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  • The 2023 Modern Warfare 3 campaign ends very abruptly in the Trojan Horse mission.

    2023 年《現代戰爭 3》戰役在特洛伊木馬任務中戛然而止。

  • So today, I'm gonna break down exactly what that ending means, where the story is gonna go in the future, and how it all connects to that mid-credits cutscene as well.


  • The Trojan Horse mission takes place in November 2023 and follows Captain Price, Soap, Gaz, and Ghost all working together alongside a group of London SFOs which stands for Special Firearms Officers.

    特洛伊木馬任務發生在 2023 年 11 月,普萊斯上尉、肥皂、加斯和幽靈與一群倫敦 SFO(特別火器官)一起工作。

  • And their initial objective is to deal with this dead drop of a USB stick which contains some kind of critical data which is in the possession of a Black Hat hacker.

    他們的最初目標是處理一個 U 盤的死機,其中包含黑帽黑客掌握的某種關鍵數據。

  • And the assumption is that they are trying to transmit some kind of sensitive information to the ultra-nationalist private military corporation called Kony.

    而假設是,他們正試圖向名為 "科尼 "的極端民族主義私人軍事公司傳遞某種敏感資訊。

  • It's that organization which Commander Vladimir Makarov leads, and so obviously it's very much in the interests of our friends Price and co at Task Force 141 to put a stop to his efforts.


  • Now, they chase the hacker on foot and eventually manage to secure the drive.


  • But when they do so, they discover that Kony have actually injected a Trojan Horse virus into the London train network.


  • This will allow them to reroute and control trains within the Channel Tunnel which is a tunnel that runs between London and France.


  • It goes straight from London to Paris.


  • And it's an underwater tunnel.


  • So as you can imagine, if this ultra-nationalist group is gonna pull off some kind of funny business with thousands of people underwater in the Channel Tunnel, then there's potential for a lot of casualties.


  • So, Task Force 141 push into the Channel Tunnel themselves using a service tunnel, so it's like an access entrance that doesn't have consistent civilians running through it.

    是以,141 特遣部隊利用一條服務隧道自行進入英吉利海峽隧道,是以它就像是一個入口,沒有持續的平民通過它。

  • And they battle with Kony as they push through the tunnels.


  • Now, it's at this point as TF141 continues to push through that they discovered that there was a bomb inside the tunnel.

    就在 TF141 繼續推進時,他們發現隧道內有一枚炸彈。

  • Laswell describes it as an explosive radiological dispersal device combined with C4 conventional explosives.

    拉斯韋爾將其描述為一種與 C4 常規炸藥相結合的爆炸性放射性散佈裝置。

  • Now, initially, they think that just one person will be able to disarm the bomb and so the other person can take cover.


  • But it turns out it's a two-person job.


  • And so, Captain Price and Soap work together to try and disarm it.


  • And they get through a few stages of the disarm process before they are basically ambushed by Makarov.


  • He kind of takes them by surprise.


  • And Soap takes several firearms rounds to his torso.

    Soap 的軀幹中了幾槍。

  • And it seems at first like he's maybe actually just dead from that alone, because he slumps to the floor.


  • And so Makarov looms over Price ready to finally take him down, something that Makarov was no doubt looking forward to doing for a very, very long time, seeing as inside the campaign, he had spent four years in jail leading up to this point.


  • And had only gotten out a couple of weeks ago in the kind of canon of the Modern Warfare universe.


  • So he's looming over Price ready to extract his revenge.


  • And Soap makes a hero play to try and prevent Makarov from going any further.

    Soap 英雄救美,試圖阻止 Makarov 再進一步。

  • But unfortunately, Soap's efforts are not lethal.


  • And so Makarov is able to then sort of twist around and fire a bullet directly into Soap's noggin, ending his life, but buying Price just enough time for the tables to turn and Makarov to be forced to flee with Price still alive on the train platform.


  • Makarov runs off into a side service tunnel.


  • He successfully escapes.


  • And he is injured.


  • The actions of Soap did definitely injure him, but they are not mortal wounds.


  • Once Makarov is gone, the team successfully defuse the bomb, preventing disaster in the channel tunnel, and the mission comes to a close.


  • The next thing that we see is the fact that Soap was cremated and the remaining members of One for One scatter his ashes presumably somewhere near Soap's hometown perhaps, and they say a few words in his honor and in his memory.

    接下來我們看到的事實是,肥皂被火化了,"One for One "的其餘成員將他的骨灰撒在了肥皂家鄉附近的某個地方,並說了幾句紀念他的話。

  • Laswell also personally redacts the document which specifies exactly what happened during the mission, seeing as she is their CIA handler for the little expedition.


  • And she's especially sure to enter into the record not just Sergeant John Moktavish, but Sergeant John Soap Moktavish as having passed away.


  • Now, the mid-credits scene picks up just a little later with Price making a surprise appearance in the office of General Shepard.


  • And right from the get-go, it's apparent that Price is not there to be friendly.


  • He's not there to be nice.


  • He's not there to make small talk and to do a deal.


  • Rather, he's there for one simple purpose, and that is to end the General's life.


  • And this doesn't just come out of nowhere.


  • In Modern Warfare 2, the 2022 game, Shepard had given orders for a mercenary called Graves who leads a private military corporation called Shadow Company to betray Task Force 141 and attack them.

    在《現代戰爭 2》(2022 年版)遊戲中,謝潑德曾下令讓一個名叫格拉夫斯的僱傭兵背叛 141 特遣部隊並襲擊他們,格拉夫斯上司著一家名為 "影子公司 "的私人軍事公司。

  • And following the events of that game, Shepard went into hiding and Price was absolutely Shepard's worst enemy.


  • Like, Price really was not happy with Shepard whatsoever.


  • And that only gets more intense in this game when earlier in the story, Price gave Shepard an ultimatum that he could get a warm ride home from being stranded in Siberia, but only if he fully cleared Pharah's name, because Pharah had been implicated in various things during this story by Makarov.


  • And the ultimatum also required him to own up to the rest of it.


  • Everything with Makarov himself, and just all of the lies and the deception.


  • And Shepard did admittedly follow those orders mostly and owned up to some things in front of a congressional subcommittee towards the end of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign.

    而謝潑德也承認,在《現代戰爭 3》戰役接近尾聲時,他大部分時間都聽從了這些命令,並在國會小組委員會面前承認了一些事情。

  • But he did not admit to the fact that he gave the order for Graves to turn on Task Force 141.

    但他不承認是他下令讓格雷夫斯向 141 特遣部隊開火的。

  • And Graves, right next to him in that committee, straight up called him out and said, no, General Shepard did indeed give the order.


  • So the result of that combined with the actions of Shepard in Modern Warfare 2, combined also with the growing sentiment that it's a bad idea to bury your enemies alive, that's like a real theme in this game, means that Price takes the decision alongside Laswell, by the way.

    是以,結合《現代戰爭 2》中謝帕德的行為,再加上越來越多的人認為活埋敵人是個壞主意,這就像是這款遊戲的真正主題。

  • It's not a decision he takes on his own.


  • Laswell lets Price into General Shepard's office, but he takes the decision to not just bury Shepard alive by giving him an out from his career in the military and kind of letting bygones be bygones, but instead he decides to bury him dead, taking him down and finally putting an end to any further lies and deception that Shepard may have been able to get himself into.


  • Further to all of that, I suspect that Price feels that Shepard is quite significantly responsible for Soap's death, because had there not been this, this deception from inside his own ranks and his own teammates, Price and his companions would have had a much easier time in trying to deal with the Makarov threat.


  • Instead, they were constantly having to deal with this other party just making their life hell, and that no doubt meant that they were less effective, and therefore had to take on more risk in their endeavors.


  • And, it was that risk that ultimately led to Soap's demise.


  • Now, the natural next question to ask is where exactly does this go next, because that ending is so abrupt.


  • Like, why does it end in that way?


  • And, the simple answer is that there are a variety of loose threads now which are going to be used in the Warzone story, probably also slightly played with a little bit in the Zombies story, although most of that is splashback stuff because it takes place in the past.


  • And also, will be picked up in the next Modern Warfare game whenever that comes out.


  • Within that, if we have a sort of loose look at the previous Modern Warfare series and how that evolved, we can expect at some point to have Makarov's efforts to incite a Third World War become successful eventually, and to have some kind of Russian invasion of the United States, and potentially again have the White House being stormed, and also potentially missions involving the destruction of the Eiffel Tower.


  • And also, some of the weapons threats that we saw in this game such as the nuclear warheads towards the beginning which the US supplied the ULF with, and also the chemical weapons that we see Makarov successfully detonate once or twice.

    此外,我們在遊戲中還看到了一些武器威脅,例如美國在遊戲開始時向 ULF 提供的核彈頭,以及我們看到馬卡洛夫成功引爆過一兩次的化學武器。

  • Those will no doubt return, and we'll probably see chemical weapons attacks all over the globe in places like London, and also probably elsewhere in Europe.


  • Throughout all of this, Price is going to be seeking revenge for Soap's death, and he's going to be seeking Makarov.


  • Seeking Makarov's head on a stick.


  • He is not going to be happy.


  • He's going to be getting increasingly incensed, and we're going to start seeing him lose his grip a little bit compared to the very restrained and controlled Price that we're used to.


  • This will likely end in some kind of culmination where Makarov is chased down, and I wouldn't be surprised if thematically they flip the idea of, of Makarov's greatest weapon being perception on its head, and Makarov himself is actually betrayed in some way, and his perception is messed with, and that is his ultimate downfall.

    如果他們從主題上顛覆了 "馬卡洛夫最大的武器是感知力 "的想法,而馬卡洛夫本人實際上以某種方式遭到了背叛,他的感知力受到了干擾,這就是他最終的下場,我也不會感到驚訝。

  • We see the groundwork laid for this in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, because Makarov at one point executes one of his soldiers called Ivan or Vanya, because he doubted Makarov's plan even just for a moment.

    在《現代戰爭 3》的戰役中,我們看到了這一點的基礎,因為馬卡洛夫有一次處決了他手下一個叫伊萬或萬尼亞的阿兵哥,因為他懷疑馬卡洛夫的計劃,哪怕只是一瞬間。

  • And, Makarov used that as an opportunity to make an example of him, and try and really gain ironclad confidence from absolutely everyone that he was leading.


  • But, that might lead to Makarov getting a little bit comfortable in that environment, and somebody such as Yuri potentially who obviously works with the US, or someone else within his ranks such as Nolan, breaking from his trust and stabbing him in the back.


  • I think that's, that's definitely a possibility for what's to come.


  • Hopefully this explained any questions you had about the Modern Warfare 3 campaign.

    希望這能解釋您對《現代戰爭 3》戰役的任何疑問。

  • If you have further questions, please leave them in the comments down below, and subscribe if you want me to answer them and make more videos on this.


  • See you soon.


  • Bye for now.


The 2023 Modern Warfare 3 campaign ends very abruptly in the Trojan Horse mission.

2023 年《現代戰爭 3》戰役在特洛伊木馬任務中戛然而止。

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