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  • >>Hilah: Hey there! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah cooking I am going to show y’all

  • how I make fettuccine alfredo because I have been getting hounded by request for fettuccine

  • alfredo, and just generally for pasta dishes. I know I am not, I don’t really do a lot

  • of pasta dishes, but I am going to show you how to do it today. It is so fast and easy,

  • and it is really rich, so you don’t need to eat a whole lot of it, but it is really

  • good, like, when it is super-cold outside, like it is finally getting to be today, and

  • I am so thankful, and come home and just have a really quick meal in a snap, really hearty,

  • really warming, so I will show you how to do it starting just in a few moments.

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  • [How To Make Fettuccine Alfredo]

  • >>Hilah: First thing, I have got a large pot of water here that is boiling heartily. I

  • am going to add a little bit of salt. I normally try to limit the amount of salt I put in things,

  • but when you are cooking pasta it is a good idea to go ahead and salt the water because

  • then as the pasta cooks and rehydrates, it also sucks in some of that salt, and you get

  • the nice saltiness throughout the pasta instead of just like in the sauce afterwards, and

  • I am going to just do about half a pound here, and I am going to put the lid back on it so

  • that it comes back to a boil.

  • I do realize I am using much less water than most past packages say for you to use, so,

  • but I do that because I am kind of weirdo, I am all like, “Oh! Let’s save water!”

  • even though I know it probably doesn't really matter with when I am cooking pasta. I am

  • probably not going to save the world, but anyway, so I am going to put the lid back

  • on it so it comes back to a boil faster. If you are using like a whole like, 10 to 12

  • quarts of water, then it would come back to a boil pretty much immediately. You wouldn’t

  • necessarily need to put a lid on it, but. . . whatever. This is how I do it ok! [laughs].

  • Ok, so just give it a little stir so it doesn't stick together, and then, my package, hah,

  • my pasta box, hah, says 12 months. I am going to set my timer for 10 minutes, and then I

  • will check it then. My timer just went off which means my pasta has been cooking for

  • just a little bit under the recommended time period on the box. I am going to just pull

  • one out and try it. It is just a hair less done than al dente, and that takes a little

  • bit of time to get to know when that is, so beginning cooks, as long as it is not like

  • leaving chunks of hard pasta in your teeth, in your molars, and you can still bite into

  • it and it’s not mushy, youre good. Ok, I am going to go ahead and drain this, and

  • I will be right back. Ok, I didn't drain it too, too harshly, and I definitely did not

  • rinse it. Just drain it really quickly and then put it back in the pot, and then I am

  • going to start my little sauce which is just some butter, and a little bit of really finely

  • minced garlic. You just want to do this in the biggest skillet that you have because

  • you want to make sure you have plenty of room later on to toss the pasta around. Ok, the

  • garlic is just like blooming with fragrance to use an overly poetic term, and it smells

  • really, really good. I am going to throw my pasta in now. Any left over pasta water, add

  • that. That will help. The starch in the pasta water is going to help the sauce cling a little

  • better, and I have got some heavy cream, and some fresh grated parmesan, and then we are

  • just going to toss this together until the cheese is all melted and the noodles have

  • absorbed all of the liquid from the cream, and cooking liquid there. Ok, probably not

  • going to need to add any salt, but I am going to add some fresh, black pepper, and if you

  • wanted this sauce to sort of cling even more, you could add a little bit of sour cream which

  • is how me and my friend Shannon used to make it, our little like kid-style, really easy

  • fettuccini alfredo in like fourth grade. It was just sour cream and butter, and like,

  • canned, grated parmesan cheese. We used to eat that all the time, but this is a little

  • bit more of a mature kind of dish. That sour cream actually tastes really good in here

  • too, just FYI. Ok, you can see this sauce is really starting to thicken up and really

  • coat the pasta here, so I think we are done dude. I am going to go ahead and serve it.

  • If you wanted to add some vegetables at this point, you could throw in some like, baby

  • spinach or something, that would be really pretty, but we will just keep it classico

  • style, yo. Let’s get a little. . . and when you put it in if you want to give it a little

  • twist. It looks all cute, a little bird nest, and I am going to throw a little parsley on

  • top, totally optional. You could always add more parmesan or crushed red pepper, black

  • pepper, whatever. [laughs]. Mmmmmm! Man! Yeah! I mean I don’t know what you can say about

  • besides it is just like so simple, and basic, and just really warming in your heart and

  • your tummy. Alright, well I hope you try this recipe. I hope whoever, the multiple people

  • actually that have suggested it over the last six months or so. I hope you like it. I hope

  • you like this version of it. Um, let me know what you think in the comments. If you have

  • any questions, leave them below, I will get to them as soon as possible. If you want a

  • printable recipe of this, you can always get that at as well as other

  • recipes and more tips and stuff like that, and if you make this recipe, and you are on

  • Instagram, go ahead and take a picture of it. Hashtag HilahCooking and it will go up

  • on the website so you can share your picture of your creation with everyone else. Alright,

  • thank you, I appreciate your support, and have a wonderful afternoon, and I hope you

  • make this, and ok, bye bye!

>>Hilah: Hey there! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah cooking I am going to show y’all


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