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  • You ever feel like making something stupid?

  • I feel like making something stupid.

  • Hey, is this a duck or a bunny? I don't know, fart noise. *pbbt*

  • How come I think this triangle's possible, it's not possible, it's an impossible triangle.

  • This is like the easiest game of chess ever. And A and B are different colors.

  • Oh my God, they're not! That's 'cause your eyes eat Stupido's for breakfast and then they forgot to put their pants on,

  • and they went to the market for some buttered biscuits for their face.

  • And those orange dots aren't different sizes, I knew you thought they were, blaaarh

  • This is like a dinner party for lego people, and prolly all perverted.

  • Those pervert tables are the same shape just rotated, see?

  • Why your eyes so stupid?

  • What, you don't think your eyes are stupid, then why you see all those little dots? There's no little dots!

  • And why does the building on the right look more slantilated than the building on the left?

  • They're the same building!

  • And your friend's eyes are stupid too, I bet you find a friend that thinks this naked lady is spinning in a different direction than you think she's spinning in.

  • *sigh* Your eyes think that straight lines are bendy, and I bet sometimes when you look in the mirror your eyes think that you're ugly.

  • That's stupid. You're not ugly. And these lines aren't bendy; they're straight.

  • Sometimes I don't like my eyes. They see things that aren't real and I have to remind myself that they're not real.

  • This is an illusion: He looks like a regular guy but he's really my favorite optical illusioniscientartist.

  • He reminds me that when there's a big black hole that's growing and seems like it's gonna swallow me up,

  • Sometimes I just have to look away for a second, and when I look back, it recedes.

  • He makes me remember that my surroundings can make the exact same thing look completely different, but it's still the exact same thing.

  • Eyes can be so stupid.

  • And now Stefan Bucher will solve one of your problems.

  • Rosa writes: "When I'm nervous, my hand make some repetitive motion, like tearing paper or drawing a line over and over."

  • "Is there a way to make my hands stop even if I can't calm down?"

  • I don't know that you want to stop, Rosa.

  • All you have to do is figure out a reason for those lines to be there, and then you can make a really good career out of that, like I did,

  • And remember that tearing paper can be a really good editor. There you go! Problem solved.

  • Bye bye, it's the... bye bye song.

  • Uuuh, ahhh, make it stop!

You ever feel like making something stupid?


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神奇的視覺錯覺-愚蠢的眼睛 Your Eyes Are Stupid

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