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  • My favorite part about summer mornings is that I can snooze my alarm Good morning vlog and welcome back today.

    我最喜歡夏天的早晨,因為我可以不按鬧鐘。 早上好,歡迎回來。

  • I'm really going back to my roots.


  • I'm doing one of the first videos I've ever done on my channel, which is my morning routine.


  • Hey guys, so if you couldn't tell by the title I'm doing a morning routine.


  • I really hope you guys like this video and thanks for watching However, this is not gonna be a school morning routine where I wake up really early get my stuff done This is a realistic summer morning routine and to be honest I have been sleeping in so late ever since I've been home in Minnesota as much as I would like to say I wake up at 6 every morning in the summer.

    我真的希望你們喜歡這個視頻,也感謝你們的觀看。不過,這並不是學校的晨間作息,我不會很早起床做事情,這是一個真實的夏季晨間作息,老實說,自從我回到明尼蘇達州的家,我就一直睡得很晚,雖然我很想說我夏天每天早上 6 點就起床了。

  • I Don't I think it's especially because I did just get out of school So I'm used to having to wake up early and have all these things going on And I've just been really enjoying the freedom and ability to sleep in a little too much Of course, I'm just starting out my morning with a little bit of skincare I usually do my skincare over there in that mirror.


  • The lighting is too good over here to pass up I wake up to the sound of birds.


  • I feel very at peace when I'm home I feel grounded.


  • So even though my summer mornings are a lot more relaxed I do still have kind of a general gist of a routine that I like to do So yeah, this is gonna be my relaxed chill summer morning routine.


  • You guys can hang out with me.


  • Also, do you guys like my new pajamas?


  • I've been a big breakfast girl recently and you might be like Sydney.


  • What does that even mean?


  • I've been enjoying kind of making more elaborate breakfasts, especially when I was in college I feel like I would just be running out the door so I would grab something to go that was easy So I've been doing my peace and quiet at home and I've been kind of trying out some new fun breakfasts this morning I woke up craving Pancakes, so obviously that's exactly what I'm gonna make but I don't want to do the box pancakes I want to actually make them from scratch.


  • I'm not the best cook.


  • We know this so let's just hope for the best So this is LG's stand by me.


  • It's essentially like a crossover between a TV and a tablet My favorite way to use this is by airplane and I just have a giant phone screen on the stand by me My family's also obsessed with this like I just never know where it is because they're always using it I'm using this so I can make a certain pancake My mom's also been using it a ton for recipes because it's just so nice to have it blown up when you're Trying to make something if I wanted to look up the recipe online I can just type in pancake Recipe and you can just select it this way too.

    它就像電視和平板電腦的結合體,我最喜歡的使用方式是在飛機上,我身邊的支架上就有一個巨大的手機螢幕,我的家人也對它著迷,我永遠不知道它在哪裡,因為他們總是在用它。我媽媽也經常用它來查看食譜,因為如果我想在網上查找食譜,只要輸入 "煎餅食譜",就能用這種方式選擇。

  • This is actually the exact recipe that I was looking at earlier Oh my god, I hope mine look like this Don't get your hopes up This is also so nice because you can move it so easily since there's wheels on the bottom of it So I can just roll it with me wherever I go.

    實際上,這就是我之前看到的食譜,天哪,我希望我的食譜也能像這樣 別抱太大希望 這也很不錯,因為底部有輪子,移動起來非常方便,所以我可以把它隨身攜帶,走到哪捲到哪。

  • You can also easily change the layout to this So I made it horizontal or I can swift it back to vertical Oh Okay, I forgot I had this it's one of those healthy immune system shot things there's ginger and turmeric in this two of my least favorite things Like honestly, I'd rather take a regular shot.

    你也可以很容易地把佈局改成這樣,所以我把它改成了橫向的,或者我也可以把它改成豎向的 哦,好吧,我忘了我還有這個,這是一種健康免疫系統針劑,裡面有生薑和薑黃,這是我最不喜歡的兩種東西,說實話,我寧願打普通的針劑。

  • Oh My god You Since I'm the only one eating this I decided to half the recipe and I feel like this is usually Where things go wrong for me in cooking even though it should be simple math Okay, not bad I Am so proud of myself.

    我的天啊,因為只有我一個人吃這個,所以我決定把食譜減半,我覺得這通常是我做菜出錯的地方,儘管這應該是很簡單的數學題 好吧,還不錯,我為自己感到驕傲。

  • Well, actually, let me not speak too soon.


  • It looks good Good morning Pancakes without syrup would truly be criminal taste test I Actually, not bad.

    看起來不錯,早上好 不加糖漿的煎餅真的是對味覺的犯罪測試。

  • I will say there's a strong egg presence in this Potentially because it asked for a whole egg and I was only supposed to do half an egg since I have the recipe besides that It's pretty good You guys would be so proud of me I've been on my workout grind recently I've worked out pretty consistently past two weeks.


  • I don't know if it's because I'm home from college I just don't have as much to do but I've been liking to watch YouTube videos I really like Alexis Redd workout videos.

    我不知道是不是因為我大學畢業回家了,我沒有那麼多事情要做,但我一直喜歡看 YouTube 視頻,我非常喜歡 Alexis Redd 的健身視頻。

  • Also using my standby me This is the butt workout that I've been doing like so much the past couple weeks all you have to do to connect it wirelessly is tap your device against this logo right here and It automatically will stream on the standby me You Me and Ashton Ashton's my brother, by the way, you didn't know we're taking the dogs on a walk since we have two dogs It's easier if we both do it.

    這是我過去幾週一直在做的臀部鍛鍊 你要做的就是無線連接你的設備 對著這個徽標點一下,它就會自動在待機模式下播放 你,我和阿什頓 阿什頓是我弟弟,順便說一下,你不知道我們要帶狗散步 因為我們有兩條狗

  • Otherwise we get yanked around.


  • It's just one of us doing it.


  • Say hi so What's new with you It is so hot already.

    打個招呼吧 你最近怎麼樣?

  • I think it's 90 degrees.

    我覺得有 90 度。

  • Is it 90?

    是 90 嗎?

  • Whoa, you know that we're siblings when we both wear socks or sandals how I Just got a body shower because I felt Gross I also love my new jewelry.


  • Do you guys like it?


  • It's a little set I got but I'm just gonna do my makeup quickly for today I don't like to do a lot of makeup, especially in the summer just because I feel like I sweat it all off Anyways, my makeup rituals these days Consist of sitting in front of my mirror and watching a Vogue makeup video while I do my own makeup It makes doing my makeup so much more fun I love Madison beer as you guys know I feel like it just kind of makes it feel like you've company when you're doing your makeup Like you're getting ready with a girlfriend.


  • And of course, I'm using my stand by me because it's portable I can bring it everywhere and it lasts on a three-hour charge.


  • So I Okay, you guys my makeup is done it's very light today, but yeah, that's gonna be all for today's video I am gonna actually start my day now and make sure to check out stand by me I'll link it down below for you guys, but I love you, and I'll see you next Sunday.

    好了,我的妝化好了,今天的妝很淡,不過今天的視頻就到這裡,我現在要開始新的一天了,一定要看看 "站在我身邊",我會把它鏈接到下面,愛你們,下週日見。

  • Bye guys You


My favorite part about summer mornings is that I can snooze my alarm Good morning vlog and welcome back today.

我最喜歡夏天的早晨,因為我可以不按鬧鐘。 早上好,歡迎回來。

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