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  • What is rage baiting?


  • Rage baiting is a tactic used in media and online content to provoke strong emotional reactions, particularly anger, from the audience.


  • The primary goal is to generate high engagement, such as shared comments and views, by triggering outrage. This technique is often employed in headlines, social media posts, and articles that present controversial, polarizing, and misleading information.


  • Content creators and publishers use rage baiting because it capitalizes on humans' tendency to react more intensely to negative stimuli. When people are angered or outraged, they are more likely to interact with the content, sharing it widely and discussing it fervently, thus boosting its visibility and reach.


  • While effective for driving traffic and engagement, rage baiting can contribute to misinformation, increase social division, and create a hostile online environment. Also, if you don't like Hawaiian pizza, you are uneducated, narrow-minded, and so arrogant that you can't handle the truth that it tastes amazing.


What is rage baiting?


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