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  • So George Clooney gets married. On CNN, they had a discussion about

    喬治˙克隆尼結婚了 CNN特別討論了

  • whether this quote, “fairytale bachelorhoodending was a bad thing


  • Okay, I think that is a fair discussion that I would like to pick up here at The Yong Turks

    我覺得在Young Turks(註: 美國政治社會評論節目)討論這個話題也會很不錯

  • Okay, now, a lot of us believed in George Clooney


  • We thought that he was gonna hang in there the whole time


  • And that he was never gonna get married again.


  • He was married originally for, I think, 4 years


  • And that he was gonna be the one guy who withstood all of the societal pressure

    還以為他禁得起社會壓力 會告訴我們:

  • And said, “no! You know what? I’m good looking, I’m famous, I’m rich


  • “I’m gonna continue to have sex with incredibly hot women for the rest of my life

    有一堆火辣美女等著我 瘋了才結婚」

  • But over the weekend, I hear this

    但過去幾周 我卻聽到:

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him

    「各位觀眾朋友 他訂婚了」

  • Down goes Clooney! Down goes Clooney!

    「克隆尼死會了? 克隆尼死會了?!」

  • What did you do to us, George?


  • You killed the dream


  • Youre ridiculous


  • Okay, so can we just discuss how there’s always this misconception that dudes never wanna get married

    好吧 那我們就討論一下為什麼有「男人都不想結婚」的迷思

  • They just wanna put the P away


  • Yeah! You know what I’m saying?

    沒錯! 妳懂我意思

  • And women are like, “Oh marry me! Marry me! I really really want you to marry me


  • Uhkind of


  • So okay, weve done storiesNo, there are women that are eager to get married

    騙你的啦...不 這是真的 確實有非常渴望婚姻的女人

  • I’m not discounting that at all.


  • I definitely know that is true


  • But at the same time, weve done stories about studies that indicate that men tend to be happier after marriage


  • And healthy after marriage


  • And women usually tend to be more stressed out and less healthy in general

    女人則相反 普遍來說健康都變差了

  • That is true, but people don’t know that

    完全正確 但許多人都不曉得

  • They don’t know that, but also stop insulting men and think that theyre just thinking with their penises all the time

    是沒錯 不過別再把男人汙名化了 認為他們只用下半身思考

  • Men want love and affection, too


  • That’s right!


  • But they do!


  • Theyre the ones who propose, theyre the ones who want to be in a relationship


  • If you just want to have random sex all the time then don’t get in a relationship, it’s that simple.

    如果你想一直拈花惹草 就別結婚啊 就是這麼簡單

  • That’s it. It’s that simple


  • All right. Now, in reality. – You guys are the worst

    -現實狀況卻是- -你們男人糟透了

  • Okay, here’s what happens in reality, okay? – I can’t

    -以下才是真實狀況- -受不了

  • You go out with somebody forYou have sex with them what, 3 times, 5 times.

    你和某人約會 發生3、5次關係

  • And then start getting antsy, right?


  • Oh, so like oh, what? Youre not gonna date me?


  • So, is this what that was? It’s cheap, that what it was, right?

    「我們的感情就只有這樣? 有夠廉價 廉價」

  • And then all of a sudden, youre in a 2 month relationship

    一眨眼 你們交往已經兩個月

  • All of a sudden, youre in an 18 month relationship

    再轉眼 你們已經在一起一年半

  • All of a sudden, “ladies an gentlemen

    然後突然間 「先生女士們…」

  • Hahaha


  • Okay, I’m not saying anything. I’m just saying no, no


  • Putting kidding aside kind of for a second


  • To me, this actually shows something that a lot of people don’t talk about


  • The counter of what we always do talk about


  • Is that apparently, there’s also a massive urge to settle down


  • Cause even George Clooney settles down, right? – Thank you

    -連喬治˙克隆尼都有想婚的一天 -你說出了我的心聲

  • Obviously, there is some urge to do that


  • You wanna call it a biological urge or whatever


  • Now, I know there’s a lot of social pressure, too


  • There’s no question about that


  • But look, David Beckham, Clooney, Brad Pitt, you name it

    貝克漢、布萊德˙彼特 你想得到的

  • The guys who get the P, as you put it so eloquently

    有「P」(註: penis)的人 含蓄些的說法

  • Nonstop. They don’t have to be in a relationship

    美眉要多少有多少 他們不需要固定的伴侶

  • To go woman to woman to woman


  • Or you wanna be in a long-term relationship, go ahead. You do whaever the hell you want

    想經營長期的感情? 也行啊 他們想怎樣就怎樣

  • But they almost all eventually get married


  • So it’s not just social pressure


  • There’s obviously some sort of imperativewithin guys as well, to want to settle down at some point

    明顯有一種難以抗拒、也存在於男人的衝動 讓他們想定下來

  • I mean therere parallels to love and diet, right?


  • Like you can eat donuts all day and that shit is delicious, right?

    你可以整天狂吃甜甜圈這種垃圾 覺得超美味

  • But sometimes, those empty calories, they get to you, and you want a nice steak dinner

    可是有時候 你會厭倦這些空熱量 想來一克營養的牛排餐

  • So Clooney’s tired of donuts, he wanted a steak dinner and that’s what he’s getting now

    所以克隆尼現在不想吃甜甜圈了 他想要牛排餐 這就是現在的情況

  • So, good for him. – Well, I mean, I thought you were gonna go with vegetables, but okay

    -那就恭喜他囉 -嗯 我以為他會想改吃蔬菜之類的 牛排也不壞啦

  • No, youve gotta get some protein up in there, come on

    人可不能沒有蛋白質啊 你說是吧

  • It’s a little mix of both.


  • Of course youre right, it’s not just women who want to get married

    你說得當然沒錯 不是只有女人會想結婚

  • Some women don’t want to get married at all. Obviously, we have a huge range here

    有些女性就是喜歡獨身 因人而異

  • But to me, there’s a powerful case of the one guy who withstood all that criticism

    這個案例讓我印象很深刻 一個男人抵擋了所有批評

  • In the end, decided hey you know what? I want to nest with one particular person


  • So down goes Clooney and with him, the hopes and aspirations of all men across the globe

    克隆尼死會了 全世界男性的期待和渴望也跟著死了

  • Wait, did I say that out loud?


  • Hahaha


So George Clooney gets married. On CNN, they had a discussion about

喬治˙克隆尼結婚了 CNN特別討論了

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