and says 'wow, you're juicing again, what are you doing? You lose all the


  • fiber, all these other things, juicing isn't that good for you, you have already lost that much weight.


  • Why do you keep persisting? All these voices from the outside world, infringe onyour ability to be who you are.

    為什麼你要一直堅持下去?」 所有這些來自外在的聲音。違背吧!你的才能決定你是什麼樣的人

  • You have to get rid of the mentality of listening to


  • what other people think about you and tap into your own greatness. Alright, so I'm going


  • to give you three tools today that are going to change your life for good, here we go.

    告訴你們三項技能來改變你們讓人生<a href='#post_comment_4'>從此<i class="icon-star"></i></a>更加美好。 準備開始吧!!

  • Step number one is how to create a vision board, step number two is surrounding yourself


  • with positive people and step number three, joining the community to help you step number


  • three, so let's get on with this. Step number one a vision board, well what is it, (can

    現在讓我們開始吧。 第一步是願景圖,這是什麼呢

  • we get a picture right here), a vision board is this digital creation you can put it on


  • your computer, you can put it on a little post-it note with all the pictures that you


  • want to create in your life. You got your house, you got your car, you got your health,


  • you got your relationship, you got your spiritual, you got your emotional life, you got money


  • on the vision board, whatever it is, whatever you see in your life, that's what you're going


  • to create. You look at this thing every day, I look at mine twice a day. In the morning


  • and at night I have this vision board. it's an amazing thing. We've done videos on vision


  • board in the past, we'll leave the link below this video if you want to check that out.


  • Number two is surrounding yourself with supportive successful people. People say that you're


  • the average of your five best friends, FitLifer, five not ten, you're the average of your five


  • best friends FitLifer, and that's so true. If I could go back ten years in time when


  • I was twenty-one years old, I would talk to myself and I'll say, 'you know what Drew? Surround

    當我還是21歲的時候,我會這麼跟自己說:你知道嗎? Drew 讓你身邊圍繞著

  • yourself with positive, successful, open-minded, expansive, unlimited people because that's


  • what you're going to become' and if I really apply that to my life which I would like to


  • think that I did through a certain extent, and I'll completely change my life and it'll


  • change yours. So start to look at who your five best friends are, list them all out,


  • look at the qualities that they have. See what it is that you like about them and I


  • guarantee you that you're the average of your five best friends. Step number three is join


  • a supportive community and that's where we come in FitLifer. See! You're watching this


  • video right now. You see this every week, maybe you're inspired by one of them, maybe


  • it was one in the past. You're back again. Maybe it's your first video that you've seen


  • me up here talking about this. Well we're supportive, we love supporting people, we


  • love your transformation, we love what you're all about, and we would absolutely love for


  • you to be a part of our community. Watch these videos, leave comments, we give out a book

    你成為我們團體的一份子。 觀看這些影片,留下評論,我們每個禮拜

  • every single week in these Mindset Mondays and on Saturday Strategy we give out a juicer


  • just for you being awesome. So, recap number one is the beautiful vision board, get a vision


  • board created. I'm going to give you two weeks to do it. Don't worry, I'm not going to go


  • up to you and look in your windows and make sure that it's done but I'm going to hold


  • you accountable and ask you about that in the future. Step number two is surrounding


  • yourself with positive people. You want to surround yourself with positive people all


  • of the time and again you are the average of your five best friends, say it with me,


  • you really are the average of your five best friends. Step number three is joining the


  • community of supportive people. We do have a membership site FitLifer, so if you're interested

    給予你幫助的團體。 我們的確有FitLifer網站的會員,所以如果你有興趣

  • in joining the community, it's a small monthly investment. We have over a thousand people,


  • a thousand juicers, a thousand enlightened people, a thousand people that want to take


  • their life to the next level. if you're interested in that, it's a small investment to transform


  • your life FitLifers. So that's what it's all about, so those are the three things. Alright,

    將會改變你的人生─ FitLifers。 所以這就是所有相關的部分,接著還有三個問題

  • so who won the book last week? Well GlamVintageSoul! Congratulations, the book is coming out to


  • you, "Outwitting the Devil" baby! By Napoleon Hill, one of my favorite books. It's going

    《與魔鬼對話 》,作者是 Napoleon Hill,是我其中一本最愛的書,這個別人沒有的書會

  • to help you deal with peer pressure like no one else has, it's coming to you Glam. Again,


  • to win the book next week, real simple and easy. All you need to do is make a comment


  • below this video, let us know what you will take away is of this Mindset Monday and


  • we could pick you, alright? So I'm Drew Canole, I'm looking forward to your transformation.

    我們會選擇你。我是Drew Canole,我很期待你的轉變

  • Remember we're in this together and I'll see you next week.


Alright Fitlifers, it's another Mindset Monday and today we're talking about Peer Pressure.


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你有同儕壓力嗎?教你最有效的壓力處理方法! (What is peer pressure? - The best way to handle it!)

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