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  • I salute the audio close up on his torso.


  • That was a scene from 1998 the Truman show Jim Carrey played Truman, a man who learns his entire life from the time he was born has been the subject of a reality TV show watched by millions of people.

    這是 1998 年《楚門秀》中的一個場景,吉姆-凱瑞飾演的楚門得知自己從出生到現在的一生都是一個真人秀節目的主題,有數百萬人觀看。

  • But before that film hit theaters a real life Truman show was already taking place across the globe in Japan.

    但在這部電影上映之前,一場真實的 "杜魯門秀 "已經在日本上演。

  • Except instead of Truman there was not to be a 22 year-old aspiring comedian who found himself an unwitting participant on a twisted reality show.

    不過,代替杜魯門的不是一個 22 歲的有抱負的喜劇演員,他發現自己在不知情的情況下參加了一個扭曲的真人秀節目。

  • It's the subject of a new documentary on Hulu called the contestant.

    這是 Hulu 上一部名為《參賽者》的新紀錄片的主題。

  • The tribe has spoken.


  • Years before survivor and naked and afraid.


  • There's a burden.


  • And there was dimples shown.


  • The series tested the limits of contestants like to Mikey him out to nickname not to be.

    該系列測試了參賽者的極限,如 Mikey 他的綽號不是。

  • In 1998 the comedian won an audition for a new segment called a life in prizes.

    1998 年,這位喜劇演員在一個名為 "有獎生活 "的新節目試鏡中勝出。

  • He was blindfolded.


  • Some of the.


  • Dropped into an empty apartment, no bed, no TV and then stripped naked.


  • His objective when essentials like food even toilet paper through mail and sweepstakes.


  • Unbeknownst to him the show was broadcast weekly across Japan to more than 15 million viewers.

    他不知道的是,該節目每週在日本全國播出,觀眾人數超過 1500 萬。

  • Well, I never thought that I was a contestant.


  • It's all the subject of the new film, the contestant you can understand me correct a little bit.


  • We spoke to a now 48 year-old not to be through an interpreter.

    我們通過翻譯與一位現年 48 歲的老人進行了交談。

  • At the Barrymore film center in Fort Lee, New Jersey, just a little bit.


  • I watched a little bit of it at first, but it brought back all kinds of painful memories so I couldn't watch all of it.


  • Memories of his 15 months in isolation about that first day inside that room.

    回憶起他被隔離的 15 個月,回憶起第一天進入那個房間的情景。

  • What were you thinking so can show this a couple of the producers didn't give me any detailed explanations so I was very concerned and confused about how I was going to survive in this space.


  • They said that he needed to win everything he needs to survive through magazine competitions, the kind of make the competitions you have in the backs of magazines in the in the late 90's.

    他們說,他需要通過雜誌比賽贏得生存所需的一切,也就是 90 年代末雜誌封底的那種比賽。

  • British filmmaker Claire Titley launched the project there was a pile of magazines in the corner and a phone and a pile of postcards my head is full of thoughts of food.

    英國電影製片人克萊爾-泰特利(Claire Titley)發起了這一項目,角落裡有一堆雜誌、一部電話和一堆明信片。

  • It doesn't matter what but please let me win something.


  • And I think the other key thing that makes this particular experiments unique to almost all other reality TV shows is that he was on his own.


  • No lifeline no co-contestant.


  • He was all by himself now he had a telephone and they said if there's an emergency you can call us but don't call us for anything else.


  • In order to win the game and his freedom not to be had to earn a million yen worth of sweepstakes prizes, the equivalent of 8,000 in U.S.

    為了贏得遊戲和他的自由,他必須贏得價值一百萬日元的抽獎獎品,相當於 8,000 美元。

  • dollars back in 1998.


  • How about you look on the however I definitely understood that if I didn't write these postcards I wouldn't be able to he wrote 300 sweepstakes entries a day still it took him 3 weeks to win his first prize.

    不過,我絕對明白,如果我不寫這些明信片,我就不可能中獎。他每天寫 300 個抽獎條目,但還是花了 3 個星期才中了頭獎。

  • Producers venom crackers to prevent starvation what day.


  • Where you like what have I got myself into the most high show no to at first I was excited and I was thinking about all kinds of things like how to do something funny in this space.


  • After about a week I began to worry about whether I could really continue this on my own, but the hardest part was definitely the loneliness all come by loneliness you kill I couldn't quite overcome that feeling.


  • It's upsetting in a lot of ways.


  • What this producer and all the people who work for him did to this poor guy.


  • Film and media critic Matt singer writes for the movie website screen crush dot com you watch his body sort of deteriorating before your eyes you can only eat what he wins which includes like dog food, I'm certainly worried about him as I'm watching the film.

    電影和媒體評論家馬特-辛格(Matt singer)為電影網站 screen crush dot com 寫道,"你看著他的身體在你眼前不斷惡化,你只能吃他贏來的東西,其中包括狗糧之類的東西,我在看這部電影的時候當然很擔心他。

  • Most surprising showrunner in Japanese uber producer Toshio sushi a agreed to be interviewed for the documentary.


  • Don't go home so she might get you know.


  • If you didn't want to show me you know, I don't know what's going on in the car.


  • Come at least just know you have a little bit of a little little little little.


  • Would you categorize his situation is being lied to misrepresented yes, yes, yes, he was definitely all of those things particularly misrepresented all the audience saw was the kind of edited down highlights to make it look funny they didn't show all the bits of him looking sad all doing kind of mundane things all you know basically make it alone in a room.


  • Did they cross a moral line and ethical line.


  • I can't think of a line they didn't cross from that regard, I mean certainly when you say that you're going to stick a guy in a room and not tell him that you're going to be airing this humiliating footage day after day after day to me that that kind of crosses a line.


  • Yes, an emotional mind game when realizing not to be his door was unlocked the whole time why don't you just open the door.


  • None of them when you get a look.


  • I thought about running away so many times but there was also the fact that I was naked.


  • So if I ran outside, I might get arrested by the police.


  • But not to be stuck it out one year and 3 months until the series finale when producers unveiled him.


  • Make it in front of a live studio audience.


  • All the Japanese people that I've spoken to watched at the time we're not aware that NASA be was not aware that he was being ad on television and that's quite a key thing.


  • In the 25 years since not to be has worked through his demons.

    在此後的 25 年裡,"不存在 "一直在努力克服他的心魔。

  • What you want to watch it all.


  • Of course there was a part of me that was deeply traumatized and that left a big hole in my heart.


  • What this month.


  • But after some time has passed this experience has become very useful to me and it has become a great strength that has guided me to the next step.


  • That next step included using his fame to help others including the victims of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami.


  • But I couldn't let NASA be go without asking about that fictionalized version of himself.

    但我不能放過 NASA 而不問那個虛構的他。

  • Did you ever see the Truman show.


  • Yes, Jim.


  • I happen to watch it after I wrapped up the sweepstakes life.


  • I think I'm the only person who can understand his emotions.


  • I think Truman got off way easier than you did.


  • And the fact that he can laugh says so much about like his recovery his ability to move beyond that point, but I mean I was still puzzled by someone who could allow themselves to be question that a lot of people come out asking just it seemed really cool and gross and like I just got the whole time I was watching Mike.

    事實上,他可以笑說了這麼多關於像他的恢復 他的能力,以超越這一點,但我的意思是,我仍然感到困惑的人誰可以讓自己的問題,很多人出來問,只是它似乎真的很酷,毛,就像我只是得到了整個時間,我看著邁克。

  • Really really and so many so many questions like you said that we don't have time for but it is amazing amazing that he's OK now and it's come to terms with it.


  • Yes, he's even climb Mount Everest 3 times as a part of my mission to help folks in on the food by the way, yeah for him.

    是的,他甚至 3 次登上珠穆朗瑪峰,作為我幫助鄉親們順便獲得食物的任務的一部分,對他來說是的。

I salute the audio close up on his torso.


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