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  • Second verse, same as the first. Taito’s still calling Puzzle BobbleBust-A-Move,”

    第二節,和第一節一樣。臺東還在叫謎題波波為 "Bust-A-Move"。

  • so the name’s gotta change; 989 were terrified by the last iteration so theyve jumped


  • ship, forcing a pre-Square Enix to publish the game in the West, and - most infuriatingly

    艦,迫使前期的Square Enix在西方發行遊戲,而且--最令人氣憤的是

  • - there’s still no lag calibration. So this review’s gonna look just as bad as the last

    - 仍然沒有滯後校準。所以這篇評測看起來會和上一篇一樣糟

  • one, especially since the timing seems to tighten near the end of any particular song


  • and it becomes more and more difficult to consistently hit a third of a beat early.


  • It goes against everything I came to know in a decade of marching band. And it pains


  • me. But, Bayani from PA foisted the game upon me, and there are redeeming factors to the


  • game... not the least of which is apparently a carhop, because all video games would be

    遊戲... 其中最重要的顯然是跳車,因為所有的電子遊戲都會是...

  • better with carhops. I’ll have a bacon cheeseburger and a Coke. You want anything?

    更好地與carhops。我要一個培根芝士漢堡和一杯可樂。 I'll have a bacon cheeseburger and a coke.你要什麼嗎?

  • The gameplay remains the same as in the original; you need to serve your opponent (a bacon cheeseburger


  • and a Coke, apparently) by following the on-screen inputs and hitting the indicated button on


  • the fourth beat (or, as itll probably happen if youre playing this on any modern system,


  • a third of a beat before the fourth beat.) Thejammerattacks return, allowing

    第四拍前三分之一拍)。)"干擾器 "攻擊返回,允許

  • you to trip up your opponent if theyre not expecting a crane or a giant cake from


  • the sky, which are totally sanctioned dance moves as I am to understand. The multiple-input


  • options have gone the way of the dodo, though, in favor of more linear progressions through


  • your sick gesticulations. The cast has expanded, from 14 dancers in the previous version to


  • 18 in this one, including a creepy panda-painted guy who may or may not be a pedophile and/or


  • an elaborate reference to a Yukio Mishima novel, and those who are familiar with Mishima’s


  • oeuvre know that’s pretty damn dangerous. Youve been warned.


  • Like its predecessor, Bust A Groove 2 remains a ridiculously valuable game today, consistently

    和前作一樣,《Bust A Groove 2》至今仍是一款價值連城的遊戲,始終

  • occupying a spot in the top 20 PS1 games. Unfortunately, also like its predecessor,


  • it hasn’t aged well at all, as changes in displays and hardware have wrecked the very


  • rhythm of this rhythm game. And that’s a problem that’s affected a number of games


  • in the genre, rendering this particular chunk of nostalgia kinda obsolete. I genuinely enjoyed


  • these games - back in the day - but today, if you want the same experience, youve


  • gotta jump through hoops to craft a legacy system, probably including an old TV (that


  • you were totally just using as an end table at this point, admit it) and that PS1 youve


  • been using as a doorstop. Granted, the best music games are, were, and always will be


  • full-size arcade systems, which don’t have these problems. Bust A Groove 2 doesn’t

    全尺寸街機系統,不存在這些問題。Bust A Groove 2並沒有

  • bring the same kind of immediately-recognizable soundtrack, though, that larger-scale operations


  • like DDR can offer, and in fact re-recorded a number of the original J-pop tracks in English.


  • And you thought getting stuck with the instrumental version of After the Game was bad. (Though

    你還以為被卡在 "遊戲之後 "的器樂版上是壞事。

  • I’m still waiting for an apology for the US version of DDR Extreme.)


Second verse, same as the first. Taito’s still calling Puzzle BobbleBust-A-Move,”

第二節,和第一節一樣。臺東還在叫謎題波波為 "Bust-A-Move"。


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[電玩遊戲 PlayStation對戰熱舞2遊戲回顧]CGR Undertow - BUST A GROOVE 2 review for PlayStation

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