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  • What's going on, guys?


  • My name is Wade with Tech Daily, and in this video, we're gonna be comparing two of Samsung's mid-range devices, the S23 FE and the new A55.

    我是《科技日報》的韋德,在這段視頻中,我們將比較三星的兩款中端設備:S23 FE 和新款 A55。

  • Now, let me just set the stage here.


  • The new A55 is actually the top tier device in Samsung's A-series lineup this year.

    新款 A55 實際上是今年三星 A 系列產品中的頂級設備。

  • They're sort of budget smartphones, while the S23 FE is sort of a half step down from being a true flagship S-series phone.

    它們都屬於經濟型智能手機,而 S23 FE 則比真正的旗艦 S 系列手機低了半級。

  • You can imagine there's a lot of overlap here, spec-wise and feature-wise.


  • Samsung would actually prefer if everyone just got the S23 FE.

    實際上,三星更希望每個人都能買到 S23 FE。

  • They said so themselves, which is why here in the US, we aren't even getting the new A55 this year, at least not officially.

    他們自己也是這麼說的,這就是為什麼在美國,我們今年甚至都買不到新款 A55 的原因,至少官方是這麼說的。

  • But whether Samsung likes it or not, the A-series has been the most popular set of phones year after year.

    但不管三星是否願意,A 系列手機年復一年地成為最受歡迎的手機系列。

  • The FE, on the other hand, has suffered from a disastrous release cycle that's been very detrimental to this former best seller.

    另一方面,FE 的發佈週期也是災難性的,這對這款曾經的暢銷產品非常不利。

  • Now, politics aside, comparing just phone to phone, there are no doubt some advantages with each.


  • The new A55 is, for one, a bit cheaper, but without a lot of sacrifices.

    首先,新款 A55 的價格要便宜一些,但沒有太多犧牲。

  • The S23 FE, however, still has some flagship-esque features that I think performance-focused people will find worthwhile.

    不過,S23 FE 仍具有一些旗艦級的功能,我認為注重性能的用戶會覺得物有所值。

  • And actually, if you don't buy the S23 FE brand new,

    實際上,如果你不購買全新的 S23 FE、

  • I think the choice becomes a lot clearer.


  • But I'm getting way ahead of myself here.


  • Let's go point by point.


  • I'll explain which phone is better in each area.


  • And hopefully by the end of this video, you'll be able to decide which one, if either, is the better device for you.


  • To kick things off, let's actually talk about price, since that's probably gonna be your first consideration anyway.


  • Now, the full retail price for the S23 FE was originally $599 if you bought it through a carrier.

    現在,如果通過運營商購買,S23 FE 的原零售價為 599 美元。

  • Unlocked, it's actually $629.

    解鎖後,實際價格為 629 美元。

  • Kind of annoying and not very enticing when you consider the A55 is about $450.

    考慮到 A55 的價格約為 450 美元,這有點令人討厭,而且也不太誘人。

  • I say about only because there isn't an official U.S. price for this phone, since it's not technically sold in the U.S., at least not directly from Samsung or any of the carriers.

    我之所以說 "大約",是因為這款手機在美國還沒有官方售價,因為從技術上講,它並不在美國銷售,至少不是直接從三星或任何運營商處購買。

  • But internationally, it's about a $450 phone.

    但在國際上,這款手機的售價約為 450 美元。

  • And on Amazon right now, you can snag it for between $400 and $450, depending on the configuration.

    現在在亞馬遜上,根據配置的不同,你可以以 400 美元到 450 美元的價格買到它。

  • Speaking of Amazon and the third-party retailers, since the S23 FE has actually been out for a while now, you can snag that phone at a discount.

    說到亞馬遜和第三方零售商,由於 S23 FE 實際上已經上市一段時間了,你可以以折扣價搶購這款手機。

  • An Amazon-renewed S23 FE is a little over $400 right now.

    亞馬遜更新的 S23 FE 現在的價格是 400 多美元。

  • And to be honest, that is pretty much all that needs to be said.


  • For $400, you get a cheaper device that's better, spec-wise.

    只需 400 美元,你就能買到更便宜、規格更高的設備。

  • And you can even get an S23 FE in good or acceptable condition for like 350 bucks.

    你甚至可以用 350 美元買到一輛狀況良好或可以接受的 S23 FE。

  • The reason for these cheap prices, I believe, is twofold.


  • First, Samsung has completely botched the release cycle of the FE.

    首先,三星完全搞砸了 FE 的發佈週期。

  • It's supposed to be a hot mid-cycle summer re-release of the S series, packaged in a similar form factor with a few less flagship specs at a more reasonable price to attract the people who don't wanna spend 800 or 900 bucks on a flagship.

    它應該是 S 系列在夏季中期重新發布的熱賣機型,採用類似的外形設計,少了旗艦機的一些配置,價格更合理,以吸引那些不想花 800 或 900 美元購買旗艦機的人。

  • Instead, the S23 FE went on sale in late October of last year, when the flagship phones were already discounted and new phones were just a couple of months away.

    相反,S23 FE 是在去年 10 月底上市的,當時旗艦手機已經打折,而距離新手機上市只有幾個月的時間。

  • So no one was in the market for this phone, or even knew about it, really.


  • And second, anyone who maybe was interested in a cheaper Samsung smartphone likely already had the A54, which wound up being one of the most popular devices even in the US, much to Samsung's dismay.

    其次,任何對廉價三星智能手機感興趣的人都可能已經擁有了 A54,而這款手機甚至在美國也是最受歡迎的設備之一,這讓三星非常沮喪。

  • So now, Samsung basically has said, at least to us here in the US, you don't have a choice.


  • The S23 FE is the flagship alternative now, and it's gonna remain that way through most of the year.

    S23 FE 現在是旗艦替代產品,今年大部分時間都會如此。

  • But fortunately, since you found this video, you know you don't have to be stuck with the FE, and you don't have to pay full price for it either.

    但幸運的是,既然你找到了這段視頻,你就知道自己不必被 FE 所困,也不必為它支付全額費用。

  • So take that, Samsung.


  • If price is less of a concern and you're more about specs and features, well, interestingly enough, the A55 is actually the bigger device with the bigger screen.

    如果價格不是重點,而更注重規格和功能,那麼有趣的是,A55 實際上是螢幕更大的設備。

  • At 6.6 inches corner to corner, it's both taller and wider than the 6.4 inch FE.

    它的四角間距為 6.6 英寸,比 6.4 英寸的 FE 既高又寬。

  • And the A55 also has the better screen-to-body ratio.

    此外,A55 的屏佔比也更高。

  • The black borders framing both phones displays


  • I think are quite obvious, but they stand out more on the smaller S23 FE.

    我認為它們非常明顯,但在較小的 S23 FE 上更為突出。

  • Samsung has made great strides in upping the build quality on some of their A series phones, and this A55 is a prime example of that.

    三星在提高一些 A 系列手機的製造品質方面取得了長足進步,這款 A55 就是一個很好的例子。

  • Around back, both phones are covered in Corning Gorilla Glass, though the FE has the tougher Gorilla Glass 5 specifically.

    兩款手機的背面都覆蓋了康寧大猩猩玻璃,不過 FE 特別採用了更堅硬的大猩猩 5 號玻璃。

  • And actually, both phones also have an all aluminum frame.


  • There's a slightly different fit and finish.


  • The A55 is more industrial looking with bare metal, but there's really nothing cheap about either.

    A55 的裸金屬外觀更具工業氣息,但兩者都不廉價。

  • The A55 maybe also has a more funky rainbow tint to its purplish color, which not everyone likes.

    A55 的紫色可能還帶有一種更時髦的彩虹色調,但這並不是每個人都喜歡的。

  • But in the hand, these phones both feel as sturdy and as premium as any thousand dollar flagship.


  • One other interesting distinction though, the front glass on the new A55 is actually the new Gorilla Glass Victus Plus.

    不過還有一個有趣的區別,新款 A55 的正面玻璃實際上是新款大猩猩玻璃 Victus Plus。

  • The S23 FE has the same Gorilla Glass 5 that's covering the back.

    S23 FE 的背面同樣覆蓋著大猩猩 5 號玻璃。

  • So perhaps there's an unexpected point awarded to the A55 for having newer, stronger, less glare prone front display glass, even if the back glass isn't as tough.

    是以,A55 的正面顯示屏玻璃更新、更堅固、更不容易產生眩光,即使背面玻璃沒有那麼堅硬,或許也能獲得意外的加分。

  • Taking a look around, there's nothing really on the left side of either phone, just a cellular antenna on the S23 FE.

    環顧四周,兩款手機的左側其實都沒有什麼東西,只有 S23 FE 的蜂窩天線。

  • On the right side, identical power and volume buttons.


  • At the top, physical SIM card trays for both, but we have an important difference here.

    在頂部,兩者都有物理 SIM 卡托盤,但我們在這裡有一個重要的區別。

  • The A55 has dual SIM and SD card support.

    A55 支持雙卡和 SD 卡。

  • So you can pop in two SIM cards or a micro SD card instead and double or triple the storage on this phone for cheap.

    是以,您可以插入兩張 SIM 卡或一張 micro SD 卡,這樣就能以低廉的價格將這款手機的存儲空間增加一倍或兩倍。

  • It also has eSIM support, something I misspoke about in my unboxing, thanks to those of you who pointed that out.

    它還支持 eSIM 卡,這是我在開箱時說錯話的地方,感謝你們指出來。

  • The S23 FE, on the other hand, does not have expandable storage support, just physical and eSIM support.

    另一方面,S23 FE 不支持可擴展存儲,只支持物理和 eSIM 卡。

  • So whatever storage option you choose for this phone is what you're stuck with.


  • And 256 gigabytes is the highest option.

    而 256 千兆字節是最高選項。

  • So definitely something to consider there.


  • I still think micro SD card support is quite valuable.

    我仍然認為微型 SD 卡支持非常有價值。

  • On the bottom, there's USB-C ports on both, slightly different but similar sounding bottom speakers and blank spaces where headphone jacks totally could be.

    在底部,兩款產品都有 USB-C 接口,底部揚聲器略有不同,但聲音相似,耳機插孔的位置則是空白的。

  • Secondary speakers and selfie cameras up top, of course, and around back, surprisingly similar, triple lens camera setups that I'll compare in just a minute.


  • So one thing that used to be reserved for the flagship phones, but isn't really anymore, is a great display.


  • I'd argue that both these phones have a viewing experience that's on par with a full-fledged S series.

    我認為,這兩款手機的觀賞體驗完全可以與 S 系列媲美。

  • And arguably between these and an S24, it's really tough to tell a difference, but I'll try and explain what separates them.

    可以說,這兩款機型和 S24 真的很難區分,但我會嘗試解釋它們之間的區別。

  • The 855's bigger 6.6 inch screen is a super AMOLED panel.

    855 的 6.6 英寸大屏幕採用超級 AMOLED 面板。

  • The S23FE offers a dynamic AMOLED 2X panel.

    S23FE 採用動態 AMOLED 2X 面板。

  • Both phones are the same resolution, 2340 by 1080, just with slightly different pixel densities since the display sizes are different.

    兩款手機的分辨率相同,都是 2340 x 1080,只是由於顯示屏尺寸不同,像素密度略有不同。

  • But you won't notice a discrepancy in sharpness either way.


  • They're both 120 Hertz panels too.

    它們也都是 120 赫茲的面板。

  • So your taps, touches, swipes, and scrolls feel very responsive and visually they look very smooth.


  • Spec for spec, the screens aren't very different at all.


  • And at a glance,


  • I don't think most anyone could really tell them apart, but technically the S23FE does have the better AMOLED panel.

    我想大多數人都分辨不出它們,但從技術上講,S23FE 的 AMOLED 面板確實更勝一籌。

  • So not only will it likely look more colorful and more vibrant, but it's also brighter with up to 1450 nits of peak brightness versus just a thousand nits on the 855.

    是以,它不僅看起來色彩更豐富、更鮮豔,而且亮度更高,峰值亮度可達 1450 尼特,而 855 只有一千尼特。

  • These phones are both far dimmer than a flagship S24 though.

    不過,這兩款手機都比旗艦手機 S24 暗淡得多。

  • And there may be some slight differences in the reflection and glare.


  • I mean, the 855's Gorilla Glass is supposed to be newer and better.

    我的意思是,855 的大猩猩玻璃應該更新更好。

  • But again, I think that's a little tough to see, especially since that phone is technically dimmer.


  • For some reason, people seem to really get offended when I say that these two phones have basically the same viewing experience as the flagship phones.


  • But honestly, it's true.


  • 99% of people wouldn't be able to tell a difference.

    99% 的人都看不出有什麼不同。

  • And between these two phones specifically, visually, there's really no difference at all either.


  • More than anything,


  • I think this does sort of favor the 855 in a way.

    我認為這在某種程度上有利於 855。

  • I mean, this phone has as good of a display as phones that are hundreds of dollars more expensive technically.


  • But I suppose if you wanna be absolutely certain you're getting the best display dollar for dollar, the S23FE will appease that small subset of people.

    但我想,如果你想絕對確定自己買到的是性價比最高的顯示屏,S23FE 可以滿足這一小部分人的需求。

  • By the way, both these phones do have in-display fingerprint sensors of the same variety.


  • Not the ultrasonic sensors, but the older optical type.


  • I don't really think there's any difference in unlocking speeds or accuracy.


  • They each take turns, either failing from time to time or unlocking super fast.


  • Same with the face unlock.


  • It's present, it's an option.


  • And I don't think either phone has any clear advantage.


  • For your out loud listening pleasure, both phones have dual speaker setups.


  • There's the one at the bottom, of course, and a secondary one stuffed inside the earpiece above the selfie camera.


  • I don't know of any hardware difference or any specific distinction either way with the speakers.


  • They sound perfectly fine for what they are.


  • And here's a sample from each so you can hear that too.


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  • Now, when it comes to performance and speed and the Android experience, if you want a firm reason to opt for the S23 FE, this is pretty much it right here.

    現在,說到性能、速度和安卓體驗,如果你想要一個堅定的理由來選擇 S23 FE,這幾乎就是你的理由。

  • The FE is powered by the decisively better

    FE 配備了性能明顯更好的

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, which is itself a flagship component and it's paired to eight gigabytes of RAM.

    高通 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 芯片本身就是一款旗艦組件,與之搭配的是 8GB 內存。

  • The international version of this phone gets the Exynos 2200 and that also is far better than what's inside the A55.

    這款手機的國際版採用了 Exynos 2200,性能也比 A55 強得多。

  • It has the mid-range Exynos 1480 from Samsung and eight gigabytes of RAM as well.

    它配備了三星的中檔 Exynos 1480 處理器和 8GB 內存。

  • And when we take a look at the Geekbench performance scores, there's where you can see all the difference in the FE.

    我們再看看 Geekbench 性能跑分,就會發現 FE 的不同之處。

  • Now, you can watch me do a bit of a side-by-side speed test here with the two phones while I touch on a couple of other things.


  • First off, is the FE going to launch and load things so much faster than the A55 that it'll significantly improve your day?

    首先,FE 的啟動和加載速度是否會比 A55 快得多,從而顯著改善您的一天?

  • No, definitely not, but it's noticeable enough in this case.


  • Both phones are on the same version of Android and one UI and they'll each get a few years of major software support, five years for the FE, although the first update was already sort of wasted and four years for the A55, which is great, especially for the A55 in particular.

    這兩款手機都使用相同版本的 Android 和統一的用戶界面,而且它們都將獲得幾年的主要軟件支持,FE 為五年,儘管第一次更新已經有點浪費,A55 為四年,這很好,尤其是對 A55 來說。

  • You aren't sacrificing security or Android updates and opting for an A-series device any longer.

    您再也不用犧牲安全性或 Android 更新,而選擇 A 系列設備了。

  • The A55 doesn't get the new Galaxy AI features though, for example, that were initially reserved for the new flagships this year, but ultimately came to this S23 FE a few weeks ago via a software update.

    不過,A55 並沒有獲得新的 Galaxy AI 功能,例如,這些功能最初是為今年的新旗艦保留的,但最終在幾周前通過軟件更新出現在了這款 S23 FE 上。

  • So I suppose that is the difference in the Samsung feature set.


  • And I think if gaming is your thing or you just generally push your phone quite hard with everyday tasks, the flagship Snapdragon processor in the FE is gonna prove to be more of an advantage.

    我認為,如果你喜歡玩遊戲,或者只是在日常工作中對手機要求較高,那麼 FE 中的旗艦驍龍處理器將被證明更具優勢。

  • The graphics intense stuff like games, for example, and the Exynos haters too will likely not even consider the A55 this year at all because well, Exynos chipsets have generally not been the most well optimized to the best at heat management or all that good at offering smooth gameplay at the highest FPS or graphic settings.

    例如,對於遊戲等圖形密集型產品,Exynos 的憎恨者今年可能根本不會考慮 A55,因為 Exynos 芯片組通常不是最優化的,也不是最擅長熱量管理的,更不是在最高 FPS 或圖形設置下提供流暢遊戲的所有芯片組。

  • So yeah, like I said, the FE has a stout advantage in more ways than one here.

    所以,就像我說的,FE 在很多方面都有很大的優勢。

  • And I think this is where the higher price point is sort of justified, at least in Samsung's mind.


  • But here's the thing I always say, for most people whose smartphone usage consists of YouTube videos, TikTok scrolling, texting and some schoolwork or professional work, the A55 is gonna be more than capable.

    但我總是說,對於大多數使用智能手機觀看 YouTube 視頻、滾動 TikTok、發短信以及做一些學校作業或專業工作的人來說,A55 的功能綽綽有餘。

  • The people in that camp won't notice any performance difference at all, really could opt for an even lesser phone instead, to be honest.


  • But for the performance picky people and those who care to have the flagship specs and some of the flagship features like Galaxy AI, the S23 FE is gonna have those advantages and then some.

    但對於那些對性能挑剔的人,以及那些希望擁有旗艦級配置和一些旗艦級功能(如 Galaxy AI)的人來說,S23 FE 會擁有這些優勢,甚至更多。

  • I also think the FE has some advantages in the battery and charging departments too.

    我還認為 FE 在電池和充電方面也有一些優勢。

  • The larger A55 does actually have a slightly larger sized battery, 5,000 milliamps compared to the 4,500 milliamp battery in the smaller sized S23 FE.

    實際上,較大的 A55 電池容量稍大,為 5000 毫安,而較小的 S23 FE 電池容量為 4500 毫安。

  • But the FE has a smaller screen and newer AMOLED tech that likely draws a little less power.

    但 FE 的螢幕更小,而且採用了較新的 AMOLED 技術,耗電量可能更低一些。

  • And with the higher end Snapdragon processor,


  • I've also felt that the FE has better power management throughout the day, eliminating any potential advantage the A55 might have just on its bigger sized battery alone.

    此外,我還感覺 FE 在全天的電量管理方面做得更好,從而消除了 A55 僅憑電池容量大就可能擁有的優勢。

  • On top of that, while the wired charging speeds are actually the same with these phones, oddly enough, the FE also has wireless charging support of 15 Watts and reverse charging via PowerShare, both of which the A55 still lacks.

    此外,雖然這兩款手機的有線充電速度實際上是一樣的,但奇怪的是,FE 還支持 15 瓦的無線充電和通過 PowerShare 進行反向充電,而 A55 仍然缺乏這兩項功能。

  • So tack on a couple of more points for the FE.

    是以,為 FE 多加了幾分。

  • Finally, when it comes to the cameras,


  • I wanna just mention the specs first because it's kind of funny.


  • The main lens on the S23 FE is a 50 megapixel shooter.

    S23 FE 的主鏡頭是一個 5000 萬像素的鏡頭。

  • The main lens on the A55 is also 50 megapixels.

    A55 的主鏡頭也是 5000 萬像素。

  • The ultra wide lens on the FE, a 123 degree 12 megapixel lens.

    FE 的超廣角鏡頭是一個 123 度的 1200 萬像素鏡頭。

  • The A55 also a 123 degree 12 megapixel ultra wide camera.

    A55 還配備了 123 度 1200 萬像素超廣角攝像頭。

  • The third lens on the FE is a very useful, arguably eight megapixel telephoto lens for zoom and portraits.

    FE 的第三支鏡頭是一支非常實用的 800 萬像素長焦鏡頭,可用於變焦和拍攝人像。

  • The third lens on the A55 is a less useful five megapixel macro, but it's kind of odd to think about the fact that on paper, the overarching top level camera specs appear to be pretty similar across both phones.

    A55 的第三個鏡頭是一個不太實用的 500 萬像素微距鏡頭,但從紙面上看,這兩款手機的頂級相機規格似乎非常相似,這讓人覺得有點奇怪。

  • And oh yeah, the selfie cameras, the S23 FE has a 10 megapixel lens, while the A55 has a 32 megapixel lens.

    對了,還有自拍相機,S23 FE 有一個 1000 萬像素的鏡頭,而 A55 有一個 3200 萬像素的鏡頭。