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  • Was it a sell the new sort of thing or was it disappointing the features that they announced with so much expectation around A.I.

    是 "推陳出新 "還是對人工智能功能的失望?

  • I think there were a lot of expectations. I think that Apple met the expectations. I think that Wall Street had put a lot of pressure on Apple to deliver a suite of new features. And Apple did just that. There's nothing here that leapfrogs the competition.


  • There's nowhere here where Apple now can claim that it is the best. Right. Typically when Apple is this late to the party it comes in with the best outfit. That didn't happen this time around. Right. It came in with a me too set of initiatives here for

    蘋果公司現在沒有任何地方可以宣稱自己是最好的。沒錯。通常情況下,當蘋果公司姍姍來遲時,它都會以最好的裝備出現。但這次沒有。沒錯。對,它是帶著一套 "我也是 "的計劃來的。

  • A.I. differentiated by really deep integration and a focus on features that it believes consumers can use on a day to day basis. But there is nothing here that's a breakthrough. When open A.I. showed off chat GPT for the first time that was a breakthrough in terms of the core technologies. Same thing with some of Microsoft's recent A.I. announcements. Same thing with meta and Google A.I. announcements. Apple is a more simplified approach. And so I think it's a combination of nothing earth shattering here. Nothing particularly groundbreaking. Combined with the sell the news given that this had been the expectation for some time. Expectations that Apple itself set.

    人工智能的與眾不同之處在於真正的深度集成,以及專注於消費者日常能夠使用的功能。但這裡並沒有什麼突破。當開放式人工智能首次展示哈拉 GPT 時,在核心技術方面就是一個突破。微軟最近發佈的一些人工智能產品也是如此。元和谷歌的人工智能公告也是如此。蘋果公司的做法更為簡化。是以,我認為這是一個綜合體,沒有什麼驚天動地的東西。沒有什麼特別突破性的東西。再加上人們對這一消息的期待已經有一段時間了。這也是蘋果自己設定的預期。

  • It was a keynote of almost two hours and yet when it came to the partnership with open A.I. we didn't get much. Why.


  • Well the opening a partnership is one component of the overall A.I. story. Right. As we've talked about several times there are three components here to the A.I. strategy. There's an on device large language model that powers things like summarizing notifications prioritizing information proactively presenting information to the user. There's the cloud based LLM which uses the cloud on the edge so to speak to provide additional data in terms of processing text summarizing articles and such. And open

    建立合作伙伴關係是整個人工智能故事的一個組成部分。沒錯正如我們多次談到的,人工智能戰略有三個組成部分。一個是設備上的大型語言模型,它能主動向用戶提供資訊,如總結通知、優先級排序等。還有基於雲的 LLM,可以說是在邊緣使用雲,在處理文本摘要文章等方面提供額外的數據。開放式

  • A.I. is the third prong and or the third leg of the stool. And they're providing the functionality for a chat bot. So there wasn't a whole lot more to say. Right. Apple doesn't want to sort of overtake or let open A.I. overtake its own A.I. tools.


  • Right. It's one piece of the puzzle. What about privacy. Because securing customer data was a major theme of the presentation. And yet when it came to Elon Musk we kept hearing from him taking hits at Apple in terms of security saying that he would ban Apple devices from his companies if open A.I. is A.I. software is integrated.


  • You know I just think this is the fact of where we are right now in terms of consumer devices. Open A.I.'s artificial intelligence technology and feature set is so advanced that it's becoming ubiquitous. You see it powering some of the underlying models from


  • Microsoft from Google. I mean you name it. Right. So this is just par for the course. Elon is going to end up having to ban every phone from coming into his offices. If this continues I chalk this up as just him wanting some attention on this big day for

    谷歌的微軟。我是說,你說得出來。沒錯所以這只是正常現象 So this is just par for the course.埃隆最後不得不禁止所有手機進入他的辦公室。如果這種情況繼續下去,我認為他只是想在這個大日子裡吸引一些人的注意。

  • Apple. Don't forget Elon was a core player in the early innings of open A.I. and had a falling out with some of the other players at the company. And so you know maybe he feels a little left out.


Was it a sell the new sort of thing or was it disappointing the features that they announced with so much expectation around A.I.

是 "推陳出新 "還是對人工智能功能的失望?

由 AI 自動生成

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