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  • This Dnews episode is brought to you by Casper.

    今天的 Dnews 影片是由 Casper 贊助。

  • How you sleep doesn't just affect whether or not you get a good night's sleep,


  • it can also affect what you dream about and whether or not you're happy in your relationships.

    也會影響到你夢到什麼,甚至影響你在情感關係中是否愉快 。

  • Hey everybody this is Trace.

    嗨大家好我是 Trace。

  • Thanks for watching Dnews.

    謝謝收看 Dnews。

  • When you sleep, are you on your stomach? your left side?


  • Do you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?


  • All these things have been looked at by science.


  • If you sleep on your left side, you're probably more creative;


  • if you sleep on your right side of your bed, that's the bad side.


  • And sleeping on your stomach makes your dreams more sexy.


  • Science says our sleeping positions matter.


  • In fact, according to a study conducted back in April,


  • the distance you sleep from your partner while in bed, indicates how happy you are.


  • According to a survey of 1000 people in Edinburgh in Scotland,

    蘇格蘭愛丁堡一項針對 1000 人所做的調查發現,

  • most people, 42 percent by the way, sleep back to back.

    大部分的人,順帶一提是 42% 的人,是背對背睡覺,

  • And 31 percent face the same direction.

    有 31% 的人,是臉朝同一方向睡,

  • Only four percent of people sleep face to face.


  • Extroverts tend to sleep closer in general,


  • but eighty-six percent of those who slept less than an inch apart were happy in their relationship;

    而其中86%的人,睡覺和伴侶相隔不到 2.5 公分的人通常都很滿意他們的關係狀態;

  • while people who slept 30 inches apart are far less likely to be happy.

    而睡覺時和伴侶相距 75 公分以上的人,就比較不開心了。

  • Remembering that this is survey data so it is prone to bias.


  • It would seem that when humans sleep further apart we are less happy.


  • Which I can tell you I've definitely experienced.


  • But this ain't the first sleep position study.


  • Back in 2003, the sleep assessment and advisory service in the UK broke down the six basic sleep positions and compared them to their personality types.


  • The study included a thousand people from Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and of course the UK.

    這項實驗包含了 1000 位受試者,分別來自澳洲、日本、香港、中國、新加坡,當然還有英國。

  • People who sleep in the fetal position according to science are quote tough on the outside but sensitive at heart,


  • which amounts to 41 percent the respondents and twice as many of those were women.

    在受試者中佔 41% ,女性比男性多了兩倍,

  • But fetal is one of six possible sleeping positions: fetal, freefall, starfish, soldier, log and yearner.


  • Starfish is the rarest and after fetus the log is the most common.


  • Sleeping in those positions can indicate a tendency toward acceptance,


  • cynicism more, maybe you're suspicious or, you're more friendly or even whether you're more brash or you're good at taking criticism.


  • All that can be told just by how you sleep.


  • It's pretty cool that feels a little kind astrology like to me.


  • Medically speaking the freefall is good for digestion,


  • while the starfish and soldier often lead to breathing issues which include snoring.


  • Yet another study of 3,000 adults found that there really is a wrong side of the bed, that's the right side. Kind of confusing.


  • 25 percent of people who tended toward the left side see a positive outlook on life,

    朝左邊側睡的人,有 25% 會比較樂觀看待人生,

  • while only 18 percent of right-siders see that.

    朝右邊側睡的人,只有 18% 對人生比較樂觀。

  • 66 percent of the lefty sleepers believe that they're calmer in crisis, have more confidence, and are more likely to be in permanent employment.


  • On top of that, 31 percent of them love their job,

    除此之外,有 31% 向左側睡的人熱愛他們的工作,

  • while only 18 percent of righty-sleepers love theirs.

    向右側睡的人只有 18% 喜歡他們的工作。

  • In the end, how you sleep affects way more than just well, your night's sleep.


  • A study in the Journal Dreaming found that people who sleep on their stomachs, for example,

    Journal Dreaming 做了一項研究,發現趴睡的人,

  • report dreams about sex and persecution and Erotomania more often,


  • or an Erotomania is the delusion that a celebrity is in love with you.


  • It's weird and science isn't really sure why this is, but it's definitely there.


  • For sure more research is needed in this area.


  • I'm a freefall sleeper,


  • for sure although I don't necessarily agree with their personality assessment.


  • But what about you?


  • How do you sleep? Side? Stomach? Back? Let us know down in the comments.


  • And now is probably the time to shout out our sponsor Casper.

    而現在是時候感謝我們的贊助者 Casper。

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  • In the meantime, again, Let us know you're sleeping style what you think about all this down in the comments,


  • make sure you check out our other Dnews video down there too.

    在底下留言,記得要看其他 Dnews 的其他影片喔。

  • Thanks for watching.


This Dnews episode is brought to you by Casper.

今天的 Dnews 影片是由 Casper 贊助。

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